Nick Diaz shows up to UFC 158 press conference; admits he was unprofessional


Today the UFC 158 press conference took place from Montreal, Quebec and Nick Diaz decided to actually show up this time.

Dana White is on hand, stating that he feels great after last week’s surgery. Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Diaz both address a wide array of issues heading into the March main event. GSP acknowledges there is a history between the two fighters, but that he also believes Diaz to be the best fighter for him to face right now.

Diaz states he would rather not deal with the media aspect of the sport but will. He has appreciated his time to heal up, never having had an extended period of time off. Diaz also addressed his “retirement” after his controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit last year, saying he did not expect to get a title fight so soon.

Nick Diaz appears more professional today, seemingly putting the beef with GSP behind him in order to take the fight seriously. He even said he can’t complain about his pay. Is this a new, calmer version of Nick Diaz?

Video of the UFC 158 press conference is below, Dana White kicks it off around the 19:44 mark:

  • so many fans have desperately wanted this fight. but we will fight out diaz has no tdd and cannot submit gsp.

    expect gsp via one sided decision

    • Can't see the fight going any other way either

    • Stop the LowKick Presses..


      One More Round posts a quasi, somewhat positive statement about GSP. And to the best of anyone's knowledge, no intervention or coercion, was used.

      • @mma truth

        i did it all by myself lol
        but seriously gsp "neutralizes" everyone in the welter weight division…

        • @onemoreGSPlover

          I think the word you are looking for is "Dominates"

          • dominates, i when a fighter "chooses" to end the fight.

            remember when muhammad ali or jack johnson would call out the round in which they would knock out their opponent…

          • Georges The safest-Pierre should never be compared to the great Muhammad Ali, Onemoreround. Guys like Anderson Silva, Ali, Michael Jordan don't come around that often.

          • Remember when an over confident Ali got his jaw broken by Ken Norton?

          • EH, Yeah, anybody can have a bad day, right? Let's not forget that he beat Ken Norton 6 months later.

          • Careful, you're showing your age 8))

          • Ok? But by your standards "his greatness" made him incomparable to a guy with roughly the same stoppage percentage?

          • We're still talking about the great Muhammad Ali and Georges S P, right? Unlike Boxing, there are many WAYS to finish your opponents off in MMA.

          • And unlike the HW division, stoppages come at a premium in lower weight classes.

          • Firstly, Ali was a small HW boxer, in my opinion, yet he still managed to finish most of his opponents. Secondly, most of his decision wins were after he was way past his prime. Lastly, the G.O.A.T was really fun to watch. I'm sure, Sugar Ray Leonard, Silva, Money May, Roy Jones Jr, and many more would all say the same thing.

            Yes, I didn't get to watch him live, but wow.

          • Love Ali, but a small HW boxer he was not.

            Muhammad Ali was a big HW for his era, and would be average sized for a HW today. His prime years (4 of which were missed because of his refusal to be drafted), he fought anywhere from 212-225 while he was 26-30. He was heavier than 70% of the fighters he fought in that time frame, and had height and reach on almost every person he fought in his career.

          • Most of his decisions came when he was a bit older yes, but they also take place at times when he was at his best.

            I'm sure a lot would say he is exciting to watch. I'm also sure of people saying the same thing about GSP.

          • Ali was pretty tall, but I don't think he was that big. I'm sorry to say this to you, EH, but I highly doubt anyone would mistake GSP for an exciting fighter. Yes, Georges "Rush" St Pierre was an exciting fighter, but I'm not sure I can say the same about GSP.

          • Then you would have selective memory. Plenty of his fights that have gone to decision have been exciting including the Condit fight, The Fitch fight, and the Alves fight (while also having some exciting decisions earlier in his career).

          • The GOAT was Sugar Ray Robinson not Ali

          • David: I've tried to explain that on here at length. It doesn't take.

            Ali was just so transcendent outside of boxing that the casual fan usually associates him as the best boxer of all-time.

          • @ UDG

            Unfortunately, for Silva in that comparison, however, is that guys like Jordan and Ali competed against the best their respective sports had to offer.

            I think it would be hard to compare the likes of Leben, Lutter, Marquardt, Franklin, Irvin, Cote, Leites, Maia, Griffin or Bonnar…a huge chunk of Anderson record and say it was particularly challenging. Most times The Man has gotten into the ring, he's do so against far less skilled opponents and sometimes even against opponents that were on the verge or quitting, retiring, being cut or only had one leg to stand on.

            Comparing that to what Jordan and Ali faced is a little much. A better comparison would be the challenges that GSP has faced and beaten back, in his division.

            To be honest, if you just look at Anderson's stats, they look great. However, if you pick it apart and look at the quality of opponent and the level of challenge, it's not that great. On a fighter for fighter, the challenge faced comparison, GSP wins it walking away.

