Quote: McGregor Would Win Rematch With Mayweather

Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports

When Floyd Mayweather stopped Conor McGregor in the tenth round of their boxing match last Saturday (Sat., August 26, 2017) from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev., there was little doubt left in the eyes of most fans and media members, and for good reason.

However, there’s at least one man who disagrees wholeheartedly with that sentiment.

After he proclaimed that referee Robert Byrd ‘saved Mayweather from McGregor’ during the fight, FOX Sports 1 talking head Skip Bayless is back with another hot take about his beloved McGregor, and to no surprise, it’s yet another outlandish one. Speaking during his “Undisputed” show with co-host Shannon Sharpe (via the UFC on FOX Facebook page), Bayless said he believes McGregor would actually win a rematch with Mayweather:

“Would I buy a rematch? You better believe I would buy a rematch because Conor McGregor would win a rematch. And this man across from me knows it, which is why Floyd would be foolish to accept a rematch for any amount of money because Floyd id dlook old in this fight as I thought he would look old.

“He’s forty-and-a-half years of age. I have never in my life, and I’ve watched just about every Floyd fight, seen him have to fight so desperately because he was in huge trouble. Have you sever seen swing from the heels so wildly and miss so often? Like, swing with roundhouse haymaker rights and just hit run. I’ve never seen it. He fought completely out of character, often of control, and certainly out of his comfort zone.”

Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports

Bayless went on to laud the ringside judging, where two of the three judges only gave McGregor one of the first three rounds that most felt he won outright, for obviously (in his mind) playing favorites with their own sport’s biggest cash cow:

“And what happened in the eighth round? Conor McGregor won the eighth round. I had him ahead on points, as did the SHOWTIME scorer, a guy who’s respected. It was the biggest rigged fight. The boxing judges are gonna protect their turf and their man – Floyd Mayweather, the cash cow of boxing and Las Vegas.”

Bayless then closed the segment by returning to his assertion that referee Robert Byrd somehow saved Mayweather in the ninth round, arguing with Sharpe that a blow that seemed to hurt Mayweather was not low, and even the respected commentators calling the fight on SHOWTIME SPorts admitted it:

“And then what happened early in the ninth round? Apparently, you didn’t see this. Into the corner went Floyd because Conor went smack, smack – left, right, and he stung him, and Floyd retreats to the corner and here he came with a big right hand to the side. It was not a low blow. If you heard the SHOWTIME announcers, back to back, they said, ‘That hurt Mayweather, that hurt MAyweather!’ You heard Al Bernstein, the highly respected boxing scribe and commentator, ‘That hurt Mayweather!'”

  • kosmo101

    i think this guy is delusional.. borderline idiot

  • Shock Wave

    Skip Bayless is very full of himself.

  • Wabbit

    Oh STOP…for pity’s sake.

    Even the dupes who tossed all that cash to watch the carnival “boxing” exhibition are not stupid enough to fall for the same farce twice.

    Did they not see what happened, the instant Mayweather turned on his boxing, McGregor was done in 30 seconds, Mayweather went through the Irish fighter’s “defense” like a knife through butter.

    THAT is exactly what would have happened in the first round, had Mayweather decided to just get it over with, instead of going with the plan to prolong the exhibition. If MacGregor was that good, how was Diaz able to beat him up, knock him down and easily tap him out.

  • Draven
  • JVial07

    Skip Bayless doesn’t even follow Boxing or MMA, he is completely clueless about either sport, just a typical MSM guy who rides whatever is popular and spouts nonsense.

  • Julio Lawrence

    I’m not sure he would win a rematch but he makes some good points…a few adjustments and conor could pull out the win

  • Purple Meatloaf

    Skip is an idiot. McGregor won’t win if they box 20 more times. Floyd is the better boxer by far. Floyd was never in any trouble. Skip Bayless is delusional.