Phil Davis: If You Use TRT, I Know That You Are Going To Break


With the NSAC and UFC’s ’s ban of TRT the hot topic in MMA this week, several pro fighters have started to weigh in on with their assessment about the controversial therapy.

One such fighter is top-ranked UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis, who appeared in an interview with MMA H.E.A.T. to discuss TRT and its removal from the fight game. Saying he had largely remained the same size since college, Davis offered an opinion that TRT didn’t necessarily give fighters an edge in the octagon:

“To me, if you want to take TRT, you have to able to say to yourself, you have to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m not going to be able to get it done without this.” And that’s fine, that’s fine with me. If you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “I need something else because I’m not complete,” then when I get you in that cage and times get tough, you’re gonna break. That’s as simple as it gets. You’re gonna break.”

An interesting point of view from “Mr. Wonderful,” but the stats would actually back him up in his assumption. Save for surging middleweight Vitor Belfort, TRT users have been failing miserably inside the cage. Dan Henderson has lost three in a row, Frank Mir has dropped four straight, and Chael Sonnen was finished twice last year.

Although the outlawing of TRT already caused one of the UFC’s biggest fights of 2014 to be changed when Belfort withdrew from his scheduled UFC 173 against Chris Weidman, ultimately the ruling should remove the black eye that the controversy of TRT placed on the sport.

While the users did so within the limits regulated by state athletics commissions, it has always been argued that an aging man shouldn’t have a leveled playing field with an opponent who is ten years younger; that is simply nature running its course.

Regardless, the discussion is pointless because TRT is now gone. But do you agree with Davis’s statement that most TRT users fold in the face of pressure?

  • Tell that to Vitor Belfort… !

    • Anytime Vitor doesn't win in the first or second he breaks. Look at his history he always loses heart.

  • People keep saying Vitor's the only 1 "surging" so it can't be TRT. I say he's the only 1 who's body completely changed and he always seems hopped on something. He's the only 1 who appears to be abusing and it and leveling off to that "perfectly legal" 6:1 ratio that was allowed. I don't care who tries to argue what Vitor looks like the incredible hulk and became that way suddenly much later in his life. It's a joke man. TRT is gone now the talk can stop after a few fighters have their say. I agree with Davis because most fighters that were on it did break when things went South I've said Mir is the biggest of this. If you watch his fights when he gets hit he falls almost not from force but like damn lets get this over with. Vitor doesn't break because he's roid raging "legally"