Rashad Evans: I would love to have a few more rounds with Jon Jones, this time I won’t be walking away with a loss


Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Rashad Evans got a ton of criticism after his lackluster decision loss to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at February’s UFC 156. Many, including UFC president Dana White, questioned Evans’ true desire to stay in the ever-evolving fight game.

Evans began to silence his critics by defeating former Pride FC champion Dan Henderson via decision at UFC 161, and now he’s apparently rejuvenated and ready to make another run at the title. He recently spoke with Bleacher Report to detail his plans, which largely include a rematch with former friend and training partner, current UFC Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones:

“I’m not afraid to fight Jones. I think that I can beat Jones,” Evans said.  “It’s not something like ‘oh Jones is at 205 maybe I should move weight classes that way I can get a belt.’ Hell no, I want to fight Jones. I would love to have a few more rounds with Jon,” Evans said. “Jon is a fighter, he’s a great fighter, one of the best I’ve ever seen, one of the best I’ve ever competed against. I’d like to challenge myself to get a chance to fight him, it would be amazing. I know for sure, for a fact, this time if I fight him, I won’t be walking away with a loss.”

It’s highly debatable if Evans could fare better in a rematch against Jones than in he did in their UFC 145 bout, where Evans went the distance against “Bones,” but never really had the champ in any real danger. It’s refreshing to hear him have his mind refocused on fighting, because there’s no doubt that when he’s on, Evans is one of the best fighters on the face of the planet.

He’s got fast hands, a good team of coaches around him, and high-level wrestling, but will that add ever add up to a victory over the dominant champion Jones? Only time will tell, but if “Suga” is truly ready to take on the best 205 lb’ers, he may find himself with a rematch against Jones in the near future. Can he do the improbable and regain the belt?

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  • This just in, insert fighter name that lost says he will definitely win if given the very profitable rematch against a guy who had his number in every way.

    • gm1

      True that…
      Say anything to get a title shot….get some impressive wins then talk…

  • Ivy

    I predict the same outcome as the first time. Rashad just can't get inside Jone's reach.

  • No, you won't walk away with a loss, you'll probably be have to be carried.

    Rashad is past it. He won't ever even smell Jones again, let alone fight him.

    • The first paragraph was funny……

  • I don't see how Rashad beats Jones. That said, who thought Rampage would ever beat Wanderei? Wandy seemed to have his number. Maybe Rashad is right. I doubt it but maybe.

  • I love how Rashad somehow believes that if " he had a few more rounds he would win against jones " –

    He lost 5 rounds to Jones and not 1 round was even competitive. Rashad landed NOTHING above the waist.

  • I dont think rashad would beat jones, hes just very large, illusive creative. But I also dont agree with the way everyone bashes reshad, people just love to hate him. He's the only one thats really lasted to a decision and landed nicely against jones, dont talk **** when machida got chocked out and ended up looking like a special needs patient drooling on the mat, vitor got choked out, rampage ect. ect…. Sugars still one of my favorites regardless of his highly likely inability to re-take gold.