Nick Diaz leaves film crew high and dry in Stockton


It appears that Nick Diaz is up to his old tricks, and it’s once again making Dana White furious. The UFC sent a film crew to Diaz’s home of Stockton, CA, to film an upcoming episode of UFC Countdown in preparation for Diaz’s showdown with champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158. What they found was not good news, as apparently Diaz was nowhere to be found, and on three separate instances.

White described the subject with the following:

“We’ve had a crew in Stockton for two weeks. When we don’t do an interview, you know how much it costs us? A [expletive] load of money. So we’ve got a [expletive] crew rolling around in Stockton not doing a [expletive] thing. It costs us a lot of money, and we can’t properly sell the fight or Nick Diaz.”

“He showed up for the press conference [last month], I knew something was going to go bad somewhere. That’s Nick.”

“He showed up for the press conference [last month], I knew something was going to go bad somewhere. That’s Nick.”

So Diaz is doing something that he is already known for, and it appears to be costing the UFC brass some big dollars. But those dollars will pale in comparison to the huge numbers UFC 158 will garner in March. For that reason, the UFC will most likely roll with the punches and let Diaz be Diaz.

In response, Diaz’s lawyer Jonathan Tweedale issued this statement to refute White’s claim:

“Dana is mistaken. There is no ‘crew rolling around Stockton,’ and Nick did not ‘miss’ three interviews.

“In fact, several earlier dates were arranged without Nick’s knowledge and with no notice to Nick. When Nick learned what had happened, I assisted him in arranging a date and time directly (Thursday, February 14). Nick arrived early and was in good spirits at that February 14 date — the one and only date he knew about in advance. Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.”

Diaz’s camp denies any wrongdoing, and perhaps some scheduling conflicts. Something tells me that there will be more developments on this story. It may be interesting to see just how much of this Dana White will take, however. 

  • instead of solidifying your legacy and being the best p4p fighter in the world and making a ton of money and growing the sport. gsp chose to deal with this?? wow fighting anderson must be terrifying.

    take notes from cain velasquez. who is 6'1 240 pounds DESTROYING 6'4+ 265+ monsters.

    uncle dana " gsp doesnt want the silva fight"

    • First GSP caused this, also the meteor falling in Russia, when is everyone going to learn to hate him as much as you.

    • That is why Hendricks is on the card to replace diaz as a back up plan

      • Hendriks is more deserving than anybody.

    • Dear Sir, GSP is not afraid. He is though going to shut him (NIck) up and then move one to whoever comes.

      If you were in his position you would probably want to shut whoever talked crap for a long time.

    • clever head line btw

      • @David…. Title should be "Nick Diaz High and AWOL in Stockton"

  • Following the posting of this story, Jonathan Tweedale, a lawyer with the Nick Diaz camp, contacted to refute White's claim.

    "Dana is mistaken," Tweedale wrote via e-mail. "There is no 'crew rolling around Stockton,' and Nick did not 'miss' three interviews.??

    "In fact, several earlier dates were arranged without Nick's knowledge and with no notice to Nick. When Nick learned what had happened, I assisted him in arranging a date and time directly (Thursday, February 14). Nick arrived early and was in good spirits at that February 14 date — the one and only date he knew about in advance. Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.

    • "Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is."

      That's probably one of the most hilarious lines anyone's ever uttered.

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        I didn't want to clean my house
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        now dana white is pissed ,
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  • Cut his damn fight purse, or "dock" his pay. Then when he gets pissed and does not show for the fight, replace him with Hendricks, and kick him out of the UFC. It's a professional fighter arena, and Nick is half that.

  • I have never heard GSP dodge Silva. I heard GSP tell showdown Joe in an interview that he would love to fight silva at 170. So anyone who thinks GSP is afraid to fight Silva is a complete moron. But you moron's are entitled to your opinions as much as the intelligent person.

    I understand it's part of the promotion and business but I wouldn't want a film crew coming into my house either. I relate to Nick Diaz a lot in that sense and I understand where he is coming from. I love GSP since I am Canadian but part of me wants to see Diaz pull the upset.

    • On top of what you said, Nick is a well known shut in/ nervous as shit around people he doesn't know.

  • honestly i would hate cameras as much as Nick does, he at least makes Youtube videos, put me in a video and i'll go ape shit…cant imagine 4-5 people following me with cameras. I would get a Stink Bomb and throw it at them and run.

