Randy Couture: The UFC Moved To Ban TRT So They Wouldn’t Be Implicated


UFC legend Randy “The Natural” Couture has never hid his disdain for UFC President Dana White. The two had a highly publicized contract dispute that kept Couture out of action throughout most of 2008 and delayed his long-awaited bout with Brock Lesnar, a fight that ultimately resulted in “The Natural” losing the title to the hulking former champ.

Couture retired from MMA after getting knocked out by a Lyoto Machida flying front kick at UFC 129 in April 2011, but he’s still very much involved in the sport he helped bring to the forefront.

The multi-division champion recently spoke up to Submission Radio about the UFC’s decision to ban TRT. Couture took a new stance; one that implied the UFC was looking to clean their hands by outlawing the controversial treatment:

“In a small way it implicated the UFC when they highlighted Vitor Belfort who had a TRT exemption and he said he never heard of TRT until the UFC doctor turned him onto it and told him what it was all about, was I think one of the reasons why the UFC, they didn’t want to be implicated, they didn’t want to be party to that so they moved for the commissions to ban the exemptions.

Whether the UFC is helping them find doctors to do that appropriately or not doesn’t really matter in my opinion. I think they were just trying to cover their butt by pushing the ban on exemptions through. The whole thing, I mean, how many guys have we had come up positive (for PEDs). That, in my opinion, is worse than the TRT. At least they’re going through proper protocol and using conditions and doing the right thing.”

It sounds like “The Natural” is suggesting that the UFC was on both sides of the fence with TRT, facilitating its use to Belfort but then pushing for it to be banned so they could allegedly make it seem like they were against the therapy all along.

While Couture obviously has some bad blood from his past dealings with the promotion, it’s definitely a new and interesting take on a topic that has been literally beat to death. Fighters gaining exemptions for TRT has come and gone, and those who used it really didn’t do all that well in the Octagon.

Except Belfort, whose power and physique rose to absolutely unmatched levels while benefitting from TRT.

So, if the UFC turned him onto TRT to help incite his rabid streak of insane headkick knockouts and then fought to get it banned when “The Phenom” became the poster boy for everything that was wrong with PEDs in MMA, then there is unquestionably a cause for concern.

No other reports have surfaced implicating the UFC in actually advising their doctors to prescribe Belfort TRT, and we will probably never know the real details of the situation.

However, Couture’s words have to at least raise some eyebrows over how the whole scenario went down. Do you think the UFC pushed the ban through so fast to cover their own interests?

  • "A topic that has been LITERALLY beat to death" I'm not sure that word means what you think it means.

  • Oh why thank you for the grammar lesson. Because when TRT is banned by the UFC and MMA as a whole, yes it's literally beat to death.

    • You know what Randy, you have a point.

    • You're welcome ;-). Also it's "beaten to death".

      Just doing my civic duty.

  • So basically when a bunch of important people from important athletic commissions ban trt and go against it. This tells dan white that his stance better be against it as well because all he cares about is how hes making the ufc and himself look. First of all trt was a loophole to begin with where fighters could take otherwise banned substances with doctors permission which is clearly unfair. Dana white exploited the loophole for aslong as he could until it was banned by nevada. Therefore he banned it as well to look good and to say yes he is about these guys fighting fair but all he cares about is the image of the ufc because that translates into money. If it were up too him he wouldnt care if everybody juiced it as long as it was legal, he clearly doesnt care about his fighters. If you couldnt see what dana white was doing from a mile away come on? Dana "well they banned it so its not legal and it wont be in the ufc" he simply follows the smart direction and is just a sheep

  • I'm smh at this nonsense…. that's reaching at best, pretty pathetic actually.

  • So the UFC doctors talked fighters with low testosterone levels into using TRT, wich leads to even worse testo production. And now they are saying they can't use it anymore?!?! That's not right. The fighters that have been using TRT will have a huge disadvantage because of their low testo levels. Many of them will probably have to end their career because of something the UFC told them would help them. With low testo you're more prone to injury, you don't recuperate as well and you loose strength and aggression. It's not like once your of the stuff your body returns to normal, once you're of the stuff your testo levels are lower than when you started.

  • I smell law suit