Pic: Ronda Rousey’s Latest Photo Shoot Reveals Massive Change



This is no photoshop before you declare BS, as it comes from the recent photo shoot for the newest UFC video game. With her acting career gaining momentum, is the clearly altered physique of Ronda Rousey an indicator that she’s done with fighting?

If this recent snippet is anything to go by, it would strengthen that statement:

  • Kevin Zack

    What a piece of shit story. Comparing what she looks like when she was CUTTING TO MAKE WEIGHT, to what she looks like when she’s barely even able to train? She was chubby when she was champion too. Either you’re an ignorant tard who knows nothing about MMA or Ronda, or you’re SO DESPERATE for readers that you’re resorting to tabloid tactics.

  • aNYagenda

    Apparently she’s gonna kill herself by overdosing on gravy.

    • ????????????

      It would matter if she did. No one would care or even know if you did.

  • bananaboy

    she can now fight cyborg at 145 now

    • Marcin Pasieka

      Ohhhhhhhh snap!

    • Joel Mogol

      you mean at 205?

  • vumzy

    ohhh this shemale has been eating donalds

  • that is one ugly woman

    • ????????????

      Yes your mom is and as insignificant too ????????????????????

  • Superzorro

    It looks like she was cutting quite the amount of weight to make 135. 145 doesn’t look too far away. And to be honest, I don’t think it ever did.

    • jmi0112

      Old school trainers liked the idea of always staying within 10% of fighting weight year around. The only issue with that is it makes it hard to add new muscle. Also with this theory at times while training you have to worry about actually coming in lighter than you actually want to be.

  • jmedno5891

    Yo ufc, for sure give her some time to get into shape before modeling her in game character.

  • taelorb

    If you’re not training as intensely it seems logical that body fat would return.

    I hope she can work through her challenges – ideally with media attention related to her actual struggle with personal expectations, and loss as opposed to “LOLOLS LOOK AT HER NOW” jabs.

  • ????????????

    Still the greatest of all time….

  • Melvin Clarke

    yup silly story by a hack

  • Darren Graham

    bait to click.

  • Jay Roy Sims

    Sure is surprising if it’s real. I always thought of Ronda as the buff ideal of physical fitness. Maybe she is human, after all–or beefing up for an acting job.

  • John Coyne

    Poor girl has depression, mental fitness is a thing too, once she over comes it she’ll be on top again