Pros Pick Dan Henderson vs. Rashad Evans


Watch top fighters from the UFC predicting the outcome of next week’s UFC 161 main event between Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans. Urijah Faber, Wand, Glover Teixeira, Mark Munoz, and Jake Ellenberger weigh in courtesy of MMA Both fighter will need a win to stay relevant at 205.

Who is your choice to win at UFC 161 in Winnipeg?



  • I know Dan has the credentials in wrestling but I think Rashad is more likely to get a take down and control the fight. I used to be on the side that I would hope Dan just beats virtually everybody but I feel strongly against TRT no matter who it is and hope Rashad puts him away. It's either Rashad by decision or GNP or Dan by KO. My pick is Rashad by decision.

    • I think Faber by the way may be one of the very toughest individuals in the sport and I understand because he knows Dan that he has great respect for him and I do for his past as well but Faber is mentally tougher than Dan as Ben Henderson would say.

    • Oh ya TRT wins fights. You really should've told Stephen Bonner that or Ken Shamrock who admits to juicing for decades. Unfortunately the last decade wasn't so great from him. People need to give it a rest already.

      I see Dan winning if Rashad shows up like he did last fight via KO in the 1st. However, if the old Rashard shows up, i see a decision victory for Evans.

      • Just because someone cheats and fails does not justify everyone using steriods/TRT. Clever logic.

        • No but it does prove that TRT isn't a free ride to a win. Which is what your all saying right? guys who can't win can magically win if they start using TRT?

          Vitor has a legit reason for TRT. Yes it's because he juiced when he was younger and ruined his test levels. He was punished already by the commission and mother nature. So he made a mistake when he was in his teens and early 20's so he should be punished for life?

          Also it's up to the sport to stop them from ramping up the test levels and tappering it off before comp like overeem did. Ramping it up to 12/1 ratio and then dropping it down during weight cut to 3/1 or something safe ratio. THAT is wrong.

          Believe it or not, testosterone was used medically before they were abuse professionally in sports.

          • It's not up to the sport to make test levels normal, it's up to the athlete. Brian Stann has gone on record saying that he has seen significant increases in strength and speed from fighters who went on TRT and this is what we are noticing in Vitor. Vitor is paying for nothing if he gets TRT, he pays by not getting it. Hey lets all abuse TRT because it won't matter since we can get as much as we need forever anyway and always be 21 yay!

      • Well I think most can see the difference TRT made for Dan and Vitor. Stephan Bonnar likely just juiced for the Anderson fight knowing it was his last fight. There is nothing to say Bonnars abilities did not improve just that his competition grew a lot and he would have beaten the almighty Jones had there been another round. Guys that have a losing record on TRT means they simply aren't good enough even with a boost and it's probably why they wanted a boost anyway because of the talent levels they struggle to keep up with.

        • What!? Bonner may not be a all time great, but he's fought every LHW who was a top guy. Evans, Jones, Forrest, Irwin, jardine while these guys where in the primes of their career.

          No TRT means their bodies are banged up and they needs something to help bring their bodies back to normal levels.

          I mean, where do you guys think testosterone comes from? You guys think it's being cooked up like meth in peoples garages?! Their produced by massive pharmaceutical companies because the majority of the use is for MEDICAL!

          You tear a muscle badly and need help repairing it, guess what type of stuff they give you? Yup! Unless your a fighter, then you CAN'T.

          • Yes and the medical arena that sells it boasts of strength, speed and many other benefits from using it. Morphine is medical too but you shouldn't use it for every pain you have. there is a time and a place and competition is not the place. If they can't hang with the natural folks then too bad. Can i have some brass knuckles since my fists aren't as hard as my opponents? I have short legs can I have cyborg legs to make me always a pristine 25 year old strong tall man?

          • NO THEY DON'T! I love how you wrote so much but yet know SO little! Amazing! So somebody coming out of heart surgery, that is why they give them steroids? Cuz while they are recovering from open heart surgery. They can run faster, get stronger while their stitches are healing?

            Steroids is to help your body repair it self faster.

            Hey, im not saying its fair. But i'm guessing you say Vitor's spin kick and thought, TRT did that.

            Also their fighters, they don't have everyday pain. But lets use morphine as an example. You break your arm, your get morphine. But if your a fighter and you break your arm, you get an advil because you don't want to loose your job over a drug test.

