GSP’s Former Training Partner Thinks He May Retire Already


French Canadian mixed martial artists Patrick Cote and Georges St-Pierre have known each other for a long time, having fought in the same regional promotion before both signing with the UFC last decade.

So it’s fair to say that Cote knows GSP better than any other fighter on the roster, and Cote believes the former welterweight and current middleweight champion won’t be fighting for much longer, even with the strap around his waist.

Cote expressed his doubts during a recent interview on The MMA Hour:

“I have big doubts. I don’t have any inside info and we are not close as we used to be, but what he said about that hard thing to gain weight.”

“I don’t want to take anything away from Bisping, I like this guy, he’s a worker, amazing fighter and he had a great opportunity to be champion, but Georges against Whittaker, big guys like Romero, I don’t know. Georges is super athlete but he doesn’t have anything to prove against those big guys. I don’t think he’ll fight at 185 anymore.”

Saint Pierre had dominated the welterweight division before retiring after UFC 167. He returned four years later to take on middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who he defeated by submission at UFC 217.

Now ruling over the 185-pound division, Cote says GSP has many options outside of fighting. Cote himself retired after a loss to Thiago Alves at UFC 210.

“For sure, I would not be surprised if he said, ‘It’s over, I just wanted to feel that feeling again.’ Why I say that is because is took him so much time to get out of the cage. He stayed in the cage and he was kind of feeling everything he was able to grab about all the emotion.”

“He was in the cage for almost 20 minutes after the fight, He was looking at everything and grabbing all the energy just to say ‘That was that, I did it and I am not going to miss that anymore.’ This is the feeling I had when I was at MSG. But no, I will not be surprised if he is done with fighting.”

Do you think GSP will be fighting for much longer?

  • Josh Rudolph

    Fuck off cote. Gsp is back and he has much to in the hell does someone like gsp come back to such a huge victory in a higher weight class and win the championship. He has people itching for a chance to fight him. Maybe He was in the ring for 20 mins cause he loves his Dan’s and was just seeing how much he has to offer to us still. I believe if gsp trained for a good 3 to 6 month before his next bout he would be a lot more in condition at that weight he just packed that weight on for a reason beating one person doesnt prove much..yes it was awesome but if he just dropped out I and him sure thousands upon thousands of his fans would be disappointed and would be the biggest let down in the UFC today. Gsp show us that you can conquer the division you chose to come back to fight in. You began this new saga..we all believe you have it in you to be able to defend you belt at leaatv4 to 5 times..its not a real challenge to compete once and just stop..we are ready to see you take on a new division by storm. Show us your are the fighter we came to love and respect. GSP #BEASTMODE #1 #greatestfighteralive. #middleweightdestroyer

  • Fester

    GSP seemed relieved to get through the Bisping fight, even though it did not appear particularly grueling; especially compared to a contest against some of the heavy hitters in that division.

    The Canadian left under a cloud after his controversial win against Hendricks; he has now returned, jumped the line and grabbed the belt from Bisping, who is obviously past his prime. It is doubtful GSP needs the money, to the point he is willing to expose himself to serious damage, at his age.

    It is surprising Bisping is so eager to fight Gastellum; since his chances of victory are even slimmer than they were against a “rusty” GSP. Gastellum has the power and inclination to seriously hurt the British fighter; retirement must surely be on Bisping’s mind.