Police Body Cam Video Shows Condoms, Pipe In Jon Jones’ Vehicle

jon jones fails drug test
Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

To say it’s been a tough year for MMA fans would be an understatement, the sport has seen some of it’s icons go down in disgrace, and perhaps the case of Jon Jones is perhaps the most shocking. JJ fled the scene of a hit-and-run in New Mexico two weekends ago, remaining at large for 24 hours before turning himself in.

“Bones” was stripped of his long-held 205-pound title, and handed down an indefinite suspension. He is yet to be found guilty in a court of law, but the evidence thus far would suggest an overwhelming case against Jones. None more so than the following footage.

7 KOAT News released this body cam tape, in which cops search the hire vehicle involved in the New Mexico smash-up. Check it out:

“Well, he’s fucked!”

On top of his failed drug test for cocaine, and his seemingly endless quest to become the biggest heel ever, this pretty much is the icing on the cake. A tragic waste of talent will be the story if Jones never comes back from this. His fate will likely depend on whether or not the district attorney seeks a jail term.

The details of Jones’ wild night in New Mexico keep coming out, but it’s likely the ex-champion will stay hidden from public view while the media storm swirls.

To be continued……

  • knn03

    Breaking news: he also left his career at the wreck, it’s in very bad shape and might never recover.

  • Now both Jones and Mir have broken someone’s arm

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Well I guess that at least by the age of 27 he’s mature enough to not cheat on his baby momma without a condom.
    Baby steps.

    Thats weird how they keep saying “death or bodily injury”.
    A broken arm and death dont seem similar enough to lump them together like that.

    I guess you might say that there was potential for death,
    but theres potential for death from slipping on a wet floor and cracking your head open.

    They dont call it “death or slipping all falling”.

    • Dabs

      America creates charges like that so they can help feed the prison industrial complex with brown meat. It’s a travesty.

  • grandslam

    Why should that be news anyway. We get it, he fucked up!

    Please leave him alone to deal with it. Hope he gets back up on his feet and returns a humble fighter.

  • bananaboy

    this dude guy is a real piece of shit

  • john had a lil weed a 3 pack of condoms that aint shit they tried to make it sound like he was a drug dealin thug