Alistair Overeem Says He’s Ready To Fight Francis Ngannou


The hype behind heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou has made him the man to watch at 265 pounds.

While his UFC 215 opponent Junior Dos Santos was pulled from the card due to a USADA violation, Alistair Overeem has offered his services for a late-fall to early-winter showdown with the French wrecking machine.

While his UFC 215 opponent Junior Dos Santos was pulled from this weekend’s (Sept. 9, 2017) card due to a USADA violation, Alastair Overeem has offered his services for a December showdown with the French wrecking machine.

Overeem discussed a possible fight with Ngannou and laid out a timeline for when fans could see the two juggernauts locked in the cage together rather soon (via MMAWeekly):

“Francis is a very strong guy and he’s doing really good. If the UFC calls me and say let’s do this, then I’ll certainly say yes. I think he’s bigger than me. He’s a challenge and I just see it as a motivation; somebody trying to take something away from me.

“I’m thinking November, December. I just became a dad again for the third time, so first things first, last month was family time, ever since my fight with Werdum. But yeah, I’m open. If the UFC call me and say lets do this, then I’ll certainly say yes.”

Overeem bounced back from a failed title bid against Stipe Miocic at UFC 203 but has since rebounded with wins over Mark Hunt and Fabricio Werdum.

Meanwhile, Ngannou hasn’t fought since a first-round KO over Andrei Arlovski in January, handing him a long layoff when the JDS match fell apart after Dos Santos was notified of a doping violation last month. The UFC tried to find a replacement to keep Ngannou on the card, but eventually pulled him from UFC 215 entirely.

Would you be interested in an Overeem vs. Ngannou matchup? Who do you see winning between the two?

  • Draven

    This should be a fun fight.

    • kevin

      should last a whopping 2 minutes before Reem is Ko’d

      • Draven

        just like he got KOed against hunt …

        oh wait ????

      • steven

        …you are probably right…but maybe not. Check out my other post.

  • Wabbit

    Overeem tends to wilt against the cage, when under heavy fire, and usually drops; occasionally, he escapes and gets a comeback victory, THAT will not be happening against Ngannou.

  • steven

    I have been seeing some things over on MMA Junkie that I find interesting. For whatever reason, I cannot even create an account over there. So for context, I just want to establish that many give the Reem the obvious edge in experience as well as in the technical ground game– at least a couple of commentators suggesting that the ground is Alistair’s clearest path to victory. Well, given the fact that I am an established moron and newbie to the posting game, everybody feel free to feast on this:
    For some reason, as they age, many fighters with high-level ground games/submission pedigrees stop utilizing it. When Frank Shamrock, (roots in Pancrase/vicious leglocks/submission wrestling), was finishing up his career in STRIKEFORCE, and in particular in the buildup to his fight with Cung Le, there were several articles/interviews where Frank talked about amping up his striking game over the years through study of distance and of course practice, because striking is simply a more efficient way of finishing fights. (the avowed goal of MMA versus other disciplines– even boxing where you look to outpoint your opponent first and take the finish if the opportunity presents itself) At the time Frank was getting a lot of love for the evolution, history, and well-roundedness of his game– hailed as an early prototype of the complete mixed martial artist. Ultimately in the Le fight, although there were sequences where Frank was picked apart on the feet, he hung in there with an elite striker, and eventually hurt Cung badly and might have finished him had his arm not been broken earlier in the fight while defending a Le head kick.
    Examine the Diaz brothers. I know Nick has not fought in a while. And Nate did choke Conor in the first fight– but despite a Cesar Gracie pedigree, they don’t really submit people anymore. Think back to Nick’s STRIKEFORCE run to the title and his subsequent title defenses and his less than stellar record in the UFC.
    So while I agree with everybody who gives the Reem the edge in experience and in the technical ground game, do not expect to see it. And as a result of that tactical error, I also agree with everybody who is predicting a violent KO finish for Ngannou.
    I will add this though, as I have said before, the talk about Alistair’s chin is a bit misplaced…just a bit. These are heavyweights. The shots he has been finished with would have finished ANYBODY. He is 7-4 in his last eleven. All four losses by KO/TKO but fatigue led to the KOs as much as anything in both the Bigfoot and Travis Brown fights. This goes all the way back to his days at light-heavyweight when massive weight-cutting was an issue for him and led to the aforementioned fatigue. When his output decreases, when his movement slows down, his power diminishes and he gets caught with heavy shots. That said, he survived a pretty good pummeling from Werdum in round three of their most recent fight. It is accurate to say Werdum is not a KO artist, but the Reem was able to survive shots being rained down on him which I believe speaks to his improved conditioning. Ngannou by vicious KO but if he does not sustain pressure, it may not be as quickly as everybody thinks.