Paul Daley arrested, will not compete at Bellator’s Spike TV debut


British heavy-hitter Paul Daley is still one of the most controversial fighters in Mixed Martial Arts.

According to Josh Gross of ESPN, Daley was arrested on a bar fight assault, and could find himself serving up to two years in prison. Daley is now barred from entering the US, which also means that he will not participate in Bellator’s Welterweight tournament.

Daley was originally scheduled to face War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver) on January 17th, which will also mark Bellator’s debut on Spike TV. War Machine pulled out of the fight due to a knee injury, but was still expected to compete on the card. Today, it’s pretty clear that Bellator will not be able to use Daley’s star power in their quest to move one step forward in the world of MMA.

Nicknamed Semtex for the explosive KO power in his hands, Paul Daley is 30-12 in MMA. Daley holds victories over several big-name fighters, including UFC’s top welterweight Martin Kampmann. Semtex is well-known for putting promoters in cold sweat by punching Josh Koscheck after the final bell, heated staredowns, and missing weight on numerous occasions.

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  • Maybe Josh Koscheck can visit daley in prison !

    • Ha! Ha!

    • Damn enjoylife321, You enjoy life with other ppl being miserable in jail you are Cold Blooded!!!

      • @Joe Boxer… I was planning on cooking some home made brownies and getting some of MMA truths xmas Turkey to take up to the prison for Daley.

  • What is a fighter doing in a bar 23 days before a fight?

    If he was boozing he's an idiot. If he was sober and got in a fight, he's a even bigger idiot. I remember GSP, in the lead up to the Condit fight, was telling a story (on Prime-Time) about how an old man was harassing George (LOL!, it's so funny to picture), following him in his car and yelling at him, saying something to the effect of (paraphrasing) that he should get out of his car and kick The Champ's ass. LOL! Rush said, that had the old man done so, that he would have run. LOL! Of it, he said, how would it look if I beat up a 70 year old man, even if he was beating on me, first. You leave. Period. For a fighter t's a lose, lose situation.

    The greater point here is, professional MMA fighters do not / should not be getting involved in fights with the general public, unless they are being assaulted or preventing someone else from being assaulted, which, as we all know, has actually happened. We can only assume in this instance, that Daley is suspected of having committed an assault; was the aggressor. Stupid.

    A fighter with some talent and potential, has just blown was was probably his second and final chance. Whether or not he goes to jail, I can't see how Bellator would want him back, I don't see Dana pushing out the welcome wagon and now that he can't fight in the States, he's pretty much F##ked.

    It's a drag, I kind of liked him. He "was" an exciting fighter. His fight with Diaz was a blast to watch. i hope the charges get dropped or he's found not guilty, but there seems to be a stigma attached to our sport and I don't know how much slack any MMA fighter will / would see in front of a bench. However, either way, I think his MMA career is done. Certainly in a meaningful way. Shame.

    • @ MMA Truth….exactly…23 days before a fight????

      Dana White will be having the best xmas. Daley is done ! he is under contract and bellator and spike TV will be wanting to throw a bar stool at him…

      Had he not hit Koscheck he would probably still be fighting with the organization. Dana seems to have a degree of tolerance,.but he has no tolerance for guys who disrespect the sport on TV, embarass sponsors, lose money for the organization. So Daley will never fight for the UFC again even if he gets cleared and is able to travel. Too big a risk with past behaviour, missed weights, and now assaulting the public.

      • @ enjoy

        True about the tolerance levels on DW, but don't forget he also seems to have a forgetful mind, too. Nate Marquardt is going to be proving that soon. For, am I mistaken or not, didn't Dana say Nate would never fight in The UFC, again?

        Personally, I think if Daley had had a good run in Bellator, that he could have worked his way back into the promotion. I think Dana has that kind of forgiveness in him and lets face facts, Koscheck / Daley 2 would sell. Has this guy learned enough to stay on his feet and can he get payback. It's a good story and The UFC needs more of them. So, my guess is he could have worked his way back, but he is done now and for all the reasons you've stated.

        This is probably the worst thing that could have happened to Bellator and SPIKE, for their premier. I know that the fight I was looking forward to the most was Daley / Koppenhaver. I was really looking forward to it. I am almost as disappointed in not seeing that, as I was in not seeing JDS / Overeem. I thought we were going to get to see a nice juicy slug match, with two gamers, who like to throw and aren't afraid to trade and be hit. I was really looking forward to it. I also, happen to be a big War Machine fan; another interesting MMA story. A kid with some promise, just back from jail. A story of redemption through MMA.

        Anyway, he's just cost some important people a lot of money and a lot of wasted promotion. More importantly, he's cost himself everything.

