Pat Barry talks KO, Roy Nelson is not interested in fighting Shane Carwin


Octagon veteran Pat Barry shared thoughts about his impressive KO victory over former Strikeforce hot prospect Shane del Rosario, and his future in the UFC. Barry spoke about his style, and the fact that he’s still reluctant to test his ground game. Nicknamed “HD”, Pat Barry looked very emotional when talking about Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and the tragedy so many families experienced last Friday.

Meanwhile, Roy Nelson also shared thoughts about his convincing performance against Matt Mitrione, and what’s next for him in the UFC. Interestingly enough, Roy Nelson declared he’s not interested in fighting Shane Carwin, who pulled out of their fight just weeks before TUF 16 Finale. Nelson’s TUF protege Colton Smith won the Finale, earning his coach the bragging rights for being “a better coach” than Carwin.

Note: The video below is a playlist of post-fight interviews

  • I love the guy to death. He's got tons of power and all that, but I just don't see how he can ever work his way to the top. Not at Heavy Weight. I just don't see him beating the likes of JDS and Cain. He's just too small and doesn't have the wrestling or BJJ, background. I know he'll never drop down to 205, but I think it would be the wise career move. Either way, nice win for Pat.

  • I thought the stoppage in the Barry V Rosario fight was premature. Rosario was rocked but he might have recovered. The ref (who IMHO is one of the worst in the sport) was stepping in to stop it before he even hit the ground.

    • ……. what?

    • He got KTFO.

      You sharing some of Diaz's herb?

    • is like the Kongo fight he lost Kongo was out but fight wasnt stopped Pat hit him again woke him up just in time for Kongo to unload his heavy hand and ko Pat…but that should of been stopped like two or three times espeacially with Heavy weights was way dangerous and thru a hay maker and thats all she wrote

    • Lol. Must have been watching a different fight. Pat barry walked away before the ref even stepped in. The only thing Shane was recovering from at that moment was his nap. I like both of those fighters, but HD definitely definitely won by KO not TKO and there is no saying, (He could have recovered from that Knock out). It even took him like 45 seconds to minute to even start to stand up. I bet he would have been real useful a minute after the fight was over. Good victory for Pat barry and he is always a pleasure to listen to afterwards.

    • OMG, are you serious? One more Barry Bomb and he would be f*cking dead. That guy has Mike Tyson power once he finds his range and gets his rhythm going. We must have been watching different fights in a different universe- is string theory at play here?

  • I love HD Barry and wish more fighters had the balls to fight like him and go big or go home.

  • Nelson was in no way what so ever a better coach than Carwin, his whole team told him he was a bad coach, how many times has that happened?

  • I wouldn't mind seeing Pat Barry fight Big Country Nelson next. I think these two guys both coming off a win would put on a great stand up battle.

    Roy throws leather and has a great jujitsu game….barry is an animal with his leg kicks and has KO power

  • If Barry can manage to get his ground game to a BJJ brown belt level he will be a force to be reckoned with. Yes, he managed to not get choked out this time around but I will say I was surprised he didn't. He's got some cash now so he needs to go and train BJJ five times a week with Renzo, Rickson, Jake Shields and become a serious BJJ student. Nobody wants to eat leg kicks and right hands from HD. He has the same leg kicks as Hardonk but has better hands and the killer instinct that Hardonk was missing. Glad to see such a good guy win!