Quote: GSP vs. Anderson Silva Makes The Most Sense


Earlier this week, it was reported that former longtime UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre had finally agreed to terms with the promotion, which could mean his long-awaited return to action is coming soon.

St. Pierre hasn’t competed since 2013, and apparently he was in serious talks with the UFC regarding a return fight late last year, but negotiations went south.

If St. Pierre is indeed ready to return to the Octagon he once ruled, many big fights will await him and perhaps one of the most lucrative would be a bout between him and legendary former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, believes the bout makes the most sense:

“GSP vs. Anderson is something I feel makes the most sense for everyone,” Soares told Bloody Elbow. “Two of the greatest of all time fighting is good for the fans, the UFC, and for both athletes. This would make everyone a lot of money and it’s a fight MMA fans all over the world would want to watch.”

Many wanted to see the two fight during their primes when they were on top of their respective divisions, but the fight is still a possibility. After losing his 185-pound title to Chris Weidman in 2013, Silva went 0-3-1 before finally getting back to his winning ways with a somewhat controversial decision victory over Derek Brunson at last weekend’s UFC 208.

Would you like to see “Rush” take on “The Spider”?

  • McGraw

    These two really should’ve fought in 2010 or 2011. Silva is old now and passed his prime whereas GSP hasn’t fought in four years.

    • Jeff Harris

      yes ,, that fight would be about as interesting as Fedor fighting Mitrione … O.o

      • McGraw

        Not in 2010/11 it wouldn’t.

    • ShawnKarr

      It was offered back then but GSP didn’t want it. It was a wise decision on his part though, he would’ve gotten humiliated.
      I think it would be a more interesting right now since Silva is done and just doing show fights.

      • McGraw

        He could’ve been humiliated but there’s also a chance he could’ve easily taken silva down with ease since wrestling was his weakness. Them fighting now doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when that ship sailed long ago.

  • Bill Wolf

    If they are going to fight at all, this makes sense.

  • Shock Wave

    GSP vs The Spider!!!????????????????????

    Anything but that f*ckin leprechaun chicken!

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I hope GSP humps him to death man-love style

  • Jeff Harris

    The only thing it make it makes more sense for it their pockets !! The fight would be shit !!! If GSP is really coming back ,, how about a re match with Johnny Hendricks >>?? Prove that he can actually take him …

    • Kris-tyahn

      This fight makes no sense for GSP he is still technically in his prime and has zero injuries since he hasn’t fought in years and the expectations will be even less Bc he’s not the champ and people aren’t sure what to expect!

      Silva wants this fight for $$$$
      And I don’t blame him, he’s not even a top money maker in the UFC and he was barely a top money maker when he was MW champ, for whatever reason!!!

      GSP needs to fight legit fights, winner of Woodley vs. Wonderboy (Bc like Woodley says GSP is still the true WW champ). Or Moce down to LW and try McGregor!!!

    • Kris-tyahn

      If you don’t think GSP can’t beat this Hendricks who no longer is on the juice, ur dilusional!!! Hendricks hasn’t made weight since the USADA testing (except once), must be a Coincidence!

      • Jeff Harris

        And since the UFC started testing he’s barely competed at all (hasn’t looked the same either)




        [–]ShouldersofGiants555 5 points 7 months ago

        actually not true. Hendricks wanted to do WADA standard testing /
        random tests orchestrated by the nevada state athletic commission. GSP’s
        team asked a bunch of questions about what they’d be testing, and
        wanted to have specified testing times. Which wouldn’t make It random.

        Keith Kizer released some comments about it, along with some of the
        emails associated with the situation. It seemed like GSP / his team
        weren’t willing to go through with the enhanced NSAC testing under WADA
        standards..Johnny was.

        GSP was Insistent on going with VADA, who he deemed operated under
        WADA standards. But, he also had an association with them as well..so
        there was a conflict of Interest which led hendricks to request they do
        testing under wada standards / orchestrated by the NSAC. Of which, It’s
        pretty clear GSP wanted no part of.

        The argument that people bring up Is that VADA uses WADA standards,
        which Is true. At the same time It’s a little suspicious why he was so
        adamant on going with VADA..and wasn’t willing to go with the NSAC
        enhanced testing / random testing under wada standards. They’re in
        theory the same kind of tests right?

        but GSP wasn’t willing to do that.

        So, I dunno. People clearly haven’t looked that deeply Into the
        situation..because they still believe that hendricks was the one coming
        out of that situation looking shady..when In fact It was the other way

        GSP’s team / and whoever else..clearly had a vested Interest In
        creating propaganda to destroy Hendricks name and do damage control for
        himself. At the end of the day though, Hendricks wanted to do the
        enhanced NSAC testing under WADA standards..GSP and his team did not.
        It’s kind of crazy if you think about it how this all ended up getting
        turned around on hendricks.

        Ironic really that GSP just happens to retire from the sport for good when the testing starts getting serious.

        Let’s be real, GSP has a very noticeable GH gut. There’s a lot of
        clear Indications that he’s been using PED’s for a while. This whole
        testing debacle with hendricks was just a way of doing damage control
        for himself and create the Image of himself being a “clean fighter” so
        he didn’t have a tarnished legacy.

        Even the most strict test can be passed when you know It’s coming, and It’s clear based on what I’ve read that GSP