Nick Diaz Will Come Back For Big Fights, Michael Bisping Starts The Trash Talk


Nick Diaz is possibly the most storied fighter in the history of MMA, both for his in and out of ring/cage antics. At times he can seem like a distressed teenager, vying for the attention of his peers. During his best moments, he was considered one of the best Welterweight fighters on the planet.

Since losing to Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit in quick succession, it appears that Diaz has lost his lust for MMA combat, although his recent love child WAR MMA shows that the Stockton bad boy is still in the game. Diaz spoke with Fighters Only to explain his stance: 

“It’s kind of hard to retire from MMA, there’s always something to do. I am always going to be around it, like my brother is in training camp right now because he has a fight coming up so I am training with him. I don’t mind taking fights if it’s a big fight that people are going to make a big deal out of. If not, then it’s not really worth it to me. I’m not trying to do too much right now. I don’t know if I like the way the sport is turning into something different from when I got started. And I think it’s a good time for me to take it slow as well.”

With Diaz’ style, and the levels he has reached in MMA, there is always a chance for him to make a comeback. The question is when? At the moment there could be big fights on the horizon for Diaz, but eventually people may start to lose interest. His last win was a 2011 decision over BJ Penn, and at age 30 Diaz really needs to make a choice.

One such choice may come in the form of a fight against fellow loud mouth fighter Michael Bisping:

“I think its a terrible fight for him, good fight for me. But everyone’s got an opinion. He’s not bad, he’s obviously got some power because he knocked out Paul Daley and he’s a tough kid. So he’s no slouch, he is good on the ground. Not a particularly strong wrestler but he is a dangerous opponent for a lot of people. 

“I have never backed away from a fight in my life so if Diaz wants to fight me I am certainly not going to back down from some petulant child of an MMA fighter. If he wants to fight me and get taught a lesson then I will quite happily oblige him.”

For some reason I really like the idea of that fight.

  • Bisping is a big fight? And already with the insults Mike, really?

  • Come back for big fights? Why don't you just go box Kimbo Slice while your at it..

  • "some petulant child of an MMA fighter"

    Oh Pissbing…if that isn't the pot calling the kettle

  • I would actually bet on Bisping on that one… even though Diaz could take it too, that would be a hell of a fight for sure though…. Can you imagine the trash talk between those two ?? The press conference, the weigh ins, the stare down, houuuuuuuu (Joe Rogan voice )

  • Stick Sonnen and Walderlei on the same card and the UFC marketing team could all have a month off!

  • The weigh-in alone would be awesome!

  • Of course Bisping is being a typical deek. He knows he would have the weight advantage for sure. No way Diaz walks around at 200lbs and can cut to 185. It wont happen, plus Bisping isnt a big fight anyways. Remember Dennis Miller ***** and cant beat Diaz, and Diaz still didnt like the weight difference. He told Miller to come to 170

    • dennis miller? you mean *jason miller

      • lmao, you are correct sir. Jason has been out of the news so long I forgot his name. Typing Dennis didnt feel right for some reason haha

        • oh, thats why it was funny rhyming dennis with mayhem.

    • Diaz had actually suggested not too long ago that he might move to Middleweight. I only remember because they were talking about offering him a MW fight against Machida, and I thought, "Man, if Condit pissed him off…"

      Diaz vs. Bisping could actually be a really fun matchup. Diaz likes to move forward, stalk, and throws in volume. Fights with him are only really bad if someone refuses to engage in the standup. Bisping likes to stay in the pocket or backpedal and counterstrike, also throws in volume, and his fights are only really bad if his opponents are defensively sound enough to not get finished, but not good enough to knock him out themselves. Either way, I think these two guys would beat the crap out of each other, and I could see either of them winning.

  • I like that fight.