OAC Suspends Carina Damm Over False Urine Sample


The Ohio Athletic Commission has fined and suspended Strikeforce veteran Carina Damm for providing a false urine sample following her unanimous decision loss to Jessica Eye. The two met on June 1st, at ‘Fight on The Flats’, the infraction will mark the second time that Damm has been in hot water with an athletic commission. She was the first female fighter to be caught using steroids.

In 2008 Damm was collared for steroids by the CSAC, and unless she accidentally gave the OAC her apple juice carton-I’m assuming the worst has occurred once again. Here is the story according to OAC executive Bernie Profato, via MMARising:

“For the chain of command here, we only have one woman inspector, We really need to get women to go in there [to monitor the urine test], so we had someone who was not an employee of the state but was an unbiased person who had worked for another promotional company. Her statement to me for the chain of custody was that they went in there and she heard [Damm urinating] into the toilet, which didn’t make any sense, but Damm took the [filled] cup and put it on the counter.”

“That person then got the cup, and our doctor was waiting right outside the door and she handed it to the doctor,” Profato added. “He sealed it, labelled it and took it over to me. I took it to the lab and released it to them. It was sent to the laboratory for testing. There has to be certain elements in [the sample] in order for it to be considered urine and those elements were not in it. So what we suspended her for is for failing to provide a urine or blood sample. Even the doctor, when he first handed the sample to me, he said, ‘I’m not a lab person, but two things here. One, this is kind of clear, and two, it’s cold!’”

The fine is pretty minimal, $550 including lab costs, but a point to consider is that Damm has fought in Brazil since the test. Will the Brazilian athletic commission look to overturn her TKO win against Jessica Suelen, earlier this month? Profato continued:

“The suspension that we’ve given her initially is for six months,” Profato explains. “We sent her a certified letter and she can appeal. We tentatively have a hearing set up for her on August 13th at 10:00 A.M. She can call or contact us if she would like to have the hearing…. The state then has three options. They can reduce or dismiss the suspension, or they can extend it. We issue a fine and if [a fighter] flunks a drug test – and this is considered flunking – they have to pay for the lab test and they pay that directly to the lab. We don’t get a penny of the fine money here. It goes to a general fund that the politicians use.”

Yet another case of pro MMA shenanigans, when will it end?



  • Well at least hers came back as human..unlike Thiago Silva's.

  • Damm thats nasty !

    • They said the sample was cold…..Im a guy and I could at least come up with a test tube slipped in the kitty to keep it warm……..
      yea your right Enjoy123….thats nasty 8P

  • Is it really that easy to cheat? You walk into stall and place a cup on the shelf, presumably your own urine? Besides the fact this woman is clearly not the brightest tool in the shed, these tests sound remarkably easy to cheat on. Am I missing something here? Someone help me here I'm about to lose all faith in testing..

  • yes you did miss something…. she got caught twice.

    So where did you see the easy part?

  • I think you're missing my point. I'm not saying the lab testing itself is flawed, I'm saying it's easy to swap in a fake sample. She just got caught because she gave them a shi*ty excuse for fake urine, quote:

    "There has to be certain elements in [the sample] in order for it to be considered urine and those elements were not in it."

    Nobody had realized she had swapped it until they tested it as fake. Had she given them an easily obtainable quality urine sample she would have gotten away with it.

    Look. Imagine you are serious about cheating (think Lance Armstrong) and it's as simple as swapping some warmed up replacement urine from your pocket. How easy is that..

    • You need to READ the article. They caught on, from the very beginning.

      Peeing into the bowl… then the guys in the lab said, "it's cold."

      And walk in with a test tube of pee? No, it's like university exam washroom breaks. They might not stare at your ***** peeing into the bowl, but they will watch you from behind in front of the urinal until your done.

      People here just read headlines right?

      I might not proof read my replies, but at least i take time to read the actual article first. COME ON!!! You did miss something… THE WHOLE DAMN ARTICLE! WOW!

      • It seems like you are actually reading the article, but not putting much effort in understanding it. I've read the article several times. "It's cold" is AGAIN her stupidity, not a procedural thing. Also, when you fill a cup with pee, SOME OF THE PEE has to be emptied in the toilet that's perfectly normal.

        As long as they are not directly watching you, or testing your DNA to make sure the pee is yours, cheating is EASY.

        Use your brain.

  • Am I the only one who is looking at the picture thinking she makes fists like a girl? lol

    • Guess she hasn't taken enough roids to grow a ***** yet.