Rafael dos Anjos: I looked in Cerrone’s eyes, and I saw I broke his mind


Streaking UFC Lightweight contender Rafael dos Anjos got the biggest win of his career at last night UFC Fight Night 27 over No. 6 ranked Donald Cerrone. It was an impressive performance that saw dos Anjos dominates Cerrone in his perceived area of strength, striking. The Brazilian rocked “Cowboy” with an early right hand, nearly finishing him, and continued to push the pace with vicious kicks to the body.

Not a lot of people knew much about dos Anjos or gave him much of a chance against the popular Cerrone, but dos Anjos put himself on the map in a big way last night. He met up with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani to discuss how he got the job done:

“I look at his eyes in the second round. I see, like, I broke his mind in the first round, so that’s why I keep put the pressure. So I got the second one too. And then in the third one, only chance he have was to knock me out.”

Dos Anjos makes a good point, as Cerrone has run through most of the mid-level competition he’s faced in the UFC, but has tended to disappear against top fighters, evident by his loss to Nate Diaz. “Cowboy” just didn’t put forth his usual volume of strikes, and dos Anjos translated his standup success into some great elbows after a first round takedown.

The win will most likely have dos Anjos in line to face a top Lightweight. Names like Grant, Maynard, or Diego Sanchez should he get past Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166 this October come to mind. What is your take on this well-rounded Brazilian?


  • Rafael did a great job against a fighter I like a lot.

    • Zip

      Indeed. I wonder if father time has simply caught up with cowboy.

      • No, You mean father Greg Jackson….

        • lol. I absolutely think Greg is the most annoying guy in MMA right now after watching fightmaster and now paying attention to his cornering in UFC events he literally is more full of B.S. than anyone else and he seems more intent to get his point of view accross to the judges than actually help his fighter.

  • Yeah he definitely broke Cerrone in the first… I saw that look in Cerrone's eyes when he was back in his corner after the 1st round and he looked like he already lost the fight. I think he has the same problem as Uriah Hall…. nobody is putting a BEATING on him in the gym. Like KG said in the post fight press conf. Uriah beats everyone up in the gym and when he jumps in the octagon he cant deliver…. It's cause he's not being put through HELL during his camp. Sure he trains hard but he doesn't train with guys that can beat his *ss!! Same with Cerrone… if your training partners don't match your skill in the gym and you mostly end up beating them senseless… you will crack under pressure in the octagon cause you're not used to the pressure… It's something these fighters need to start looking at before settling for a camp. To get better you need to train with guys that are better than you or at least at a similar level… another example is Martin Kampmann… he came out and wrestled Condit (like Uriah came out and started wrestling Doomsday…) 'nuff said…. All 3 of them need to switch camps ASAP!!

  • D

    Seems like a pretty disrespectful thing to say after a competitive fight that you didn't finish.

    Not to mention it's tough to say a guy "broke" when he wins the final round.

    • Yeah true maybe if there were 2 more rounds it would be different.

    • I was thinking the same thing, he was backing up the entire third and basically just seemed to be trying to run out the clock.

  • Dos Anjos looked SHARP and HUNGRY. Cowboy looked like he could give a crap. Starting to lose faith in Cerrone, he is inconsistent at best and seems like he would rather be wakeboarding……