Quote: Jones Head Butt Started Media Day Brawl, I Would Have Separated Them


Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier came together at the UFC 178 media day to get the hype train rolling, and boy, they did in a big way. Unfortunately for PR man Dave Sholler, “DC” and “Bones” decided to get their fight going early, and proceeded to brawl in front of the shocked media, in what has turned out to be the most publicized fight of the year.

In a strange turn of events, Jones has withdrawn from his booking against Cormier in September, due to a torn meniscus, and will instead face the former Strikeforce heavyweight GP winner in January 2015. UFC president Dana White, on holiday at the time of the impromptu fracas, says he would have handled things very differently if he were in Sholler’s shoes. Check out what he said to UFC.com:

“As soon as Jones went up and their bodies touched, I would have separated them,” White said. “Sometimes you’ll see me put a hand in, or sometimes you’ll see me do something else. I would have separated them. It was the head butt, Jones headbutted Cormier – that’s what upset [Daniel] and made him push him back. I would have got my arm in there before that contact was even made. I would have seen the contact coming and I would have stopped it. Then I would have been right in the middle. Would I have stopped that whole thing from going down, who the f**k knows? I wasn’t here.” 

Cormier has since said that Jones’ head butt was the cause of the whole scenario, but it takes two to tango. Regardless of who was to blame, the brawl has been met with mixed reactions from the fans and media alike. White though, is understanding of the reasons why the heated staredown broke down so quickly:

“One little thing can trigger two guys, who are the baddest dudes on the planet, who are face to face. That’s what they do, period. People can try to sugar coat it or try to spin any way that they want, that’s the reality. That’s who they are, that’s what they’re paid to do and that’s what you show up to watch. These guys, that’s who they are to the core. And when you get two guys like that and you don’t handle the situation the right way to defuse it, that’s what happens. The difference is that Sholler has never been in that position before.”

With such a fine line between right and wrong in the UFC, it’s hard to see White’s logic here, at least in my opinion. When you say that Jason High and Paul Daley were clearly in the wrong for their infractions, how can you pin the Jones/Cormier media day brawl down to ‘that’s who they are’? At the end of all this drama, I just get the impression that double standards are at play here.

I’m not grabbing the pitch fork or hoping to rally a crowd, but you get my point. Do you feel like the glamorizing of the UFC 178 media day brawl is a black eye on MMA as a whole, as will as a kick to the ribs of guys like ‘Semtex’ and High, or is the hype train that much more important than standards and ethics?

  • Dana White on Paul Daley
    "I don't give a s— if he's the best 170-pounder in the world, he'll never come back here again – he'll never come back. Not after something like that. You don't throw a punch when the fights over. That's not something I forgive"

    But throwing punches before the fight is OK? Or is that just because you are, to Dana, the best 205-pounder in the world?

    How those this work? Does the moral obligations of the fighters get looser the higher up in weight you go? Is that why Dana is planing a super heavy weight division? Will chairs be allowed in the octagon in that case????

  • but seriously, Dana is taking MMA so many steps backwards allowing and rewarding this behavior. I know many fans like it, and that means more money for the ufc. But what about the longterm plan of making MMA a legit sport? Bringing it back to it's rightful place in the olympics?

    If that would of been Nelson and Barnett going at it like that at a press conference Dana would have cut them both and said the same thing as he said about Daley. Hype matters because hype brings in more cash. But if cash matters more than morals, who's not to say the ufc doesn't favor hyped fighters and give them unfair advantages? And from there it's a small step to rigged fights. It's easy for the ufc to say that they are giving the "fans" what they want when what the "fans" want fattens their wallet.

    • Cash trumps Morals everyday allday Capt.

      Try paying your mortgage or for your next trip to the gas pump with MORALS. I wish my kids orthodontist would accept MORALS.

      • Sure, but it's not the fans getting the cash. The fans are getting fooled. The fans are not getting the best fights. They are getting the most hyped up fights.

        It's completely up to the fans if they want entertainment or a serious sport. Cash always trumps almost everything, that's why it is so important that the fans aren't ignorant about where this is heading.

        The wwe had great athletes, on ped's, that provide great entertainment to those who like that sort of thing. Why can't you guys that wanna see that sort of thing stick with the wwe??

        • and Hate, morals are what's keeping your kids orthodontist from billing you for fillings he didn't do. Morals are what's keeping him from fooling you out of your cash (completely). You get what I mean???

    • Technically Dana got the UFC to where it is, the quality of the fights has been outstanding. There's a ton of great up and coming prospects and Massive fights on the horizon. MMA and the UFC will continue to get bigger and better. This one scuffle with Jones and DC is a one off thing, I can't remember the last time anything like that happened in the UFC. Also, Jones didn't really headbutt DC, Jones had to lower his head the go eye level with DC, and both guys walked straight to each other. DC could of simple pushed Jones away like he did with Cummins but DC intentionally went for Jon's throat, as Conor McGregor said, "If you grab another man by the throat, you better best believe its on".

      • Your right it was all DC's fault!! It's DC that's ruining the image of mma.

        Jones is immaculate!!!

        Jones will make mma a world religion with him as God and SpaceJam as his disciple!!!

        You kinda went of topic there Space

  • I really don`t think Dana could get rid of Jones, and perhaps DC also, even if he wanted to.
    They are too bigger prize to just gift to competitor organizations- it just could`nt happen.
    Perhaps some of the bigger stars are starting to realise this now.

