Randy Couture: We anticipated that kind of response from Dana White


Randy Couture came under fire last week, after Dana White went public about The Natural’s decision to join Bellator and their partners at Spike TV. In response, Couture played it cool, claiming that he expected “that kind of” response from Dana White. Randy Couture‘s son, Ryan Couture, is still with the UFC, with sights on making a name for himself in the Lightweight division.

  • ………………………….and nobody cares.

  • Just two disloyal and bald guys going at it, nothing new.

  • Two years from now Dana will be saying

    "Randy walked into my office and I have nothing but respect for the guy".

    • @ Enjoy

      Did Dana not make some comment about Randy being banned from UFC events?

      Would be pretty funny if he did. Randy would have the right to buy a ticket, at least and I'd have to believe, that he'd have the legal right to corner his son, should he choose to do so. Which, I would have to figure, he'd want to.

      Being an interesting moment to catch on video, that's for sure.

      • It's up to Dana if he buys a ticket or not but he corner hing is a whole different situation

      • @MMATruth….Now that Randy is affiliated with Bellator I don't think he would want to be seen public at a UFC event. Bellator would not appreciate that….Also i don't think Randy wants to run into Dana anytime soon. he will be laying low for a couple of years i suspect and by then someone else will have pissed off dana more.

      • UFC is a private business and the owner can ban anyone from their events. Just like if it was a restaurant or any other private business..

      • Every business has the right to refuse service to anyone.

        • Maybe in America businesses can. Elsewhere in the world it isn't the case. In England for example businesses no longer have the right to refuse. A hotel couple were prosecuted by the state for refusing a two gay men in their hotel. When the UFC does a show abroad it has to abide by the laws of the state or country it is operating in.

          • Refuse and discriminate are two different things. You can refuse service to anyone but not for any reason. You can refuse service to someone because you don't like them personally, although I wouldn't recommend it because it's bad for business. But you can't refuse service to people because they're gay or race that's discrimination and is illegal.

  • Looks like Randy's had some work done on his face. Look at that vid again and pay attention to the corner of his eyes going back to the ear.


    • Ya cause that's exactly what I was thinking. I was totally thinking to myself F*** the story, who's his plastic surgeon.
      He's getting old dude and his job was getting punched in the face, don't embarrass yourself.
      Dana may discredit him, but I still think he was one of the greats.

      • Wow, sorry. Didn't mean to piss on you hero there sport. Backing away slowly . . .

  • I'd like to see Dana, Randy and Bas have a tournament to see who gets to keep the bald head look and who has to get plug-ins.

  • I've always liked Randy. He's been a noticeable figure from way back in the UFC and was always a tough guy to beat. I've never seen him disrespect others, he's always calm and speaks clearly about MMA in general. Dana on the other hand has done well for the UFC and pushed to expand MMA, but is always disrespecting someone, acts like a spoiled angry 10 year old and has never stepped foot in a cage. From all this, I still think Dana is a prick and always will be if he doesn't get his way. Randy 10- Dana 5

    • My only gripe with Couture is he takes advice from Anton on his picks.