Patrick Cote back to training for the fight against "The Talent" Belcher at UFC 113


  • I still want to see the finish of the Cote vs Silva fight.

  • why that fight was boring as hell

  • Cote was surviving which is admirable against Silva, but definitely loosing that fight. Barring a ridiculously lucky punch, we all know how that fight was going to end.

  • I was really enjoying this fight. Not everything has to be an all-out war… you know…

    Cote has an amazing KO Power, but I agree that he lacks the technical depth Anderson Silva has.

  • nice this should be a fun fight to watch…glad to see cote back

  • cote used to be cock eyed what happened he looks normal now

  • The fight itself was kinda boring but knowing what power both fighters had was exciting. Who knows, it could have ended like Lawler vs Manhoef.

  • Cote vs Vitor Belfort would be interesting!

  • Silva would have still won. He wasn’t really doing damage. It might have taken 5 rounds but SIlva would have won