Quick Rise: Gegard Mousasi eyes title shot with win over Alexander Gustafsson


News came Saturday that former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi would face top Light Heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson at the second UFC Sweden. Today, Mousasi has come with his precise intentions concerning the bout. Speaking to MMA Weekly, Mousasi makes no bones about getting into the thick of the UFC title hunt with this blockbuster bout:

“I wanted to face a top opponent. He’s the No. 1 contender so fighting him would get me in line for a title shot. That’s the guy I want to fight.” 

“Gustafsson, he’s on a six fight winning streak, it’s hard to deny him a title shot. It’s definitely for number one contender’s spot, that’s the way I feel.”

Whether the fight is truly for a number one contender’s spot remains to be discussed, but there’s no doubt the winner will find themselves knocking on that door. Mousasi knows how impressive Gustafsson’s record has been as of late, and wants the win to start his return to glory.

Mousasi was regarded as one of, if not the, best prospects a few years ago when he held the Strikeforce 205 lb. belt. A loss to King Mo and some subsequent injuries led to a derailing of his hype train, and we haven’t seemed to hear much from him recently. However, that is about to change as Mousasi seeks a return to the top:

“I’m concentrating 100-percent and from that hopefully I will have that belt around my waist. That’s a big motivation, it’s within reach and it’s a possibility. That’s already giving me a lot of hope and that’s what I’m going for this year. We had a good start but now we are going for the big deal.”

“I want a fight so I can get a title shot. I don’t want to build anything up, or get build up fights or whatever. We’re going for the top and I’m happy that they are giving me the opportunity.”

Gegard Mousasi is an extremely talented fighter, and well rounded to boot. Some questions may remain about his wrestling defense, seemingly his only hole. Does he have a chance to beat Alexander Gustafsson in Sweden? If he does, will a date with Jon Jones (or Chael Sonnen I suppose could happen) be on the horizon?

  • I hope to never see this guy in the cage with Chael.

    • yea this armenian boy will simply kill him…

      • someone didnt watch the King Mo fight

        • True, but Chael hasn't proven he can do that at 205 yet. Plus King Mo is a far better wrestler than Chael was/is.

          • EH, I can't stand Chael, but are you sure King Mo is a far better wrestler than him?

          • Besides Mousasi still did more damage to King Mo than he did and he was on the bottom, so even though King Mo won that competition, Mousasi won the fight.

        • @babyshortstrokes
          have you seen Sonen vs
          Anderson Silva x2
          Demian Maia
          Jeremy Horn
          his armenian boy will simply kill sonnen but cuz he is a destroyer, just cuz sonnen is a joke

    • mousasi is overrated and will get smoked in the ufc.

      "I don’t want to build anything up, or get build up fights or whatever."

      dont worry you wont

      • My thought would be that guys like Evans, Davis and Sonnen, let alone The Champ, would spank him.

        This should be an interesting fight. I'd pick Guss in this one.

  • With enough focus and training, this guy can defeat whoever he wants.

    He's talented and ferocious enough to be Champion, the only thing stopping him, is his own drive and mental fortitude.

    Gegard Mousasi is his own worst enemy. We'll see if he's inspired enough to make a statement.

  • Quick Facts: Mousasi is only 27 he has 33 wins only 3 loses and has fought some good talent

    But like a lot of young fighters with tons of experience they seem to stall mentally as was noted above by Bryan. I believe his King Mo loss really woke him up to the wrestling heavy reality of the octagon. I have said this before he is hard to finish but Gustaffsen will win by decision and GM will drop to 185 where he has a real chance to go on a tear.

  • I think his wrestling is far too suspect for the 205 division.

  • I see Mousasi beating Gus if it stays on the feet. Mousasi is the better fighter IMO. It just depends on which guy shows up.

    Neither has a shot at beating Jones though. Hopefully, Cormier's schedule comes to fruition and Bones-Cormier is set up by the end of next year. If that happens, Jones beats Cormier and gets the 205 record for defenses in the process. Than moves up to HW.

  • I see Glover eyeing the next title shot after he gets past Rampage..

    • Glover is not beating Rampage, so kiss that far fetched dream goodbye..
      Now Mousasi… it's funny how most of y'all underestimate the kid. In my eyes Gustafsson doesn't stand a chance in hell of beating him and that will soon be evident….

      • doesn't stand a chance he hell? the man just had a war with Shogun and was the clear winner…. you can never underestimate that!

  • We never know what kind of Quentin we are going to see these days, Glover wants it more and I think he has the skills to get it done. Kind of like BJ vs Rory.

    Mousasi is more technical and experienced and will likely beat Guss.

  • Gusto by decision but Gegard will come back strong if im right,and nobody cares if Rampage wins he doesnt take his job seriously he just wants a knock out,witch is okay but it should be a top priority,next to winning.I hope Glover gets injured and they make him fight Anderson as a goodbye,so we could say goodbye and goodnight at the same time.