            Thiago Silva lost a year and a wack load of money to taking roids medically. Much like YOU would if you had the same injury. The problem is, he's a fighter so he screwed up. Because fighters are not allowed the same treatments as normal people. Even if their bodies take 100x the beating of the avg joe.

          • The risk should be expected with the job. Also this is about TRT for competition not healing that is making all the buzz. I could be okay with TRT for healing times as long as it does not continue for competition like Vitor or Dan. Just like Olympic athletes can't enjoy a poppy seed bun like a normal person the fighters need discipline as well. I can get a knife no problem in the normal everyday world but it should not be used in the UFC. Oh it isn't fair though because guys at the butcher shop can use a knife to kill, why can't a UFC fighter?

          • By the way I saw Vitors physical attributes enhanced not his kick and said, TRT did that.

          • I guess a UFC fighter can if the other has one. But here's the thing. The point is, if they have equal levels. It's ok.

            Im not for all the TRT guys. I just find the poster boys are Hendo and Vitor. Who actually need it.


            Here's a chart. If Hendo fought Jon Jones. Jon would have twice the natural testosterone levels as Hendo. I say if Hendo want's the same so him and Jon Jones would have the same test levels then LET HIM!

            I personally have no problem for them saying screw you to father time and keeping their bodies younger.

            This is not the same as guys who abused it and got caught. Like how Overeem was jacked up on it and drops it down right before a fight for the test.

          • The thing you guys don't understand is that after 30 your testosterone nose dives. Ever notice most athletes retire around the same age? It's always 33-4. Right when their testosterone drops off to the point they become shadows of themselves. Hendo and Vitor skills are both still solid and they both evolved with MMA. There's no reason why they can't do it!

          • If your testosterone nose dives then thats what you get. You don't get to turn on the youthful afterburners because you have to fight youthful fighters. When you are done or can't keep up thats it. If Dan or Vitor or Stephan or Josh need TRT then it's just that time in your life that you are not good enough or you have to find a deeper part of you that finds a natural way to win with your experience. It is not fair to have guys that have 20-30 years of fighting knowledge and experience to then get the only adavantage the youthful guys have that have only 5-10 years experience.

          • If experience and juice made guys champions. Then Ken Shamrock would be the god of the HW division.

            Royce Gracie was on the juice. He still got whooped by Hughes.

            Hendo and Vitor aren't even on sythetic steroids. Do you even know the difference between the two?

            If you have low vitamin C, what do you do? take vitamin C.

            If you have low iron, what do you do? take some iron.

            If you have low testosterone? Explain to me again why medically you think your logic makes sense? I mean if we want to be technical about it. We take meds for everything our bodies lack anyway. That's not natural. Maybe we should ban supplements next.

          • Maybe you take meds for everything I prefer to find natural substitutes if Vitor and dan can get more testosterone from eating something natural then fine. Like I said before, olympic athletes have to discipline themselves to not eat poppyseed buns and such even though everyone else gets to and there is a reason there are very few older athletes there because they can no longer naturally compete it is just a fact of life that it depletes and if you abused the stuff then you have your reward now. Vitor paid for nothing if he gets to use TRT now. If he uses TRT replacement now then that shows everyone else that it doesn't matter if you get caught abusing because you will get it legally after. People on the Juice getting wooped is often down to the fact that they just aren't that good anymore and nothing can help them to be. Reem is an example of fighters getting much improved performance and Vitor and Dan also show that. I feel dan would be no better than his fight with Sheilds if it wern't for TRT and Vitor would not be doing spinning heel kicks and acting like he has unlimited reserve. If I have low vitamin C then I eat an orange if I have low Iron I eat spinach etc, etc. I expect athletes to hold themselves to a higher standard than myself as the olympians have to to prove their natural worth. Ken Shamrock isn't the god of the HW devision because he isn't as skilled wether he has experience or not. Just because someone has a lot of experience does not equal skill but it would still be cheating to have the benefits of youth when you are past that stage in your lifde. If a a young fighter beats you into a pulp because you simply can't keep up then it is time to hang them up or find a natural way. Is it fair if only one race car driver gets to use Nitrous at a drag race? You could say well his driver is older and is not as quick with the shifting now so it will level the playing field. Experience and juice made a champ out of Reem and Barnett. Royce Gracie was an all time great until his desire to win started to out shine his desire to be fair starting with the Sakuraba fight. The last thing the Gracies wanted was another loss to Saku so they cheated. Pride comes before the fall.

  • I just came in for the TRT comments….wheres my popcorn?