Randy Couture signs multi-year contract for upcoming Bellator reality show on Spike TV


Loretta Hunt of SI.com is reporting that retired hall of famer and former 5-time UFC Champion Randy Couture has signed a multi-year contract with Bellator and SpikeTV to appear on multiple projects, the first of which will be a new and up-coming Bellator-based MMA reality show.

Spike TV officially announced their partnership with Couture, as well as a conference scheduled for February 5th to follow with more details. No details have been released by Spike regarding the name, subject or date of the show’s premiere, however it is believed that the show will feature more than two coaches and aims to be somewhat different than that of The Ultimate Fighter series.

President of Spike TV Kevin Kay, stated a few weeks ago that announcements will be made soon regarding the project, but hesitated to reveal any further information.

Apparently Spike and Viacom will be offering more money to the coaches than had previously been given to those who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter series.

A new MMA reality TV show with Randy Couture, I dunno about you but that sounds like fun. Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments below and keep checking back for more on this story as we continue to follow and share any further developments.

  • Good for him sticking it to Mr Greedy ear lol all the way to the bank baby

  • First and second bitches 🙂

    • lol, I only take firsts, you can have seconds!

  • "Spike and Viacom will be offering more money to the coaches than had previously been given to those who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter series".

    What are you talking about Bryan….Dana was already paying his coaches $5/hour plus medical insurance and a free UFC t-shirt.

  • "Bellator based MMA reality show", otherwise known as "TUF Ripoff".

    • @ Cage

      In a world where Kim Kardashian and the Real Housewives Of…fill in the blank…franchise, etc. have multiple vapid, crappy, fake, BS shows on TV, it's pretty hard to argue against a second MMA reality show. Ripoff or otherwise.

      Now, I'm going to go and watch American Idol, X-Factor and The Voice and call it a night. 🙂

  • Like it or not, Bellator is scoring a homerun with this deal and it appears Randy is as well.
    Spike has far more viewers of younger generations than FoX.
    I think Dana should have given Randy a Company position.
    He'll bring a lot of attention to Bellator.
    Dana already said Bellator/Viacom are worth Billions!
    At this rate, Dana will begin paying attention to them in the future even if they dont care now.

    • @ Entity

      You are correct about the "position". They should have made something up as they did with Hughes, just to keep him tied to the promotion. They really cannot afford the likes of guys like Randy showing up and working for, the competition.

      You are correct, RC will bring a lot of (unwanted) attention (from The UFC's point-of-view) to Bellator.

      Good for Bellator. Good for Randy. Bad for Dana. Bad for Dana not seeing this stuff coming. Bad for Dana that he doesn't take this, which is a growing problem / business threat, more seriously.

      One thing you'd like to do if your were Bellator, which would really piss The UFC off….sign Joe Rogan….and steal The Voice of The UFC. I'm not saying he'd leave and I hope he never does, but what a coup that would be for Bellator and with enough money and opportunities put in front of him (Rogan), you just never know. It would certainly leave a lot of egg on Dana's face.

  • Drip, drip, drip….chip, chip, chip….Bellator continues to make in-roads in the MMA and it will become progressively easier to do so, with a network deal (SPIKE or otherwise and it was certainly good enough for The UFC when they started out)…and the addition of name-brand, well-known and well liked X-UFC fighters and X-Champions, such as Randy Couture.

    Object in mirror may be closer than appears.

    • LMAO at the last sentence 8))

  • You don't have enough money Randy? You fvcking second tier sell-out lame-ass money-whore.

    • wow there

    • Deep breaths MindK. There may be more to the story than we know. You do remember Dana suing him dont you? There has been some rough road in the past.

      • Hmmm and Bellator's suing Alvarez…

        • @ NS

          There would be legitimate cause for Bellator to sue Alvarez, in an effort to retain his services. I don't think one can blame them for seeking to protect a property which they helped market and develop.

          What Alvarez or rather his lawyer / management failed to ask prior to signing his deal was…define the word "match". Bellator, at least from what I can tell, has matched the spirit of The UFC's offer. If there are issues over PPV payouts, Eddie should have considered that before signing.

          Bellator is trying to build a business, here and they are conducting themselves in a reasonable, professional and legal fashion. If this turns out to be a problem, it will be rectified in future contracts, including Eddie's, now that fighters realize…PPV $ is an issue…dah!

          Sorry to Eddie, but Bellator has a legal stand. Sorry to Dana if his competitor is making a stand and he can mock it all he wants and mock SPIKE and Viacom all he wants, they are taking the exact same path that he took a decade ago and look how it's worked out for him.

          Laughing it all of as not threat or challenge to his business model – foolish.

          • @Truth

            I was more mentioning Couture being sued was about a contract dispute. It's not always personal. But people can sure make it that way.

          • Oh and mine was a reply to Enitity originally.

          • Also, was Randy in the A Team???

          • He was in "The expendables" seems suiting since Dana didnt have the UFC pick him up when he retired lol

          • Randy was also in the movie "The Set Up: with Bruce Willis and 50 Cent, it was a good movie but unfortunately Cotour met a sad demise in that movie lol. It was pretty hard core the way he died too.

          • Doh!!!! Your are right. Sorry, I confused a couple of UFC fighters and the two s###y movies, they did.

            My bad.

          • @ NS

            Ahhh!!! Sorry, about that, man. I misunderstood your comment. Yes, it sure can become personal, but that's the nature of litigation.

    • @ MK

      That's a little strong. The Man worked for them, he wasn't married to them or bare their children. If Randy wants to further his career, make some money and stay relevant, this is the logical move.

      And lets face facts, he probably got the acting / being-in-front-of-the-camera bug from doing The A Team movie and wants to continue the experience. TV would be a reasonable way of accomplishing that goal.

      And lets face facts, did FOX or The UFC offer him a TV show? And the sad reality of it is, they can't make cash offers, lucrative deals or give VP posts to every X-UFC fighter with marquis value. There are and is going to be, too many of them.

      Randy, like Chuck or any X-UFC fighter has the right to trade and profit, off of his name and record. Even if it means doing business with the competition. Surely, The UFC and Dana would understand and respect, why a fighter would choose to exercise any opportunity that came their way, regardless of who the partner or employer might be.

      At the end-of-the-day, a business can only control a portion of the pie. Not the whole pie.

  • Now we'll NEVER get Couture in a UFC game!

  • I think this is awesome for Bellator and Randy Coutoure. I'm a big Bellator fan and I definitely think that the MMA market is big enough to support another successful company that may just run things a little bit differently. It's healthy for the sport to grow whether you think Bellator is just the 'minor leagues' or not.