Phil Davis: It Was Close But I Won The Last Two Rounds


There are two sides to every coin, and in this segment we get to hear Phil Davis’ side of the story about his UFC 163 co-main scrap with The Dragon. The wrestling whizz feels like he did enough to win the fight, and that it was not a gift from the judges.

Davis claimed that his training camp was tailored to giving Machida a frustrating fight. It almost seems that this fight was destined to be a bit of a let down, and this is not an uncommon theme where Machida is involved. Don’t get me wrong, he has had some great knockouts, but in fights against game planners or heavy hitters, the result is often similar.

Whatever the case, check out Davis’ post fight interview, courtesy of, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Ummmmmm NO.

    • I would say he won the first and the second was arguable…so was the third. The fight could have gone either way. Nobody really got hurt.

  • the third round was the most obvious one. you have to gave them machida!

  • There is no way Phil won the third. The second round is arguable but the third was clearly Machida's.

    • I gave Phil the 2nd round. the 1rst round was close but Machida, 3rd round I told everyone I was watching with he ran away with the round. ran to the bathroom came back and everyone was complaining Machida lost. Everytime I get people to watch the UFC that aren't to familiar with it, some sort of judging error occurs and they immediately don't like it.

      • I feel bad for those judges. Brazilians kill people for making bad calls.

  • and after the fight, even phil didn't believed he won that fight!

  • WHAT?

    The last round was by far the easiest to score for Machida

    • D

      Notice that Phil hasn't even been to the showers yet…no way he had watched the fight. The judges scored two rounds for him, and he took his best guess.

  • I think Machida won. But the fact remains that you have to impress the judges to win. Let's not forget that Machida has been on the other side of some questionable decisions (cough, cough, Shogun).

    Truth be told, Phil Davis might not be the most exciting fighter, but I bet Dana is happy Machida didn't win so he had to give him a rematch with Jones. Now he can make Jones vs. Teixeira. Yes I am looking past Gustafsson lol

  • I hope Jones isn't looking past Gustafsson.

  • I had Phil Davis winning the first, second, and third rounds. He completed dominated the fight, scored at least ten take downs, was ripping head and body shots all night. Machida was a bloody mess at the end of the fight. I'm sure he was concussed.