MMA pros pick GSP versus Condit


This short video from MMAInterviews features several top level MMA fighters picking the outcome of the main event at UFC 154. Fighters such as Alistair Overeem and Shane Carwin mainly pick Georges St. Pierre to take home the win, some even by way of a finish. Martin Kampmann steps out on a limb to pick Condit in the later rounds. Ben Henderson seems to take Condit in the upset as well.

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  • Carlos is a classy, respectful fighter , not unlike GSP. He has to know everytime he throws that high leg kick he’ll end up on his back.

    Deserves his shot , but don’t see him victorious in this one against a healed and more importantly HUNGRY GSP . You can ask Matt Serra what that feels like….

  • man, forrest is hilarious

  • Who gets the belt in the event of a draw since they are both champs? Im guessing that gsp does cuz condit is the interm. champ anyone know for sure?

  • condit better target that knee

  • I Think GSP will prove that he’s still dominant. I’m going to say 4th round submission. Can’t wait to throw back some beers and cheer my f*cking head off.

  • I want videos like this before every event.

  • In the highly unlikely (but possible) eventuality of a tie, I think that they would retain their current status’ of Champ and Interim Champ and that an instant rematch would be set up.

  • I’m with Kampman on this one, These are probably my 2 favorite fighters but the closer to the fight it gets I am leaning towards Condit. GSP keeps saying he is hungry and is gonna fight more aggressive, I think that sort of fight is where Condit will shine. Condit is very unpredictable and like Kampman said I can see Condit catching GSP offguard with something.

  • Lay off the Roids Ellenberger! It looks like hes gonna snap! He cant even think with the PED’s running strong.

  • And I was glad to hear he sounded a little sharper. I was starting to worry because he was sounding dozzy and punch drunk the last few interviews.

  • well judging by the fact that the interm champ should never have been named because the belt wasnt defended,i would hope gsp keeps the belt

  • I’m picking George, and I have a feeling that it is going to be a finish, don’t know why…just have a feeling.