Quinton Jackson Says He Would Break Jon Jones’ Knee So He Could Never Fight Again


Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has often been outspoken to say the least; beef between the Pride FC legend and UFC President Dana White has exploded in recent times, especially since Jackson jumped ship and joined Bellator.

Jackson made a successful promotional debut for BFC, knocking out Joey Beltran at Bellator 108, and dispelling the common opinion that Jackson waqs done with MMA. He may not be at the top flight level that he was during his prime, but he can still put on a show.

‘Rampage’ was present at a seminar in Sao Paulo, giving interviews during a launch of an MMA academy. Check out what he had to say about UFC Light-Heavyweight champ Jon Jones:

“I think Glover is gonna win. I’m supporting him and I’m betting on him. Jon Jones is an excellent fighter but he doesn’t always put on a show for the fans so they aren‘t always happy with him,”

“He is a great athlete. He is also one of the dirtiest opponents I have fought. If I could, I would break his knee for him so he doesn’t fight ever again.”

Now that is a huge insult in the world of MMA, Jackson is talking about taking ‘Bones’ out for good and threatening his livelihood. I know he can be a bit crass, but Jackson may have overstepped the mark with this crack.

Although I doubt that Jackson would ever actually follow through with this talk, but simply talking can get you fired these days; ask Miguel Torres (twice). It is also interesting to see that Page is betting on Teixeira to win, given that he fights with striking similarity to Jackson himself.

Teixeira’s plodding style, in my opinion, plays directly in to Jones’ strengths as did Jackson’s. Maybe it is a case of sour grapes, or perhaps Jackson genuinely believes that GT is the man to finally topple Jones.

Jackson made his attempt at a second tenure as UFC boss when he stepped in against Jones at UFC 135. The result was a pretty nasty four round beat down for Jackson, who succumbed to a rear naked choke by ‘Bones’ in the fourth.

As always the MMA game waits for no man, and maybe Jackson’s latest outburst is yet another sign of his resentment towards the sport that he once loved very much.

  • I am sure there is plenty of competition for you to break knees at Bellator Quinton!

    • He was talking about Jones' attempts to do that to every opponent he faces.

  • Someones on a bit of a hype after beating Joey Beltran, calm down Rampage, calm down.

    • Joey Beltran was very recently a UFC heavyweight with a granite chin at HW too. I'd be excited if I was Rampage. You know very little about this sport.

  • I think he's talking about those cheap knee attacks Jones does. He's still giving him respect so hes not talking like Jones ***** and he would walk through him or anything.

    • Yeah totally agree with you highkick, I had always felt those kicks to the knee were very dirty. Those kicks could cause severe damage to the knee caps and frankly speaking i'd like to see it banned.

      • Yes, i'd like to see those knee jabs banned too.

    • lol, I thought the same thing when I saw the title. Jones knew Rampage's knees were hurt and was pulling that crap, not cool man.Not cool.

  • And if I wore a chain that big it would look like a car tire on a bicycle wheel.

  • The knee kick is dirty. Jones even admitted it, but his justification was "the guy is trying to hurt me so if I have to injure him for life oh well". Typical douche-bag Jones.

  • Quentin is the definition of a man-child. For me, impossible to like.

    I am not impressed that he beat Beltran (who is?). Put him in there again with Jones, Glover, or any other top 205s or heavy's and I see him getting his *** beat. I would like to see him fight Shogun again though, too bad he dodged that bullet. Guess he got tired of losing in the UFC.

  • Vic

    He had his chance to break two knees…

  • Maybe he should consult Paul Harris