Alistair Overeem’s Testosterone levels at 14:1, more than double NSAC limit


It was revealed earlier today that Alistair Overeem‘s failed pre-UFC 146 drug screen revealed his Testosterone/Epitestosterone levels to be at a ratio of 14:1, whereas a normal man would possess a ratio of 1:1. These results were stated by Keith Kizer, commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Kizer revealed earlier this week that Overeem’s levels were higher than 10:1, and that any levels shown to be above 6:1 are considered a violation.

This finding comes amidst a huge controversy that still leaves the fate of UFC 146 in jeopardy. Of course Overeem has requested that his b-sample be tested, and this may lead to more specific tests to determine if the testosterone present in his body was in fact natural or not. Regardless, while he may not be technically suspended as of yet, his conditional license in the state of Nevada is in serious trouble.

Dana White has expressed his obvious disdain at his no. 1 contender, particularly due to conversations that he had with Overeem where he was assured that no drug test issues would arise during Overeem’s time with the UFC. No replacement title fight has been made for UFC 146 yet, and now a heated debate will ensue.

Low’kickers, what do you think? Who deserves to be next in line for the title shot the most?  What should the punishment be for Alistair Overeem, a man who has been followed by steroid allegations since his transformation from a Light Heavyweight to a hulking Heavyweight champion? What will become of the once-blockbuster UFC 146 Heavyweight main card? Finally, how will the seemingly rampant use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs continue to plague MMA’s ascension to mainstream status? Via –

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  • How does one have a testosterone level 14 times higher than the normal man? Even Chuck Norris is going “WTF?!”

  • Not surprised at all.

  • He’s a huge dude, and there may have been some HGH involved in that mass gain, if he’s been this big for this long he knows when to cycle, how did he possibly mess it up? I’m hoping it gets cleared up.

  • I am sure he was expecting the test after the fight, where he would have had a chance to cycle off. The surprise test did him in.

  • Thats cool theyre getting to the bottom of everything, i mean at least i know now one of my favorite fighters is gonna be a champ for a while, i always knew overeem was to good to be true and he was the only real threat to beating junior besides cain, i hope hes booted from the ufc, and im glad that we dont have another silva vs. sonnen post fight steroid abuse shit.

  • WTH? Man…well at least it wasn’t 15 times more cuz that would have been REALLY bad

  • overeem like the big russian from rocky that was all juiced up, i still think junior woulda knocked his ass OUT!

  • I could laugh it off and say look at the beast of a man what do you expect, he is more than 14 men!

    In all seriousness, although I’m no expert, I don’t think having 14:1 levels could be possible unless he has have a very serious medical problem. There must be some altercation going on, whether it is PEDs or not. No matter what is going on, no matter the excuse, Overeem is in the wrong as he should have given much earlier notice of his excuse and not left the MMA world, Dana White and the NSAC assuming he is attempting to cheat by using PEDs.

  • WTH? Man…well at least it wasn’t 15 times more cuz that would have been REALLY bad

  • oh come on.. how you going to weak that… its pretty funny…

  • There has been athletes testing positive with over 80:1 ratios. I believe Chael was 16:1 or 17:1.

  • Quote Dana White “You stupid Ass Hole! WTF were you thinking?? Anyone who uses this junk is a piece of crap…WTFFF!!!! Idiot came to my office and lied to me! No one gets away with that!!!!!”

  • His cycle was off due this drug test being a surprise. He didn’t expect to be peeing in a cup that day.

  • Why didn’t he refuse. He had to have known he was fu$&#….. Either way he screwed up and in turned screwed up this card.

  • I know it was a condition that he submit to a number of random testing so he could fight Brock Lesnar, just seems strange to me that he (and other fighters) can be in trouble for having high testosterone levels during training camp. Does it really matter? i mean….if a fighter knows how to get the levels back down to acceptable level by the time the actual competition comes, it shouldn’t matter right? i’d like to hear your guys opinion on this

  • Hes done

  • He hasnt always been this big…so 99.999999999999% chance he’s been roiding…

  • I disagree…cycling allows u to put on size and strength that you’d never in your life have otherwise and gives u a VERY VERY UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. Also seeing that what 6:1 is acceptable even when 1:1 is normal…ppl are def going in with tons of benefits of PED’s knowing that. U know how hard it is to put on lbs of muscle while training MMA? Itd have been impossible for reem without them. He’s not a real heavyweight…they need to ban PEDS period…its fu@#$%& pathetic TRT is even allowed…
    Im definitely open for this discussion. I love talking steroids since EVERYONE is on them…

  • in regards to use of PEDS in training camp, i know there are fans against it, yet some these fans are the same people that want fighters to be in the best condition possible with minimal injuries coming into the night of competition. The reality is that the drugs are out there and these guys are going out there to perform for a living with an activity that can be taxing on their bodies and want to stay in the sport in top form as long as possible

  • is crazy now I know Chael was just a lil over so if that was 16 to 1 not sure how the ratio works I dont like Chael but did get screwed but biggest fight of your life you might be the next god of UFC and riods WTF
    all the talk ………..its wierd watch a guys career END thats it all down hill now

  • Just when you look at the guy now – and several years back… It is plain as bread he has been onto something. I know it, you know it and the UFC know it, but when the Commission also finds out, then suddenly it is a big problem.
    Of course it is unfair, and of course using it lets you smash your opponent, which in a sport like this one, is not unlike a murder intent.

  • Just when you look at the guy now – and several years back… It is plain as bread he has been onto something. I know it, you know it and the UFC know it, but when the Commission also finds out, then suddenly it is a big problem.
    Of course it is unfair, and of course using it lets you smash your opponent, which in a sport like this one, is not unlike a murder intent.

