Rampage: Teixeira will not stand with me


“I could get excited about this type of fight, but it has been brought to my attention from my management and stuff that — and they check stuff out — that it shows Glover is really doing a lot of work on planning to take me down and holding me against the cage … stuff like that,” he claimed. “He’s going to pretend to stand up to just take me down, which is okay, I’m not surprised. I don’t know what’s going through his head.

I just think that he’s a great ground fighter, so if he really wants to win this fight, why then trade with me at my strong point?” Jackson continued. “Why not get me at my weakest point, which is on the ground? That’s probably what he’s thinking, but he’s got a new thing coming because I’ve trained to take this fight anywhere. If he takes me down I’m getting right back up. I really feel like he’s going to have a hard time taking me down.” – mmamania.com

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, will step inside the UFC Octagon for the last time in his career (or not), facing the up-and-coming Brazilian heavy-hitter Glover Teixeira. Jackson criticized the UFC on numerous occasions for having him to fight “boring wrestlers”, and was excited to test his skills against a respected striker in Teixeira. However, things have changed when Jackson got an inside info on Teixeira’s plan to implement negative tactics during the fight.

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  • Aw jesus rampage, you're breaking my balls.

  • Rampage, if you hate fighting wrestlers/boring fighters, then why not work on your TDD, which you had in the past, ground game, and clinch game?

    Rampage is one of my favorite fighters, but it safe to say that MMA has totally passed him by. His heart is definitely not in it anymore, sad but true.

    • Because his cardio is straight up trash. Did you see the post up a few days ago with the road to the octagon? He looked worse than a 60 year old workin the bags. Slow, sloppy, and no hunger… Seriously check out the vids, he looks worse than I've ever seen…

      He knows if he doesn't finish the fight fast he's going to lose. That's why he wants Texiera to stand with him.

      • This is all besides the subject anyway… The old (or the "real") Rampage used to go for takedowns and GnP as well. You know… back when he was an MMA fighter and not a boxer trying to hack it in MMA…

    • He said the exact same thing with Jones…inside sources etc..People watching him..insiders in his camp.

  • Even though it doesn't matter, he might be true.

    Maldonaldo has no where near the same power as Rampage and Glover still took the fight down in the first 30 seconds… may just because Maldonaldo was obviously easy to out-grapple and beat up on the ground, while Page will put up a fight in the takedown battle.

    • Maldonado is an undefeated professional boxer with nearly all KO's, don't be so sure that he doesn't have the same power as Rampage.

      Rampage may be more muscular and intimidating, and throw more haymakers, so it may seem he has more power, but Maldonado is (probably by far) the better striker. If not by power, for sure by technique.

      • While you definitely could be right, the men who who Maldonado beat had a combined record of 54 and 102. Not the best set of brawlers.

      • Being undefeated in boxing or kickboxing, at a lower level, doesn't prove much. It's good and a nice stat but there are so many guys that are honestly cans… I mean for F-bomb sake Kimbo is an undefeated boxer!

  • I think the UFC has gone above and beyond what any other business would for this guy…. so glad to see this is his last fight. The dude checked out many fights ago…

    • I accidentally sharpened you when actually I ment to weaked you

      • i weaked you for being obsessed with the rating on the comments and sharped hatch1921 for being damn right. Rampage keeps dissing the UFC for not paying him enough and blames Joe Silva for matching him with wrestlers. He is one of the highest paid fighters in the UFC and Silva doesn't have a choice considering many of the most successful fighters started as wrestlers. I've always been a Rampage fan but its difficult not to recognize reality. If you don't want to fight on the ground ,be like Liddell and don't let the fight go there.

  • Exploit and attack your opponents weaknesses.

    Do the things that your advisory wishes you wouldn't do.

    This is all basic Sun Tzu and if Rampage hasn't learned it or won't recognize, deal with and adapt to it, then he should hang it up or just fight for kick-boxing or boxing. However, he'd probably complain about kicking in kick-boxing, because he's not a renowned or effective kicker. He'd probably complain about boxing in boxing, because of the foot-work, hand-speed and head-movement, as Rampage is world-class or renowned for any of these attributes, either.

    The fact of the matter is that he's was / is a power punching, journeyman fighter, tough-guy from the streets, who has always been reticent to fight on the ground and seems to either lack the will or skill, to do something about it. He is effectively done in competitive combative sports of any kind and has little value other than marquis and gate-keeper status. He's had a very storied career, but it's over in terms of being a Champion or serious contender, again. At least in The UFC 205 division.

    He has more chip than shoulder, these days. The sport, promotion and division have all passed him by.

  • Its hard to deny Rampages best fights were against guys that had the balls to stand with him. And a lot of people love the old Rampage but a big part of that was because of the guys he was fighting so why all the hate that he doesnt want to be forced to grapple in to a boring fight??

    • I watch MMA because i want to see the best guys fight to see who is #1.
      If Rampage has decided he only wants to fight to entertain the fans, great, tell the UFC that and stop talking about the title. Otherwise be prepared to dictate where the fight happens or be prepared to fight wherever it goes.
      However i would be happy to see the UFC encourage a rule change to stand fighters up if the guy on top is just stalling.
      Regardless grappling will always be a big part of mma

    • People don't miss the old Rampage because of the guys he was fighting, they miss Rampage because of how he fights!

      He was known in Pride for his throws more than anything. In the UFC he attempted one throw on Machida that Machida landed on his feet, and he did one to Bader in their fight. Aside from that in his entire UFC career he didn't even attempt any of the takedowns he was known for.

      On top of takedowns, he used to GnP quiite a bit too, as well as strike. Now he complains that people should "only" strike with him? He's in the wrong sport for that…

      You mention the guys he was fighting, but how many of those guys were known for their grappling? Many of them were… and the ones who weren't were known for their well-rounded MMA games. He wasn't complaining every time someone wouldnt stand with him then…

      The only thing that has changed since then is now he comes in to fights out of shape and unprepared. And wants his opponents to do the same.

      • @ Spyridon

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        I only raise the issue, because I believe you have exceeded his word limit.

    • Too many words HighKick…too many words.

      Come on man, cut it down. It's too long, man. Come on, get to the point. You should be able to say it in 5 words or less, man. Come on. Why are you taking up so much infinite space?

      • Oh, meant to ask High…

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        Just curious, man. Just trying to get my head around when long posts are acceptable and when they are not.

  • Rampage keeps forgeting that this is MMA not boxing or kick boxing…

  • If Rampages striking and movement would be superior , he would be taken down less, because striking is a part of TDD. Just to compare with Junior Dos Santos.

  • Rampage is nothing but an idiot. He makes the same stupid statements every fight, and makes dumb excuses for losing ahead of time, just in case.

    "Glover is really doing a lot of work on planning to take me down and holding me against the cage … stuff like that,"

    "Stuff like that" Rampage, is called "MMA", maybe you should have learned how to be more than a one trick pony.

    Clown. Goodbye. Good luck with your "boxing" career.

  • I think what he meant by that is "I gonna take down Teixeira"