Randy Couture thinks Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson might actually fight each other


Distinguished 5-time UFC champion Randy Couture speaks in an interview with CageJunkie.com to touch on a variety of subjects. He talks about the early development of MMA and UFC on Fox’s ratings. Couture is always a smart analyst of the sport and a great ambassador. He knows that MMA is growing quickly, with tons of new fighters looking to make their breakthrough. Perhaps the most relevant topic he speaks on is his statement that former training partners Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen would actually face off in the cage. They are friends, but Henderson is noticeably bitter for Sonnen getting the 205 lb. title shot after being gone from the division for several years. Couture knows that Sonnen got the fight because he gets the ratings, and has no problem with that. Coture also added his discussion of the GSP-Silva superfight.

  • I doubt the fight would ever happen but Randy knows them two and the fight game more than any of us will ever, so who knows.

    • The chances of Chael getting past bones and dann getting past the dragon is slim…They will never fight.

      • or if they both lose? Chael isn't beating Jones but I wouldn't call Hendo's chances slim against Lyoto… unless your name is Jon Jones the line against Hendo is going to be pretty even.
        Lyoto is great and looked outstanding in his last fight but in reality he hasn't fought a top 5 guy (which he should be doing for most off his fights) outside of Jones since Rampage.. two years ago.
        Hendo has a good chance of KOing anyone

  • Whats with those stupid looking hats?

  • This interviewer is hilarious. What gives with the "bug" eyes and constant body movement, when he's asking a question? His head bobbing back and forth like it's on a spring. He moves like a puppet.

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      More crackheads should follow this guys example and get jobs.

  • I thought chael said he would fight anyone that he didn't believe in not taking fights just cause they r in ur camp

  • Chael and Dan would definetly fight if there was a belt on the line or not they don't care theyd hang out afterwards too,thats how they roll.And Fedor is the biggest disappointment in the history of MMA he wasnt scared he was just that big of a douchebag.Imagine Lebron James saying I wont play in the NBA unless they co promote with my company…I wish they made M1 toiletpaper so I could wipe my ass with there shit brand.

    • I bet you have never even watched a M1 show. You just mouth off with the same immaturity and your bald God Dana does. Fedor was the best HW for a good period of MMA during its young evolution so far.He always came to fight, never claimed to be the best, was as classy and humble in defeat as he was in victory and a model example of professionalism and who became a multi millionairre outside of the UFC.

      I doubt Fedor could care if some WWE nugget troll thinks him a disappointment. A legend of the sport of MMA but with casino bucks cornering the MMA market and shutting down other promotions when able I am kinda glad Fedor refused to fight for the UFC. He spoke out when most fighters were too scared to, and is a chubby undersized fighter who just so happened to dominate the elite of the HW scene for years. On a par with Edgar for brilliance, but personally I rate Edgar as being even better than Fedor.

  • Randies living the good life with the extra pounds! I think ppl would still like to see randy vs fedor and know it doesn't have to be in the1 UFC! The "Super Fight" it's Dana's super fight cause of the $$$$! The Real Super Fight is the Spyder vs Bones!

  • Watched M1 not impresed with the fights or Fedor throwing smaller oponents around in a gi an tights beating cans..super weak show I heard Gegard ditched that shit company good for him hope to see him in UFC so he can fight the big boys.Asslickas still mad Brock came won a belt and left when he new it was best at least he tried..Calling fighters scared to speak out your a joke and of cource Edgars better he fought the best in the world during his career not when they were past there prime either.Fedor was great in Pride everything afterward not so much..disapointing.