Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz Set To Headline Bellator’s Inaugural Pay-Per-View On November 2nd


Big news came at tonight’s Bellator 97 when it was announced that former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Ortiz will be throwing down on November 2nd from the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Ca. at Bellator’s first-ever pay-per-view event.

Ortiz had been rumored to attempt a comeback and had hinted at signing with Bellator, but ultimately cooled down the speculation himself.  Jackson was reportedly close to signing a deal to box legendary pugilist Roy Jones Jr. at Bellator’s inaugural PPV showing. Dana White warned Bellator to get ready to lose a lot of money on that proposition, but ultimately it served as a ruse to mask the Rampage/Ortiz bout’s unveiling.

Jones Jr. was on hand at tonight’s Bellator 97 event, but it wasn’t to announce a fight with Jackson. Ortiz came out instead, and had the following to say about his comeback:

“I’ve fought the best of the best in the world — I’ve been fighting for a long, long time. Rampage, too. We’ve trained with each other, been friends for a long time, but it’s time to put the friendship aside. It’s about giving the fans what they want, and the best fight possible is going to happen here in Bellator.”

It’s tough to say if it’s the best fight possible for Bellator is this one, but it certainly is the biggest name matchup they could have put together. Rampage has been much maligned in recent years for showing up to bouts out of shape and looking like a shell of his former self. But he insists he’s re-motivated and training hard to give Ortiz a beatdown come November:

“I’m training hard, I’m motivated. I found my love for MMA again now that I’m with a reputable company that knows how to treat its fighters. It’s on! Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet — I don’t know how that rumor ever got so big, but, you know, I’m down to fight Roy. This time, I’m going to give the fans what they want, my first fight in Bellator I want it to be an MMA fight … not a boxing match.”

We’ve heard that story from Rampage a time or two before however. Only time will tell if Bellator’s first foray into the PPV market will be a success. Will it be a hard-hitting classic matchup between two former champions, or will it be a letdown consisting of two aging combatants trying to milk every last dollar out of their names?

  • D

    Is it at 205 or heavyweight?

    • Yeah we've all heard that story from Rampage before, hope he shows up 205, and ready to fight, been waiting for this match up for a long time, doesn't matter what company it's held from, it should have happend couple of years ago. Let the trashtalk begin…or not.

    • easy fight for rampage, the only fighter that tito would beat is dan savern and ken shamrock.

    • The last person Tito beat was Jenna.

      Awww ****. Did I just…?

  • Dana will be loving this promotion…Look for the UFC to offer a massive PPV a week earlier.

    • That's an interesting thought.

      Although personally, I'd be more looking for Dana to laugh.

      • UFC are going to be pretty hard to catch with partners like fox

  • I'd LOVE to see Rampage KO Tito

  • is it irrelevant? YES! did i want to see though? YES!

  • Did'nt the Bjorn R. say that his organization did'nt want to sign fighters from the UFC, but instead develop their own fighters that originated with Bellator? Now their first pay-per view has two ex-ufc champions as the main event. hmmm

  • Bellator = sloppy seconds..jk, i like the promotion.

  • and jenna as the ring girl please

  • even those these guys way past their prime its still an interesting fight just not interesting enough for PPV. that entrance though epic wwe ****

  • I know I'll be watching this fight. But no way will I pay for it.
    Watch Dana counter with bumping Silva – Weidman II.

  • I hope Jenna Jameson makes a *** back as well..

  • All bullshit aside…. im excited for this fight. Shouldve happened a long time ago. Both are making a comeback and will look to make a long lasting impression. Im expecting them both to be in top shape and throw their NUTS down in the Cage!