Overeem claims he recieved tips on Bigfoot Silva from his former Blackzilian teammates


Alistair Overeem addressed a few things at the pre-fight presser for UFC 156. Revealing the inside tips he received about his oppnent from his former teammates at the Blackzilians training camp. He also addressed “the beef” between himself and Bigfoot, why he’s kept soo quiet during his long layoff and his recent participation on a few Japanese game shows. Check it out.

  • Even if Overeem wins and becomes UFC champion, we all know that he'll just be the Barry Bonds of MMA… "They told me that the stuff they were giving me was B-12."

    He's just pissed that Bigfoot called him a lab rat, ha ha. I can't wait to see how many drug tests he fails in the next few years, lol.

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  • @Bryan… Did I hear Overeem correctly say he put a curtain up in training so others could not view him?

    Next he will be training at the pentagon.

    • You did hear correctly! And yes that's a little extreme I was surprised with that too.

    • its a smart way to keep your training private, nothing wrong with that.

      but the part i think it was wrong, and arrogant, is when his asked if the rest of the team is ok with it. His answer is something like "they HAVE TO BE" in a weird f- them kinda way.

      for that reason i dont see him being with the Blackzillians for long, because those words just say to me, theres NO TEAM.either they ok or fuck off i'll train some where else…

      when Rashad got asked the same question about the curtains, Rashad said it was true and it was ok everyone understood…unlike Reem, its was an unselfish answer…that tells you alot about Reem and alot about Rashad.

      • I keep telling everyone hes a frickin jerk. I was watching MMA back when 3/4 of the LHWs were kicking his ass regularly, then he got big and went to K-1 to throw guys around. Then everyone said hes the BEST striker in the world…then get popped entering the UFC 1st fight…whatever. Hes a deekhead.

      • True but at the same time Overeem is a world class athlete in the top 3 of his division in a new gym that can use all the help it can get.

        He's completely right in stating that the other fighters don't really have a choice. If Overeem doesn't want other people to see what he's doing he has that right, especially if they're friends with Bigfoot.

        • If they are friends with Bigfot then they are bad friends considering they are feeding Reem info. It's allso dramatic and perfect because thats all Reem has ever seemed to find in this sport.

          • read between the lines it wasn't Bog Foot friends that fed Reem info it was Reem's friends that did thats why i weak ur comment

    • Don't exaggerate- his new training facility will be at the maximum security wing of Area 51! Not even extra terrestrials can go to that secluded hanger without the express permission of both the Senate *and* House of Representatives. Get it right!

  • Cocky SOB….hope he gets Fedored this Saturday……

  • Bring on the freakshow!

  • I *already* miss the days where guys like Randy (in his mid-40's!) would take on a monster like a 25 year old Gabriel Gonzaga and destroy him without juicing to the max! The message we are sending to our youth is clear: Do whatever you have to do to win and then you can tell people that you're a legend in your own mind.

    As an aside, I met Randy at the LA Sub X a few years ago (he was sitting next to me) and I couldn't believe what a friendly, humble and genuine guy he was. Nothing like this individual- not one bit.

    • well I've heard a lot of stories of Randy not being the nicest guy and then Dana just caME OUT SAYING HE'S A JERK AS WELL

      • Yeah, if uncle Dana says so it's gotta be true, LMAO.

      • @Keith….there is a documentary out on youtube of randy 44 minutes long in which the narrators talk about the UFC efforts to throw him under the bus giving him monstor opponents like tim Silvia etc. They never wanted Randy to be the champ because of the feuds he was having with the UFC. Dana was critical of how randy is with his family, He has been married and divorsed three times etc and didn't see much of his kids growing up…But Who is Dana to judge. Randy didn't have his dad around when he was young so he has never had the happiest upbringing. I like the natural despite what Dana says.

    • I met him in Seattle a few years back on a burger joint called zestos, he came inside and I recognize him, I got up say hi and we talked for a while everyone got an autograph but not a pic because he was still in court, he seemed genuine and a kind person, I think Dana is just bitching because Randy got a job with Bellator, Dana has probe time and time again that he is a sore cunt, not even his mother likes him…

  • In order to maintain team unity, I hope everyone had a say in choosing the curtain.

    Curtains are often a great way for a team to pull themselves together… and it's important not to be dragged apart… so I can see deep symbolic thinking at play here.

    I here that the friends of big foot put soft pink toilet paper in Alistairs toilet cubicle to make him weaker as a man…

  • Coky Overjuiced! would love to see this man fight Shane Carwin,too bad Shane is injured again,who knows if he'll fight again…I bet that Big Boy Roy will give Overeem one heck of a challenge,heck he might even beat his cocky arse,only one to gone the distance with Junior,make it happen Joe Silva!

    • Thats the fight I stated should have been his 1st fight BigCountry. I think if BigCountry landed one good shot ,OverRoid would crumble.

    • dude, roy will ko overeem…mark my words.

  • all you fan boy's that are criticizing alistair !!, don't forget bigfoot silva had trouble with steroids too , and defend himself with the kind of excuses all fighters do!!(despite i like bigfoot), 99 % of the fighters take ped's , but they know when to quit it, so to clear it when they are taken blood samples, there is a circus around fights that you are unable to see. thats the pure unhappy truth. my bjj mestre Carlos Villamor knows many mma top fighters, and told us the pure truth. the thing is alistair abused of ped's ha ha , but for now on , i think he will take them in a clever way like other fighters do. the only one heavy weight I'm almost sure, hasn't taken any steroid in his life is Fedor Emelianenko

    • Guys who say "fanboys" wear pink shoes and paint their nails 8P

    • Did you know that Silva's condition actually decreases the levels of testosterone to the point they are impotent, Silva not only has a legit reason to have trt but he needs it badly dumb ass…

  • Someone is going to get suspended for a year again. Love the music…I his mind he's the champion. Roid head REEM..SO FUCKING FAKE!!

  • LMAO- what a LOSER, without his magic protein powder he's totally exposed as an awesome KO crash test dummy, ha ha. Bigfoot uses the most dangerous supplement ever- molasses! ha ha. He got KTFO because he was gassed from running his big ass mouth! THANK YOU GOD… I'm glad he didn't pull a Lance Armstrong and rob the honest UFC fighters of victories before being exposed…. Thank you, Bigfoot! You are my hero!

  • go ahead and weak me NOW. I KNEW overeem wouldn't get past big foot. he is WAY obverrated!!!

    • we are the few who had it right lol

  • "Alison Ovaries got knocked the fuck out! No Juice = No Reem, Fuck all you dicks that want to believe in some bigger than life figure, you're all dick riding losers. Cain Destroyed bigfoot and he destroyed JDS, Long Live The CAIN!"

    • ol, it made my whole weekend 8P 8))

  • they gave him bad tips

  • travis browne aint part of blackzillians is he?

  • That was a sick KO, props to Bigfoot.

    Let's see Overeem vs JDS, it's Junior's turn to get some closure.

    • gm1

      It was always suspect that reem did not have a chin……HE DOESN'T….

      JDS will nock him out easier…..

      • gm1

        After JDS knocks Reem out…then they can feed him to Cormier, so he can get knock out again….

        3losses in a row and your CUT. from the company….