Official UFC rankings updated after UFC 158


The official UFC rankings were update and released following UFC 158. The rankings are updated approximately 36 hours after every event to maintain accuracy and relevance.

Quite a few changes were made this time around, with the Welterweight division being more action than any other obviously.

Plus or minus equals the fighters movement either up or down since the last rankings and NR means that the fighter was not ranked since the last time.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

1 Anderson Silva
2 Jon Jones
3 Georges St. Pierre
4 Jose Aldo
5 Benson Henderson
6 Cain Velasquez
7 Demetrious Johnson
8 Renan Barao
9 Dominick Cruz
10 Frankie Edgar

: Demetrious Johnson
1 Joseph Benavidez
2 John Dodson
3 Ian McCall
4 John Moraga
5 Jussier Da Silva
6 Louis Gaudinot
7 Chris Cariaso
8 Darren Uyenoyama
9 John Lineker
10 Timothy Elliott

: Dominick Cruz
1 Renan Barao (Interim Champion)
2 Urijah Faber
3 Michael McDonald
4 Eddie Wineland
5 Brad Pickett
6 Rafael Assuncao
7 Scott Jorgensen
8. Brian Bowles
9 Mike Easton
10 Ivan Menjivar

: Jose Aldo
1 Chad Mendes
2 Ricardo Lamas
3 Frankie Edgar
4. Chan Sung Jung
5 Cub Swanson
6 Dennis Siver
7 Dustin Poirier
8 Clay Guida
9 Nik Lentz
10: Erik Koch

: Benson Henderson
1 Gilbert Melendez
2 Anthony Pettis
3 Gray Maynard
4 Nate Diaz
5 Jim Miller
6 Donald Cerrone
7 TJ Grant
8 Rafael Dos Anjos
9 Habib Nurmagomedov +1
10 Joe Lauzon -1

: Georges St-Pierre
1 Johny Hendricks
2 Carlos Condit
3 Rory MacDonald +1
4. Jake Ellenberger +2
5 Demian Maia
6 Nick Diaz -3
7 Martin Kampmann
8 Tarec Saffiedine
9 Robbie Lawler
10 Josh Koscheck

: Anderson Silva
1 Chris Weidman
2 Vitor Belfort
3 Yushin Okami
4 Michael Bisping
5. Constantinos Philippou +1
6 Luke Rockhold -1
7 Mark Munoz
8 Chael Sonnen +1
9 Ronaldo Souza -1
10 Alan Belcher NR

Light Heavyweight
: Jon Jones
1 Lyoto Machida
2 Alexander Gustafsson
3 Dan Henderson
4 Glover Teixeira
5 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
6 Mauricio Rua
7 Rashad Evans
8 Phil Davis
9 Ryan Bader
10 Gegard Mousasi

: Cain Velasquez
1 Junior dos Santos
2 Fabricio Werdum
3 Daniel Cormier
4 Antonio Silva
5 Frank Mir
6 Alistair Overeem
7 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
8 Roy Nelson
9 Mark Hunt
10 Stefan Struve

Women’s Bantamweight
Champion: Ronda Rousey
1 Miesha Tate
2 Sarah Kaufman +1
3 Liz Carmouche -1
4 Cat Zingano +1
5 Alexis Davis -1
6 Sara McMann
7 Amanda Nunes +1
8 Julie Kedzie -1
9 Germaine De Randamie
10 Shiela Gaff NR

The only personal issues I have with these new rankings are GSP’s position on the p4p list.

I feel he should be ranked above Jon Jones based on length of time active, amount of title defenses, current winning streak and his recent record for the most UFC wins in history, in which he just tied with former Welterweight legend Matt Hughes.

I also disagree with Chael Sonnen being ranked at #8 in Middleweight, due to the fact that he is one of the best Middleweight fighters in the world and should be ranked in the top 5 minimum. Also in Middleweight I believe Constantinos Philippou is ranked too high.

But that’s all I got, let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Benson Henderson lol
    …also flyweights from 4-10 who?

    • What about Benson Henderson?

      And those are pretty much the rest of the flyweights that exist, so by default they make the top 10.

