Rampage doesn’t want to be champion, would love to f*** Roy Nelson up


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently made his highly publicized move to Bellator FC, and with it came a wealth of multimedia possibilities for eccentric and outspoken Jackson. He’s made a foray into TNA wrestling, and has an MMA movie on the horizon.

But he’s still focusing on his MMA career, although in a different light. He recently told MMA Mania that he’s not looking to become champion again, but to put on a good show for the fans:

“I don’t have the desire to be a champion. That’s not something I want. My mentality is different now. I’ve been in the game long enough that I know what the fans want. I expect to go out there and put on a show every time I step into the cage. Don’t take that as meaning I won’t be trying to win because I’m still going to train hard and everything but to be a champion? Not so much.”

Jackson was highly derided towards the end of his UFC career for being out of shape and having a bad attitude. Fighting with the intentions of not being a champion might seems a bit backwards to many, but Rampage has declared that he will fight at heavyweight in Bellator. With the weight cut off his mind, he may be able to put on some of the slugfests he appears to prefer over anything else as of late. And he’s already got a potential opponent in mind:

“I would love to fight Roy Nelson. F*** him up.”

Indeed ‘Big Country’ has teased a shift to Bellator as his UFC contract expired with his loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 161 two weeks ago. However, Dana White has been on record saying that Nelson will most likely be re-signed despite all of the perceived bad blood between he and the portly knockout artist.

Most would pick ‘Big Country’ to knock Rampage’s block off. What do you think?

  • Um. yea, if Nelson hits him. Depends on the Rampage that shows up, which most of late, is a stiff, slow plodding, rock em / sock em robot. With that , he would surely get peppered. If he picked up the pace and used better movement, he could decision, but I seriously doubt, K.O. Nelson. Maybe fluck him up, but not finish. After the fight, they both hug and go get a cheese burger. That is probably the only guarantee in this fight.

    • lol, yea man, I see Nelson laying him out in 1 round.

  • Good thing you don't want to be a champ Rampage, because it will never happen anyway. As far as Big Country goes, he would embarrass you….

  • I actually think this could be a mad fight:
    They're fairly similar fighters, both have that slow preying power slugger style. Huge power in their hands and seeing kicks from either one makes you wonder for a few seconds. It could be a pretty intese boxing match-up, I for one would like to see an answer to the question which one can take more power shots to the chin? Both are known for their power and chin. On the other hand, cardio definitely isn't a priority here so the 'bungalow throwing' might easily turn in to air gasping and leg dragging once (or if) the fight goes past the 1st half.

    Could be a wild knockout on either side but I'd pick Rampage due to biased fan opinion.

    • At least Roy wouldnt have to worry about leg kicks or getting taken down IMO

  • Roy couldn't even stand up with Kevin Ferguson !!!
    Only way he beats Quinton is with a crucifix or something of the sorts .
    Do you rember when Rampage got knocked out? Right !

  • I think Rampage beats Roy. If Roy took it to the ground he would win but he spent three rounds getting pummeled by Stipe and didn't take it there so I don't think he is interested in that.

  • "I don't want to be champion". Possibly the dumbest thing ever said by any pro athlete. Ever.

  • D

    "Most would pick Roy Nelson to knock Rampage's block off…"

    Really? Rampage would have a ridiculous speed advantage, not to mention his striking technique is 100 times better than Nelson's. The jump in athleticism from 265 to 205 cannot be overstated. Nelson would have a good chance to win that fight, but it would be by submission or lay and pray like he did on TUF. He has very, very little chance of winning a standup fight with Rampage.

  • Rampage always was an articulate fellow.

    Doesn't want to be champ? I guess it really is all about the money. Someone should tell him, he'd make more money as champ.

  • No disrespect but i think the last time he "put on a show" was when he fought Wanderlei for the 3rd time, I was excited for his fights after the Wanderlei fight, but wasn't a "show" per se. Hope he returns to his old ways and excite the fans once again.

  • You jokers saying Roy would beat Rampage are ridiculous.