        Honestly, I feel sorry for him.

        I hope your turkey was good. Mine was great, be eating it for a week. Always better the next day, I find. Odd, I want my food cooked, then chilled, then re-heated. LOL! Try ordering that in a decent restaurant.

  • @ MMA Truth….I think with Nate, despite his indiscretions with TRT etc….he is actually a decent guy outside the cage and represents the company very well when he is not pissing a cup full of turbo charged TRT that could fuel a rocket.

    I think now because of so many injuries, retiring fighters and limited number of really marketable guys, Dana has become the Saint of forgiveness, backflipping on decisions. I think it comes back to How much can Dana make keeping you in the UFC vs how much he hates a fighter….I think with Paul Daley, it just completely embarrassed his whole company and sponsors etc so he had no choice. People have become a little desensitised to undisclosed TRT and steroid use because they know they will be suspended and be back in a year. By then most people have forgotten or moved on from it. As for the turkey, its amazing, I'd like to see what Roy nelson had on his xmas table.

  • Nate Marquardt outside the ring / inside the ring – tremendous. I love Mark. He's an ugly fight for The Champ, should that opportunity arise. However, and of course, you have the same problem with Nate, that you have with Rory MacDonald. They are both friends and training partners of GSP. I have nothing but praise for that guy. Yes, he's made some mistakes, but he's paid for them and I expect big things from him in the future.

    Lack of promotable fighters – the reality of it is, that if they want to push a fighter they can. There is more than enough talent and more than enough money, network and hype to turn any fighter into a marquis name. Chael Sonnen is not, by record, a great fighter, yet, he's a huge, draw. Why? Because he is a master of self-promotion. What most fighters have yet to realize is that they are independent contractors. Businesses unto themselves. Although they work within and under the umbrella of The UFC brand, they are, none-the-less, private, third party companies, which are brought into to fulfill a contract. They are contractors. The more popular the contractor, the more valuable they are to the promotion.

    Sonnen understands this, where most fighters, even Champions, don't. Nick Diaz gets it, but as a result of his nature, not his intellect. Nick is not consciously trying to create a character, he's just Nick Diaz. A guy who will say or do things, which gets him noticed by the media. It is, of course, backed up by talent, but there are lots of talented fighters in The UFC, just not so many who know how to market themselves, Chris Weidman and his inability to rouse Silva to a fight, is an example. He's too nice. Nick would have just trashed talked the guy into a fight. Sonnen, is the intellectual. A consciously contrived and very entertaining act. The best act in the business. He's our Mohammad Ali. I keep saying it and I'm not joking, he should teach a course in promotion.

    Anyway, to me, The Boss doesn't need to kiss any fighter's ass for the sake of the business. They could make many different fighters stars if they put the money and effort behind it. As I think Bellator / SPIKE will be proving, starting this January. I will be watching Bellator, for the first time, as we all will, in the same manner and way that we used to watch The UFC, back in the day. Tell me you won't be watching….come on. You can promote anyone Enjoy, if you put them on TV regularly.

    Most People – you hit that on the head. People forget. I loved Sonnen. I hated Sonnen. I now like Sonnen. I hated Bisping. I now like Bisping. I hated Dan Hardy. I now a fan of Hardy's. People forget.

    Sorry for the length of this rambling post, but it's Christmas and I'm drunk!

  • he is his own worst enemy. What a disgrace to the sport, so much talent but so manny blown chances. LOSER !

  • Look at these idiots writing paragraphs about how people should act. Look Daley is a big boy and if he can't control himself he doesn't deserve to be a professional fighter. Its not your place or any one else's to tell this guy how to act. Like I said in a previous post take the sport serious or get out. We all have to obey rules and laws in our daily jobs and lives. Good lord people.

  • This is the best thing that could of happened for Bellator. Getting rid of an idiot who cant control himself. Employing an idiot just for ratings is never going to last or give any company long lasting credibility. Get a clue.

    • Quoting Ripstic5021:

      "Look at these idiots writing paragraphs about how people should act".

  • Hes a known hothead it looks pretty bad but I don't believe everything the media says about people,media are the biggest liars there always getting storys wrong and sticking feet in there mouths.Who knows maybe he got jumped,he shouldn't be in the bar before a fight or hardly ever for that matter hell join Lee Murray as UKs wasted talent.

    • @ DK

      Yeah, forgot about Lee. A waste. I wonder what the "F" he was thinking when he decided to pull that stunt. If I'm not mistaken, when he's finished doing time in Morocco, doesn't the (then) have to go back to the UK and do time?

      What some people use for brains, I will never know.

  • nice lee murray reference only difference is daley wont have a few million stashed away and wont serve time in a morrocan prison where having money makes life easy.