Volkan Oezdemir Responds To DC’s Callout For Title Shot


Just three fights into his UFC career, Volkan Oezdemir is now on deck for a title shot.

After blasting through Jimi Manuwa and Misha Cirkunov in under a minute, Oezdemir has caught the attention of newly reinstated light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who took to Twitter the other day to offer Oezdemir a title shot.

The Swiss fighter was quick to respond in a message sent to Bloody Elbow, and didn’t waste any time in accepting the opportunity:

“Since my debut into the UFC my goal was to climb the ranks in no time,” Oezdemir wrote. “I feel blessed to be called out by the champion while the number one contender didn’t respond to me.”

Cormier is once again the top dog at 205 pounds after his knockout loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214 was overturned to a no-contest following Jones’ positive test for Turinabol.

Cormier had fielded answers from MMA fans on who he should fight next, and Oezdemir won, thereby gaining the champ’s attention.

No date or location has been named for a Cormier vs Oezdemir showdown; however, it seems the champion’s mind has been made up as to whom he will fight next, and Oezdemir appears to be up for the challenge.

Do you agree with Oezdemir getting the next title shot over Alexander Gustafsson? Who wins in a battle between DC and Oezdemir?

  • steven

    I have a ton of respect for Mr. Cormier– although that respect took a hit following his dumbass remarks about being “proud” of what Conor did in his boxing match against Floyd. I do sense a bit of a “duck” here though, as Gus is more clearly the #1 contender. DC’s approach is understandable though, since he already defeated Gus– and cleverly, he let the fans call this shot. I will add this though. Daniel does not seem right since the devastating finish he suffered at the hands of Juiceboy Jones. Somewhat predictably for someone who was likely concussed, he admitted to “missing time” for a considerable period thereafter. While his spirits have returned and the smile is back, I have since seen him in his studio analysts/interviewer role, and he has struggled to find the right word at times– and his conversation while jovial and lively has not been as fluid. Other fighters both retired and active– the likes of Florian and Bisping have speculated he might never be the same again. Rumble shook him down to his jockstrap twice– once with a vicious headkick and again with a decapitating overhand punch. We know what Juiceboy did to him…we also saw what Gus did to Glover…and it is not a case of MMA math either. Glover is a durable and tough SOB, who was injured by Juiceboy early in their fight and while taking a beating, survived to see a lopsided decision. So although he is taking some time off, I believe DC wants to get back as soon as is reasonably possible. So Gus will have to wait. It would be a damn shame if Volkan got’em though– just because he had the good fortune of catching him on the heels of the Juiceboy destruction. It is asking a lot of an old DC to clean out a division of fresh young contenders at this stage of his career when that was supposed to be Juiceboy’s job…damn…talk about sabotaging legacies and compromising the credibility of an entire division. And the saddest part is, all you LOWKICK hipsters who hate DC anyway will simply say he was never shit in the first place should he lose to Volkan– paper champion, yada, yada, yada. Damn, combat sports are unforgiving.

    • E Crash

      LMFAO! So true man, they aren’t even hipsters, they’re just flat out stupid or flat earthers. Cormier is a LEGIT champ, period. Glad Jones is gone. Shame on this guy for ruining himself, I actually looked forward to seeing his fights. That guy will be homeless in 2 years. I feel for his 7 kids by 6 different baby mommas. Hope they’re not as dumb as he is.

      • steven

        E Crash: …laugh your ass off??!! I am on the floor over here. Fucking hilarious!! You are a master!! My post may ring true but yours hits harder and truer with not even one tenth of the words!! God Bless you. You are the king ????!!