  • I’m no roid expert, but can’t they test multiple times in what would be considered one cycle? That way there is no way to complete the cycle without getting caught?

  • I know I know….. Just can’t believe he’s so stupid. Does Super Fight League drug test? Lol

  • Bring in Fedor for UFC 146

  • As my post history shows, I’ve been a big Reem fan for a long time. I’ve always given him the benefit of the doubt when others here have said that he was on the juice. My argument was that until it was proven that he was taking then people needed to leave him alone. Well, at a 14:1 ratio, I guess today the proof is pretty much in and I concede that some of you that have been critical of Alistair (you know who you are) have been right all along. All I can say is that I’m really disappointed and cannot stay on a war wagon that has cheated to get where it has gotten.

  • yes chael’s was 16.9:1

  • sonnen was at 16.9:1

  • aaah man.This sucks big time.I really likeD Overeem,but now he lost my respect….
    Yeah blame it on your diet coach…..I ordered a horse but actually it was a shetland pony on roids….DumbF$#%

  • He must have taken a lot of supplements .

  • and he’s still in the UFC, so for Overeem only having 14:1 ….can’t be that much of a problem…;)

  • and he’s still in the UFC, so for Overeem only having 14:1 ….can’t be that much of a problem…;)

  • Ahh…. sweet, sweet victory. I remember when certain retards on this site laughed at me for persisting that he used PEDs after he had tested clean in strikeforce.

  • I was 135 in Nov. I now weigh 150 and all of that gain is muscle. I am not new to wt. training and did not juice. I am also a vegetarian. If I can put on 15 lbs of muscle in that time frame then what Overeem has done is possible without roids. I am not saying he didn’t juice (in all likelihood T levels like his don’t occur naturally) but getting big like he has does not mean he did.

  • so people do their cycles while they arnt signed for a fight and then do their camp juice-free but still retain a lot of the benefits for fightnight

  • Lmfao, open ur eyes ppl and take reems roid raging hard on out ur mouths

  • He had to do the random testing as part of an agreement when he got his license to fight Lesnar do to all the shanigans that occured with that fights drug testing

  • Lmao…ur talking about 135-150 when u probably werent even in ur prime…i can drink water and gain 10lbs for the day…or lose it as well. I think his fight with brock, he cut weight to make HW. Are u f@#$%&* kidding me? The level of training that reem is outputting….id bet 10k is more strenuous than the work u put in…hes so big, do u know how many calories hed have to consume??? Youre a lot more ignorant on the subject than u might think, but i do hope for the best in ur career. Just keep both eyes open to reality

  • Steroids do nothing for injuries…so ugh ya….stupid excuse to use.

  • He sent Brock to wwe by cheatin using his sick mother as an excuse to evade a pre fight drug test , what a douche , From a former fan lost all respect for you Bro…

  • Agreed

  • Exactly. U gain size, strength, and they’ll even help with endurance purposes granted youre training for it as well. There are many diff types of roids and they all have different show time in the body. Guys that used to get caught would use shit that would be present for over a year. The guys KNOW how to cheat…its not that difficult.

  • Thats what sucks….do u see what ppl like reem do to MMA? They make u a believer in a cheater(until caught). Reem shouldnt b where he was at(prior to the test). He didnt rightfully earn it. He sets the bar to b that type of HW for fans…when its not possible w/o roids.

  • I like how many ppl will hit weak if u bash reem for the truth…theyre in denial, but they’ll get over it.

  • Overeem i hate u……………………………………….

  • Overeem i hate u…………….

  • For some reason, i see JDS not fighting in May but waiting for the winner of Mir vs Cain, that’s the new main event

  • Roids…same reason reem dropped out of the strikeforce tourney…he didnt take any real damage…he knew he’d of popped + for roids. Who drops out to b strikeforce HW champ for no reason when no one was in ur way?

  • ummm yeah it does….it aids with recovery

  • LMAO. Dude, 15 lbs is a much bigger gain for me than the 14 lbs Overeem put on his first wt gaining sprint. Also, I said it was muscle not water and I am 32. You have no idea how hard I train. Get off of the couch chump.

  • MMAW is correct. Roids (the right ones) promote the building of tissue. That is what healing is.

  • No wonder he looks like he hunts his own food,,, with his bare hands. Weird lookin juiced up animal.

  • For being 32 u sure have a lot to learn buddy 😀

    easy to say it’s all muscle, do u know how many times I hear/heard that from people??? I’d be even surprised if 1/2 ur weigh gain was solid…

    I don’t know how hard u train…ur right…but as much as someone in the UFC? a Pride/K1 champ? I highly doubt it…If so, maybe…just maybe we’d know who u r…chump ;P

  • read what you were talking about and what I responded with….injuries…not recovery…muscle building is not an injury…gtfoh

  • and muscle recovery for training purposes only…not recovery of joints/ligaments/muscle strains/pulls (injuries)…

  • talking injuries buddy…you know, his reason why its ok…

  • Really Dana? You’re shocked? Dismayed? Blind-sided? Have you looked a the guy?….the before and after pics? Come on man…you’re just pissed that he got caught and ruined your big night.

  • Overeem really had Dana goin for a sec….dana’s smart…he was probably disallusioned as if reem would pass this random test for another huuuuggggeee payday. Dana Dana Dana…I usually agree with your judgement…but c’mon man…

  • Thanks for enlightening me 🙂

  • after a few cycles, youd think youd have this kinda thing covered