Quote: Tony Ferguson Makes Mistakes That Would Cost Him Against Conor


After his interim lightweight title win over Kevin Lee last week, it’s very likely that Tony Ferguson will be taking on lightweight champion Conor McGregor next.

Ferguson has proven to be one of the most dominant lightweights on the planet, having racked up a ridiculous 10-fight win streak over some of the best 155 pounders in the world. UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier recently took to his podcast, Talk and Talker, to discuss Ferguson’s win and the possibility of “El Cucuy” facing off against the Irishman.

Based off what he saw from Ferguson against Lee, “DC” is convinced that the interim champ would get ‘sniped’ by “The Notorious One” (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“I think he’s really good. I think his cardio and pace are fantastic. I believe he makes some mistakes that would really cost him against Conor,” Cormier said. “Oh my goodness, do you see how high he’s holding his chin up when he’s throwing punches. You do that against McGregor, you’re getting sniped. You’re getting sniped!”

Joshua Dahl for USA TODAY Sports

Lee had a great deal of success in the striking department against Ferguson last week, but if those shots were to land behind the power of McGregor, it’s unlikely Ferguson would have lasted:

“When Conor hits you with a clean shot, it doesn’t affect people like most people’s big shots affect people. It sends you f—ng skating on ice,” he said. “It turns you into a baby deer, when they can’t stand up and they’re f—ng shaking and shit.

“You just can’t let him hit you like that, but I think because of the way Tony fights, he kinda hangs his chin up there. That’ll make it so dangerous for him because McGregor is so accurate, so fast.”

  • Shock Wave

    And what happens when the big left doesn’t work?

    Turd Ferguson FTW! #AndNew!

  • Draven

    Ferguson’s unpredictability will frustrate McGregor and Conor will give up on the spot.

  • jenny

    Conor will knock trophy head out in round 1………

  • deepgrim

    its interesting because tony looked the worst i had seen him against lee, lee had no problem connecting with him and tony seemed a little gun shy in the stand up. Conor will definitely connect but tony’s chin could be the big factor, if he can eat the shots like diaz did then he will take him in the later rounds. Tony obviously has a massive advantage in bjj but i dont think he has the best takedowns to get the fight there, and conor has decent tdd.
    Maybe conor will get a Ko early, but it could be a war if it goes on a bit with tony getting stronger as the fight goes on and hunting conor down, really hope we see this fight.

    • steven

      Well said.

  • Wabbit

    Cormier makes a valid point, if Ferguson is relying upon his chin and just walking into McGregor, it will be a short fight.