  • imo there is a difference between after the fight and before the fight. one of them gets money.

    The UFC is a business. And guess what…its not in the sports competition business. It is in the entertainment and selling tickets business. This sold tickets…thus is good for business. Find someone who was going to buy this fight who now says they will not. If you can find this person I will literally show you 10 people who now want to see this fight. And yes…those are 10 people who don't usually like to watch MMA.

    We wished we lived in a world in which the right thing happens and bad behavior is not rewarded. This just aint that world. When you think of the top people who helped grow this sport (Lesnar, GSP, Tito Ortiz, K. Shamrock, Griffin, Bonnar, Matt Hughes, BJ Penn,Liddell, Rampage, Jones, Rousey, Sonnen, A. Silva, W. Silva, Fedor). Only two or three of those guys were "nice guys" the others engaged in poor behavior in and out of the cage. Either PEDS, drug abuse, criminal behavior, unsportsman like conduct, childish bullying behavior, over aggression at staredown, savage like behavior in or out of the octagon

    Of the list of fighters I will even tally up how many fall into these categories
    PED use (4) thats not including Rampage and Griffin TRT and Lesnar in general
    Drinking opponents blood (1)
    spitting at the camera (1)
    humping reporters (1)
    Real estate scams (1)
    Childish behavior on TUF (3)
    public intoxication (2)
    arrests (3)
    marrying porn stars (1)
    advocating rape (2) Rampage made a video "joke" and read Hughes book…he is probably the most vile human being connected to the UFC
    DUI (2)
    running from drug test (1)
    Making negative statements about the sport or promotion (4)
    Unsportsmanlike conduct at staredown (4)

    Point is that the UFC's biggest stars have done far worse and the sport has only gotten bigger. This presser hype is nothing. Boxing has shown that it will only grow the sport

    • It will only grow the entertainment company that is the ufc?? The sport of MMA is goin to get hurt if it continues like this.

      From serious catch wrestling bouts came entertainment wrestling. First the fights were real, then the promotors realized that they could get more people in the audience if they added a little drama, and grudge matches. Then not long after that all the fights where fake and you got the WWE. So the ufc isn't the first to ruin a Sport by making it entertainment. I foresaw this back when Lesnar entered the ufc. Since then the ufc has been slipping more and more towards the WWE way of doing business, giving "fans" what they want, entertainment.

      Isn't enough any more to train the fighters to be great fighters? Do we need to give young, promising fighters drama lessons so that they can reach the top??

      Don't you see that this will lead to the fans not getting to see the best fight the best. Fans will get the most exciting, and hyped up fights. Not the best against the best. And that's just for starters.

      The PED's, the drama, the "giving the fans what they want", all that doesn't sound a little to much like the wwe and not a sport to any of you guys?

      Fedor and some other guys just had a meeting, just the other week, with the olympic comittee to lobby for MMA's return to the games. What do you think this spectacle has done for that effort?

      What's good for the ufc is far from good for the sport of mma.

      I understand why a serious athlete like GSP chose to part ways with the ufc. It's hard to take the rankings, rules and fights seriously after all the shit of lately.

      And you are right, lot's of champions of old have acted like idiots. But even Dana has referred to those days as "the dark times". And sure it has brought a lot of new fans to the ufc. The same ignorant fans that are now applauding this crap.

      Keep in mind, it was the fans that made the sport of catch wrestling in to the wrestling entertainment business.

      • UFC IS MMA. That is like saying that something is good for the NFL but bad for football.

        I am not a fanboy but a realist…I loved PRIDE, Affliction, Strikeforce etc…but the reality is that there was only ONE company to get it right.

        Catch wrestling in of itself is not entertaining enough to maintain a sport. People want to see more than who is the best. They want to know the person and they want to know some sort of drama. It makes the sport more entertaining.

        The finding who is the best format has been abandoned by Bellator for good reason. That has to be a key element but not the only element in a successful company. If it was about who is the best and ONLY those guys can make a living you would never see Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Chris Lytle, Joe Lauzon, Rampage, Donald Cerrone, Nick Diaz, etc. These guys are warriors but will never be champions. But they bring great entertainment.

        Talent in the end will get you to the belt…but being entertaining will get you there quicker and keep you relevant after that is no longer an option. Take Hendricks…not super entertaining or Benson Henderson in terms of "character" or even Jose Aldo or Barao…they got championships without talking there way there. But guys like Hardy, Diaz, Sonnen, Koscheck can talk there way to heights in the sport.

        • Yeah, but don't you see how slippery this slope is for a sport? Catch wrestling wasn't exiting enough to make it as a sport, I get that, it's not for all, but it's way more exiting than curling, and curling is a sport. Mma in it self is exiting enough as a sport. It doesn't need the drama. Drama is for women. Fighting for men.

          And believe me, from this drama to draw more customers there isn't far to fixed fights to draw even more customers. We are not far away from the ufc protecting Bones championship in any way possible, just because that's the cash cow at the moment.

          Think what a major cash loss it would be for the ufc to have Gus as champion, and Jones out of the picture. It's pretty apparent that the ufc will do anything to keep this from happening, and they ain't sticking with fair play. The ufc's credibility is on the line here, and that means the credibility of the whole sport of mma.

          Or it was on the line, in my eyes it's all gone now. I ain't never beating any money on any fight again because it might be fixed. What happens when Vegas comes to the same conclusion?