            George Safe Pierre? Don't 'know.

            Anderson "my record reads better than it actually is and I've lived large as a hero in the most talent challenged division in The UFC" Silva. Sounds about right.

          • @onemoreround
            You call "Domination" who ends fight really?
            How about fight Todd Duffee vs Mike Russow
            and how about Yushin Okami vs Tim Boetch
            wait what about Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva
            You still think this is the right word for finishes? Because there was no dominance of these fights winners.

      • @mmatruth so its only ok for gsp to pick his fights not silva? Henricks beat josh k. I thought josh k. Won so I beat josh blah blah… well Carlos beat nick…..

        • Also off topic who even says vitor wants the silva fight again??

          • @ Silva-defends-his-belt-once-a-year

            That's an excellent question, you raise.

            I don't know…why don't we ask Vitor if he'd like to fight Anderson for the belt, again? I'll bet he says yes.

        • @ Silva-defends-his-belt-once-a-year

          It's OK for GSP to have picked Nick, yes. And if Hendricks wanted his fight, all he had to do was sit down for 4 months and had / gotten his fight in July. Why he's choosing to fight and risk his shot, I have no idea. However, my guess will be, that regardless of a win or a loss, GSP will ask for Hendricks next, So, I really don't see what your argument is, here. Also, GSP has no track record of picking fights and none of ducking any fights or fighters. If you have proof of such, would you please demonstrate it.

          Carlos beat Nick….and your point here is? Carlos did beat Nick. He then fought CC and beat him. Now he's asked for a fight against a guy who he was scheduled to fight and with whom he has bad blood. He's also a former StrikeForce Champion. Again, I don't see the problem here with GSP on any level and again, Hendricks will get his shot and no one told him to take the bout with Elenberger, which IMO, was stupid. He should have done what CC did and sit and wait.

          Silva – Silva is humming and hawing his way through his career. He could have fought Weidman before his injury, but CW wasn't famous enough. He could fight Belfort now, but Vitor doesn't interest him. Although, he would have been more than happy to fight Bisping. It makes no sense.

          Quack Quack goes the 185 Champ on the Belfort issue. It's like I said, maybe we could coax The Champ back with an offer to fight Nick Ring or Tim Credeur. Might be the tough match The Champ could get up for. Or maybe Pat Cote's knees good enough for another re-match. Yes, I suppose there are other options out there for The Champ right now, other than a guy on a 3 fight divisional win streak and a recent KO victory over the #1 Champ.

          Quack Quack.

    • i think the anticipation its mostly to see how GSP fights against Diaz than how Diaz fights against GSP… that being said im sure GSP we try to ground and pound and end up winning.

    • why the F@#$ck doesn't nick just work like hell on his TDD, I just dont understand.

      • Name one fighter who has ever stopped GSP's takedowns.

        • Koscheck stopped quite a few and actually took GSP down.

          • Will agree with you on the second fight..first fight GSP took him down at will.
            Second fight though..Kos definitely neutralized the takedowns

  • Nick maybe rougher than the back texture of a Stockton meth skanke, but he dont have much defense. My money is on G SAFE P, but i hope its not a one sided fight.

    • "g safe p"

      is georges rap name

      • wow, hilarious.

      • He's G Safety P in da place2 be, he Humped & Spooned his way through the UFC.
        No Action Jackson is the Leader of his boring Ass Camp, but it dont really matter cuz he's the WELTERWEIGHT…damn its 1:57pm i gotta get to work!!

        • lmfao!!! this made my day HATEOCRACY.

          "spooned my way through the ufc" and "No action Jackson"

          sounds like a hit!

        • Now that is pretty funny.

    • Weaked for flaming on the champ

  • I wonder if since Nick isnt a one punch KO guy GSP might actually stand and strike with him?
    I hope so cause theres waaaay too much dull ground and hold/pound

    • he stood with Thiago Alves quite a lot and he has loads of power but I am interested to see if he afraid of his striking or not

      • I guess I meant more worried than afraid

        • He WILL NOT stand with Nick. If he does, he'll run like Carlos no balls Condit. We all know what happens to guys who stand and trade with him.

          • There's nobody in the world 170 or below that should/could stand toe to toe with Nick Diaz. His Chin/boxing is just too good.

            Hell, above that there's few who could do it.

          • We was expecting same thing at Ben vs Nate that Ben can't stand with Nate, but he destroyed him there. Not saying that you wrong, I like Nick more than GSP. But GSP is very good striker, he even won a lot exchanges against Carlos. Its just very hard to underrate GSP.

          • Yea they KO him ala Jeremy Jackson in the irst minute hahhaha.

