Pat Healy Issues Public Statement Following Positive UFC 159 Drug Test


Pat Healy put the UFC 155lb. division on notice following his destruction of Jim Miller, a long time Lightweight stalwart, at UFC 159. Healy dominated Miller for three rounds before sinking in the RNC for a submission win, that is until he tested positive for Marijuana. The NSAC has now overturned the victory to a No-Contest and Healy is currently serving a mandatory 90-day suspension.

Healy has since issued this public statement via MMAJunkie:

“I would like to start off by apologizing to the UFC, Jim Miller, the MMA community, its fans, my family, teammates and coaches for my positive testing for marijuana after my UFC 159 fight with Jim Miller,” Said Healy. “I was fully aware of the UFC and state commission’s drug policies and made poor life choices. I stand behind the UFC and state commission’s disciplinary actions. I support efforts to make MMA (and sports) a clean, safe and fair place to compete.”

“I made a very poor choice to socially use marijuana and now I must face the consequences of that choice. I can assure you that I will do everything the UFC and state commission asks of me and beyond. I will make a conscious effort to be a better role model within the MMA community.”

The UFC is yet to comment on the situation regarding Healy’s positive drug test, but the question now is whether or not Healy will have to pay back his 130k in FOTN and Submission of The Night bonuses. Arguably it was still Fight of The Night, but a NC can’t be awarded a win bonus, can it?

At the least Healy is being up front about his ‘Mary Jane’ use, so should he be able to keep the bonuses? Or should he be penalized further? The age old argument about whether Marijuana is even a PED looks like it will continue. Stay tuned to Lowkick!



  • Any logical person can figure out weed had nothing to do with his victory.
    Maybe if he was on speed, or you know, some other REAL drug.
    So what happens if they do a card in Colorado?

    • i agree with you. but rules are rules and they are professionals and so they have to follow them. but i hope they change these rules!

    • the thing is like any company when you take a piss test they test for all
      illegal substances regardless if helped or not its illegal *****…..hopefully
      legal soon but isnt ,… if I fell at work they would be tested and if pos. for
      weed could be denied any benefits…. and fired….***** is what it is and lost
      all his bonuses ***** bad timing if plan to win ur fight try not to smoke any weeed
      B4 fight try keep it 2.5 weeks out.. lol hydrate hydrate hydrate

  • I heard he has to foreit his win bonus which is 17,500 and also his 135,000 of bonus's he received for FOTN and SOTN, hich him leaves him 17,500 left before taxes, and gym/trainers/management fees. He only got a 90 suspension. So he should be able to fight again soon. Hopefully ZUFFA still send him a check under the table and treats him as if he won the fight against Miller, We all know pot dosnt help you during a fight. I like Heeley and the underdog situation that he is always in. I hope Heeley realizes his mistake and gives up pot completely. This is his chance to make serious money in his short window.

    • Yeah it is a bad situation that he has landed himself in, I hope he comes back stronger though

    • @David I doubt they would do that since it was their decision to take away his bonuses, don;t think the commission has any power over that.

    • that might be the most expensive joint in history….150,000+

  • This has gotten out of hand. Why are they even testing for weed? Its not like these tests come up with results of everything. They actually have to look for it.

    And why? TRT is legal but Weed that is legal in many states is banned?

    Come on!

  • Healy Public Statement:

    "I am a dumba$$"….. end of statement.

  • I don't agree with the rule but I do agree with penalties should be given if you break the rules of the contract you signed.

    Penalty too harsh though

  • So let me get this straight – its not fair to fight on a drug that makes you slower and dumber?
    So he was dumber and slower than he would have normally been. Its like fighting with one hand tied behind your back and still winning. It was Pat Healy who was at the disadvantage and he still won. Give him an even bigger bonus if he can do it stoned. Of course a positive test only means that he ingested it sometime in the previous 30 days and says nothing about his condition on the night of the fight anyway. (unless I'm mistaken about the type of test used)

    • Yeah, I guess that was kinda weak. I'll Weak myself too.

  • aids recovery by taking away the aches and pains and helps with sleep which for any athlete is very important.

  • I have mixed feelings on this issue….part of me says you shouldn't complain because you broke the rules knowing the consequences…The other part of me says the penalty does not fit the crime….tricky !

  • This is why we NEED Diaz to run MMA.