Poll: What Has Been The Best Fight Of 2014 So Far?

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This year has largely been regarded as perhaps the most trying time in UFC history.

A bevy of injuries to top-level UFC champions couple with an ultra-aggressive (and some would say oversaturated) fight schedule has left UFC pay-per-view (PPV) buys dwindling and created endless discussion about the downfall of MMA.

However, amidst all the adversity, the fighters who comprise the heart and soul of the sport we all love have actually put on some amazing fights. It’s tough to remember all of the bouts where both fighters poured their all into the contest to either emerge with a hard-fought victory or suffer a crushing defeat.

Sure, all of the canceled title fights badly reduced the number of potentially classic bouts we had on our hands, but there are some absolutely huge match-ups coming up in the last months of 2014 and early part of 2015.

But this is about the memorable fights that took place in what has been, at least to this point, a forgettable year in terms of MMA letdowns. Some bouts were wars, some were legendary beatdowns, and others were just plain great fights.

Let’s focus on the positive and vote on what you believe has been the best fight of 2014 thus far:

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  • falcon4917

    TJ vs Barao shouldn’t be on this list, it was a one sided beat down.

    • SpaceJam

      Depends what “Best” fight entails with this list of fights, “Best” fight as in Fight Of The Year? TJ vs Barao?? How can a 5 round one sided beating with a finish at the end be considered FOTY? If it was best Performance of the year TJ def wins that. But FOTY either Mendes vs Aldo, Hendricks vs Lawler 1, Romero vs Kennedy, Jamie Varner vs Abel Trujillo. It has to be a Crazy back and forth WAR to be FOTY. I picked Romero vs Kennedy that shit was insane!!

      • jcren

        Romero vs Kennedy…really? Best fight is some combination of total skill demonstrated, entertainment value and storyline.

        Dillishaw vs Barao pretty much takes it imo.

        The next one might be Hendo v Shogun

        • SpaceJam

          As I said, what is the definition we are going by, If its Fight Of The Year Dillashaw vs Barao isn’t anywhere close, but Performance Of The Year, yes TJ takes it. I picked Romero vs Kennedy for Fight Of The Year, and if you know anything about what a Fight Of The Year involves you wouldn’t be saying “really?”

          • thexperience1

            ^ This……. Is an accurate assessment!

      • Christofonovich

        SpaceJam aka “Michael Jordan’s cartoon” def takes the commenter of the year award…

        • SpaceJam

          What’s your problem ChristofonFuckWit??

          • darejz00

            Haters gonna hate, I was a bit surprised to see TJ vs Barao on this list, as it really was just a one sided top performance by TJ. I picked Weidman vs Machida just because I remember how I felt watching the fight, really hoping Machida would come out on top. Those last round flurries by Machida showed how much Machida wanted that belt.
            I thought Aldo vs Mendes II was a good fight but a disappointing performance by Mendes. In the later rounds it’s almost like he was satisfied with what he had managed to do so far against a guy like Aldo and did not want to do more…

    • RandomMohawk

      Yeah, don’t know about “fight” of the year, but I could see why it was included. To me, it was the best point of the year. MAYBE there’s been a bigger underdog win, and there’s surely been better performances than the one TJ had, though not many. However, I don’t think anything will ever match TJ-Barao when combining those two thoughts. The best underdog performance in the history of MMA, in my opinion.

      So it surely wasn’t the most competitive, but everything from the training videos leading into, through the entirety of the fight, and up to the post fight celebration will give me chills like no fight this year, or maybe ever, did.

  • Entity

    Yamamomma VS Dookasaki

  • jcren

    I just stated what i think is fight of the year.

    TJ vs Baraoa was a great fight because it was not what you were expecting. It was a real life Rocky.

    Hendo vs SHogun was just pure nail biting entertainment where two warrior showed outstanding heart.

    Imo…Weidman v Machida is right there because even though it was not super entertaining you could appreciate the skill level presented by both men. I think if Machida had pressured more like he did in the later rounds…it could have been a better fight and he might have been able to win it. Plus the fight had meaning in that it cemented the greatness of Weidman and the later rounds showed the heart of Machida.

    In fairness I missed Aldo vs Mendes.

    Silva vs Brown was another entertaining fight in the same way as Hendo v Shogun. But the fighters names and legacies were not as big. Plus the skill level shown was not a great either. It made me think of a Leonard Garcia or Diego Sanchez fight