  • This fight is already fucking sold..Theirs nothing more to say in The Countdown or Interviews… Just let Nick focus on his training… And GSP shouldn't have to fight a much bigger man like Anderson Silva… It's just stupid…. Yet the spider should be fighting a guy like Bones, or Cain Velasquez, not GSP……It's like having Cruz vs Ben Henderson…

  • Dana white the Saddam Hussein of Sports Entertainment. The way this man publically calls out, swears and disrespects his own employees is getting to the point where it's just disgusting. Swearing your head off to the media in anger about a fighter missing an interview has got to be worse for the business and image of MMA and UFC than having a fighter fail to show up to an interview. Dana White you have made your money, you're rich, UFC has an amazing fan base it's not going away anytime soon. Take a xanax relax a bit and show some respect and you will never have anything to worry about. If you truly knew something was going to go wrong with Nick Diaz then why are you so surprised and angry now. You seem to be driven by nothing but money which is not benefitting UFC or the fans.

  • Look at the way Dana talked shit about Randy Coutoure for working with Bellator. Everything is fine and dandy untill you stop doing whate Dana says. Then it's straight to the media for public humiliation. Horrible image to portray when trying to sell a sport.

    • I agree it's not the best image to portray, but as strange as it sounds, it's pretty well known that negativity and acting a "villain" gets more people to tune in.

      Everyone at some time or another has been disgusted by something Dana has said. Yet everyone keeps checking up on what he says.

      • You don't see Daniel Stern, Bud Selig, or Gary Bettman calling out players in their leagues in the public media. You don't see team GM's doing it either. That negativity will only carry them so far it's not how you build a credible long lasting company. Dana White is just a money hungry douchebag now who wants ultimate control and will do anything he can to keep it. Trying to make his own employees look bad in the media so fans side with him is ridiculous and unprofessional and all that sort of business should be kept behind closed doors like any of the credible sports leagues in this country operate.

        • Those leagues have a union, which in turn would have their heads on a platter. Dana would not last two weeks in a unionized environment in which both the athletes and management had to act professionally. Why was New York so hard to get into?
          The Culinary Union.

    • Zip


      I sharped that just for punctuation alone. Congratulations on the new typist. To whose fingers do we bestow this honor?

  • Don't blame Diaz…GSP wanted this fight and knew the history of media no shows.

  • Less than four weeks out, the only thing I'm concerned about is him showing up for the fight. If he does that great, I could care less about the PrimeTime show. It just means more camera time for GSP. Cool.

    I've said it before, if I had been advising GSP I would have had him training for Hendricks, not Diaz, all on the off chance that Diaz might scratch and GSP would end up having to fight Big Rig. Which I think is a much more dangerous opponent than Diaz. I'm just not sure what Diaz brings to the table that The Champ hasn't already seen and can't deal with. I think the time would have been better spent training for Hendricks. He's going to have to fight him, anyway (should he win, which I believe he will do handily).

    I'll laugh if, on the 16th of next month, it's Hendricks who climbs in the ring against George and not Diaz. And GSP will have no choice but to take that fight. After the whole Jones fiasco, I don't think he could turn down the fight.

    As a GSP fan, I really hope that doesn't happen. Johnny is going to be a tough fight (should he beat JE) and Rush will need to prepare for him. Big Rig is not the type of fighter you want handed to you on short notice and without having trained for him. That could be a recipe for disaster.

    • @MMA Truth….everyone though Koscheks wrestling would be the weapon of choice in the st pierre fight but he got dominated…..Hendricks however will be an interesting gig when it finally arrives….

      Until then we just have to wait to see if cesar gracie jujitsu can deliver…My bet is always on GSP.

  • TwA

    why the fuck cant a fighter just be a fighter why do they have to have all there personal shit brought into it, its GSP i wouldnt even waste money advertising everybody is buyin or watchin, I'm a huge diaz fan but even i cant stand to listen to him stuttering and uncomfortable on camera besides it wouldd be 95% gsp and 5% diaz on primetime anyway

    • @ TwA

      As a GSP fan, I've come to enjoy Nick's personality. It would be nice to see him in the PrimeTime episode, but if he doesn't wish to do it, that's cool. It's all adds to the mystique of the man. With that said, it's through shows like PrimeTime that I got to know him a little and appreciate him for the fighter and person he is. Personally, I'm hoping to see him in the show. He's an interesting guy.

  • If primetime want ratings for GSP fight they should just go and visit onemorerounds home

  • The UFC should've kept Scott Coker to deal.with the fighters, I don't remember him ever been disrepectful, Dana is always making an ass of himself, at least Coker was a real fighter so he knows how it is, Dana wants to act all tough but honestly how much respect can a bad amateur boxer get, if he wasn't the UFC prez more than one fighter would've kick his ass by now.