Nick Diaz looking to start his own fighting promotion according to CSAC officials


You read that correctly ladies and gentlemen, Nick Diaz has officially registered a website and Twitter account for and plans to begin a fight organization called WAR Mixed Martial Arts.

According to an official at the California State Athletic Commission who shared this information on Monday with, Diaz has started the process of applying for a promoter’s license in the state of California.

The official stated however that much more work was required before WAR Mixed Martial Arts could put on an event. In order for the CSAC to approve a license they would be required to review Nick Diaz‘ financial statements, resumes and an article of incorporation.

According to the official, a preliminary background check already completed on Diaz by the CSAC did come back clean.

This is interesting news to say the least, and rather unexpected. But after the constant announcements of retirement, one can only begin to think about whether Diaz was being completely honest and straight forward regarding his feelings about fighting and his future in the sport.

We’ll be watching Diaz’ next move to see, if this promotion reaches anything past it’s conception. Stay tuned to Lowkick for more details.

But more importantly, what do you guys think about Nick Diaz starting his own fight promotion? Let us know in the comments below.