            Seriously though, if you think Condit is scared then you don't belong on this site

          • I Believe he was scared of Diaz boxing, don't be telling people that does not belong in this place, honestly kid you know less than what you think. Condit is a striker who put to sleep Dan Hardy by actually fighting but he fought Diaz running backwards, landing weak punches like if it was amateur boxing just to outpoint his opponent, Diaz stile is brutal, every says that he has no power but he has face tough strikers and he makes them look bad and

  • It's sad that the conversation even has to happen "whether or not Diaz will show up for a press conference or not".

    He's supposedly a grown man, a professional in the biggest fighting organization on the planet, vying for a title, yet still we have to wonder whether or not he will even show up.

    How sad.

    • Name some media that doesnt start crap and suck.

  • Thank god he showed up, even though I don't think he is the right deserving guy to be there at this time.

    Think this will be a similar fight to Bendo/Diaz

    • nate is no nick he has half the chin nick has

      • chin s going to stop a takedown defense.

        I dunno about that anyway, Diaz took Cerrone kicks to the chin and shook them off with ease… that's pretty impressive.

  • All of you so called MMA experts who think GSP is dull with his "safe ground and pound" need to get off your lazy asses, sign up for some MMA classes, and see just how boring it is to get handled in grappling….. then let's see how you feel about it.

    I would be happy to show you if it helps…..

  • I thought the best part of this presser was when the reporter asked GSP about Rousey's comments. I thought it was funny that he only addressed the "he's good looking" remark and nothing else and then turned the table on her and called her a beautiful woman, but, also and yet, said nothing of her as a fighter.

    It will be interesting to see how Rhonda responds to The Champs statement that she's a beautiful woman. Pretty funny if these two ended up being an item.

    • they do say opposite attract

    • gsp has jungle fever

    • Imagine their children!!!

      Best wrestler and best Judoka in MMA babies!! They only use it for getting the armbar while their opponent is falling to the ground Matt Hughes style from a Karate head kick!

      • @ Keith

        …but seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if somehow something came of it. And how much more the man, the villain, the bad-boy, bad-ass will he be when he stops all over Nick in March? She's going to be sitting ringside

        • @ Keith…doh! Hit send before I finished.

          Any way, she's going to be ringside watching this "good looking" millionaire, best in the world 170 Champion…and thinking what…I hate him? Nah! I don't see it going down (pun intended) that way. I bet you she's probably going to be thinking something else….lay-and-pray on me you…you…you…good looking, Canadian millionaire Champion. I bet ya, that's what she'll be thinking.

          Be cool if they did hook up. They'd be a great looking couple and you're right, the kids would have a couple of incredible parents. And I bet you that fact probably wouldn't be lost on The Champ. Couple that with her looks and feisty attitude and it might be enough to tip the balance.

          What would be really funny, Keith….if Rush showed up ringside to her bout, given what's been said and his previous remarks about women's MMA and not being into it. What would be even funnier, is if he shouted instructions to her while the fight was going on. LOL!!

          ….come on beautiful, jab, jab….come on beautiful…shoot and go for the double leg, you gorgeous thing, you. LOL!!

          Ah, the possibilities if you're GSP. The most eligible bachelor in all of MMA.

  • I hope Diaz can stop most of the takedowns and make the guys here harping on it, look like idiot media.

  • Im a huge Diaz fan, so Im totally bias. Hes the toughest son of a bitch in all of MMA and always comes to fight KMAss

  • He wasn't scared, homie!

    I know that was totally lame, I just said it because I can't believe no one else has.

  • I am a fan of both fighters, I like both of their personalities as I think they are both genuine, regardless what everyone else says about GSP style I think he is an exciting fighter must of the time, when he takes someone down he puts a beating on them kinda like what Cain does, and he can hang with almost any striker on their feet, I thought he coulda finish Condit standing a couple of times but he played too safe and took him down, Nick Diaz boxing on the other hand is superior but his kicks aren't anything special, however his JJ is insane AMD can pose a threat to GSP ground and pound, GSP is going to have to mix everything all the time, he can't afford the luxury of be on the ground with Nick for 25 minutes or to stay and bang with him all the time, these are 2 of the most well rounded fighters going at it and it's going to be awesome, I want Nick to win but as long as these two put on a show I dont really care who gets the belt.

  • Diaz does have tools to trouble GSP but he needs a gameplan. Agaionst Condit his gameplan was to walk forward and wave his arms about like a tsunami victim every time Condit was elusive. I expect Diaz to get dropped by GSP several times if he doesn't change his style. It is exciting to watch yes but it is also very monotonous for a smart opponent to adjust to and we all know GSP is the smartest of the lot.

    Diaz by possible submission, but more likely GSP by vicious GnP after dropping him for the 3rd or 4th time.

  • Nick Diaz > GSP…….And New….. War Diaz…