New York Adopts Instant Replay For Use In MMA

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman for USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Mark LaMonica of Newsday, the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) has created a policy that will allow the use of instant replay moving forward.

“This policy sets forth a process for the use of instant replay at ringside, adding clarity, transparency and predictability,” a NYSAC spokesperson wrote Thursday in an email to Newsday.“Providing clarity to the MMA community through adoption of a written process was the right thing to do, and we are glad to have the policy on the books.”

The implementation of such a policy is certainly a positive, as the need for instant replay in MMA has been made quite apparent in recent memory, especially in New York.

At UFC 210 last April in Buffalo, former UFC middleweight champion and New York native Chris Weidman faced off with former Strikeforce titleholder Gegard Mousasi. In the second round of the bout, Mousasi landed several knees that referee Dan Mirigliotta deemed illegal. After consulting with fellow referee John McCarthy, who was cage side, however, Mirigliotta was made aware of the fact that the knees were indeed legal, which led him to reverse his call. Doctors then decided Weidman was no longer able to compete, and the bout was called off.

Having instant replay at that time would have certainly helped, and it likely will moving forward.

Listed below are the eight points found in the NYSAC’s policy:

1. When adequate technology is available, instant replay may be used by the in-ring referee to examine the fight ending sequence to determine the correct outcome of a bout

2. Instant replay may be used after the fight has officially concluded and before the final official outcome of the fight is announced in the ring.

3. Only the in-ring referee is authorized to initiate instant replay review.

4. The in-ring referee him/herself must watch the instant replay footage of the fight ending sequence on a video monitor provided for such purpose.

5. The in-ring referee may consult with the alternate referee to determine the correct outcome of a bout.

6. Only the in-ring referee is authorized to make the final official in-ring determination of the outcome of the bout following the instant replay review.

7. The fight cannot be resumed after the instant replay review.

8. Nothing in this policy shall restrict the Commission’s authority to review video evidence to determine the correct outcome after the final official outcome of a bout has been announced in the ring.