Overeem vs. Silva fight video highlights


Alistair Overeem’s much anticipated return to the ring ended in shocking fashion as Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva knocked him out in the third round of their UFC 156 bout.
LowKick presents these Fox Sports Overeem vs. Silva fight video highlights for a full picture of how it went down. Stay tuned for complete analysis and post-fight coverage.


  • It was a deja vu from the Chuck Liddell fight, that was a flash back to the Reem back in the old days…

  • In the first two rounds bigfoot had little to offer, until he caught reem in the third. I think JDS should get an immediate rematch with Cain considering Cormier is not willing to face him. JDs is a much better striker and will have learnt from the second fight.

    i think bigfoots next fight should be against a guy like Stefan struve….Why joe silva matched up the skyscraper 7 foot with a 5 foot ten guy in mark hunt i don't know. thats just crazy….I can't respect a win with such disproportionate height and reach advantage.

    • Why would big foot fight Struve aftering KOing Reem the former #3 HW

      • I never saw Reem as the #3 HW IMO K-1 means nothing in MMA and he beat Brett Rogers, and "done" Fedor.

  • really disappointed in Reem. I mean, not a huge fan, but he was just too cocky and over confident in his K1 and Dream titles, hanging hands down. what an idiot. he had that fight if he didnt get careless. however, watching it made me think of how slow he is and how easily Cain would shred him or JDS out box him all day. I considered Bigfoot mediocre, now Allistair is right there with him.

    • I've felt that way about him ever since he was in Strikeforce and felt the need to make regular videos of everything in his life (including doctor visits… which should have indicated something)

  • He was gassed in the 2nd after being on top, you could see the KO happening from that point. Reem has no cardio and will never be champ in the ufc.

    • Guess that's what happens when he doesn't have his testosterone… Oh wait… I mean his "anti inflammatory meds"

  • ok, overeem, its time to check your overconfidence.

    • And your weak chin that was exposed many years ago, but the youngsters wouldnt know that.

  • overeem got ko'd by badr hari in 2009. so much for "his last loss in 2007".

  • who thought that bigfoot would win haha overoids desereved it!

  • i think overeem didnt look sharp at all in that fight…. And that overconfidence! i think something went very wrong in his camp… that wasnt the same overeem what we saw in strikeforce!

    • it WAS the same. he didnt look very impressive against werdum either. I would love to see the rubber match between those too…I'd pick werdum by brutal detruction.

    • More excuses, he has no chin my friend!

    • Yeah something went wrong in his camp, it didn't have all the testosterone.

  • Did not see that coming, but more than happy from what I've seen. Congtats to Silva, first Fedor, now the Reem, he is putting on a great list of wins. Have this feeling, that Dana tried to feed him to the big dogs and got his plans screwed by Bighead.

  • OVER – eem: OVER – ated! Felt this one coming! I wonder what Cain would do to him , brrr.

    Bigfoot got owned by Cain and a title shoot is too early for him !

    • I cant even think of anyone in HW for Cain right now…Struve would get killed right now, JDS needs a few more fights to get back, Cormier probably wont happen…What the hell, put a rush on Barnett coming in and lets see that.

  • Some of you guys are reading WAY too much into this fight. He went into the fight way too confident and got rope-a-doped. Silva said it himself; he hung back for the first two rounds and then exploded once Overeem was tired. In a rematch I would still pick Overeem to win and I still think he destroys JDS. Cain might be a bad fight for him stylistically but I wouldn't write him off there either. I said this yesterday and I will say it again; Antonio Silva can beat anyone in the HW division on a good night. Last night was a good night.

    • You were huggin Reems nuts before the fight and still wont let loose. Now go wash your hands…lol 8))

      • Not nut hugging at all and if you care to go back and look at old posts you will see that all along I said that I thought Reem would win but that Antonio was more than capable of doing the same. Overeem's skill is just evident. Even against BF he looked excellent up until the third. He was slipping punches and countering like it was nothing. The truth is that Overeems haters (you) can't see past his personal faults and cheating to the technical skill he cleary has.

    • why do you think so other than caus of his size? what is all that hype based on??? who the hell did he beat in the last couple of years exept for brock after cain showed the world what he's really made of? james thompson??? hahaha!
      his fight against werdum (one of the serious guys he's faced) was close and it wasn't a very impressive performance. I'd really love to see their rubbermatch.
      I don't get the hype. is it his "walk in the park" k1-championship-fights where he didn't face either schilt or hari (the best guys) when he won?
      all in all he's beat a few k1 fighters in mma. before he started eating horses he lost to all the old top lightheavyweight guys of the ufc back in pride. never faught cain, jds, cormier, jones (heavyweight or not), fedor when he was in his pride or anybody on that level. the guy is average and highly overrated.

  • I think the Reem thought he was in Japan with that silly walkout routine of his. I dont think I have ever been so happy to see another human being get knocked unconscious.
    Go Bigfoot.