      • maybe because henderson hasn't accomplished much being at no.5 p4p – almost being in the same class as the fab 4 AS,Jones,GSP, and Aldo.
        Given, benson defeated FE twice, to which most of would say the 2nd W was a controversial one, and has yet to avenge his loss to pettis. IMO I would rather put Cain ahead of benson.

        And how about FE being number 10 p4p? doesn't seem right to me as well. But then again, who else can we consider?

        • Oh that I agree with completely Benson Henderson has no right being in the top 5 p4p. On my list he barely makes the top 10.

        • Problem is there's nobody else to put there at the moment. Cruz has been out of action for too long. Johnson has done well at Flyweight, but lost to Cruz and got the draw against McCall not too long ago. Henderson is rightfully in that #5 spot.

  • @ Bryan…Jones may have less title defenses, and less time fighting, but he is far more a dynamic fighter than GSP, utilizing a more broad skill set, and actually doing damage and finishing, with more moves, than GSP ever has. That , is P4P…since you can not pit the two against each other fairly, you see what they do and how they do it, and Jones has demonstrated the ability to wield a greater arsenal , more properly and effectively executed, and done it consecutively. GSP has 6 consecutive decisions , mostly based on wrestling control, 1 on a jab.

    • You're a little biased. Georges didn't win 5 decisions with just wrestling. He's won every single one of his fights by being the more dynamic fighter of the two and having the better strategy.

      Every fighter he defeated he's beaten in pretty much every area. While I'll completely agree that Jones is a more dominant champion in a weight class that has seen the belt play hot potato for a few years, especially in terms of finishes.

      I still feel that Georges should be given the #2 spot for how much more he's accomplished.

      Bones has 11 wins in the UFC total, GSP ties the record with 18, Bones is on an 8 fight win streak, GSP is on 11, Bones has won 5 title matches, GSP has won 11.

      To me they are not comparable. Jon is awesome, but he hasn't quite earned that spot yet in my opinion. He needs to finish 2-3 more guys and I'll give it to him hands down.

      • I have to disagree… I can't remember the last fight in which GSP didn't bore me or actually looked impressive with anything other than ******* his opponent… if u call better wrestling "more dynamic" i guess you're right… but my definition of "dynamic" is a little different. Bones is a prime example of a "dynamic" figher to me but it's a matter of oppinion i guess 😉

        • Not sure whether you're disagreeing that GSP should be 2nd or that he's not dynamic.

          But regardless you can't disagree with statistics and records and GSP has Jones beat in those hands down.

          • I suppose I am saying P4P should be based on a fighters skill set and effective implementation, because to compare wins to losses of those two would not be fair right now, since GSP has more time in service. Right now, Jones is a better fighter, can do everything GSP does and more. That is how I see it. But of course, that is an opinion.

          • Except he showed he's not a dynamic of a wrestler against Rashad, then showed he's vulnerable on defense when he got his elbow popped by Belfort.

            You guys always talk about recent performance when these things come up. Jon's last two fights were an incredibly boring decision against Rashad, and an ugly fight against a blown up MW who he subbed after he gassed (which he has in most every big fight of his career).

            Something isn't adding up.

        • So you didn't watch the Condit fight thexperience1? Because that fight was far more entertaining than Jones' fight against Belfort.

  • Chael Sonnen is ranked??

  • UFC should also make a list for best gatekeepers. I got frank mir easily on the top 10

  • Like their welterweight rankings a lot more then the Lowkick once, Rory that high might be questionable but at least they have Tarec Saffiedine on the list. My guess is that you just didn't want to have to spell his last name.

    • lol it IS annoying not gonna lie.

    • Tarec should be a little higher up that list…

    • Tarec has one top tier win, and that was over a guy who just got stopped by Ellenberger (and is now 1-2 at WW).

  • I agree with yo about the GSP thing, he has been about for so much longer basically.

  • I'm in complete agreement with Bryan, and will add in that Aldo should be ahead of Jones also. Both have streaks against top tier competition lasting longer than Jon.

    • Oh, and Rory is ahead of Maia and Ellenberger. That alone should make your head spin.

      • I agree completely with both comments. Aldo and Rory!