POLL: Which current UFC champion will be the first to lose his title in 2013?


2013 is just around the corner, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship is gearing up towards the last few events on its stacked 2012 calendar. Next year will pose new challenges for current champions, with new fighters joining the UFC roster and potential superfights over the hill. So which champion will be the first to lose his title in 2013? Make your vote!

  • I voted HW champ to lose first but I can just as easily see Demetrius Johnson (Yes Anton, the FW Champ has a name) or the winner of Henderson V Diaz being the first to lose.

  • I say JDS, because right now, its not a game at heavyweight, especially with Cain (Although he got caught last time, we didn't get to see them fight much), Overeem coming back, and even Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett at some point coming into the picture. I don't really see the belt staying in one man's hands for too long unless its in Overeem's

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  • It's hard to say but Cruz. Cruz or dos Santos depending on who fights first. Silva won't lose, Jones won't lose St. Pierre won't lose ,Henderson is not going to lose, your mama might lose but depending to who. That asssssss

  • I think Mighty Mouse is very good but not at the level of the other champions, yet, but his division is too young right now to present anyone can beat him anytime soon.
    I think most likely it will be Bendo but I'm not overlooking Cain or Overeem taking the HW belt either.
    Bendo has too much competition with firstly Nate and then the winner of Cerrone/Pettis (both guys put out strong performances against the current champ, one a win and one a very controversial loss).

  • Jon Jones. I Hope…

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  • the flyweight guy umm ah what's his name? oh well hes little and fast like a mongoose

  • Easy Call…… That will be GSP…

  • Who knows really ! Im not nostradamus

  • Wouldn't it be something if we were all wrong and Silva will lose first?!

  • I say Cruz. I think Barao is on a Jose Aldo type climb.