Neil Grove: I will prove myself as a top Heavyweight (Exclusive Interview)


This Saturday night, from the T-Box Mobile Arena in Chandigarh, India, Super Fight League will present it’s sophomore event with SFL 2, and with it will come a Heavyweight headlining bout, pitting the U.K.’s Neil “Goliath” Grove against former UFC super prospect, Todd Duffee.

A former Ultimate Challenge MMA Champion and Bellator Season 3 Tournament Finalist, Grove will take his talents outside of the European/North American continents for the first time in his 16-fight professional career, and at the age of 41, hopes to prove he’s still a top Heavyweight competitor with a win over his fellow former octagon veteran. recently caught up with “Goliath,” and here’s what he had to say about the match-up, fighting in India, his opponent, and what he still hopes to accomplish in his mixed martial arts career:

Can you talk about your training camp for Todd Duffee? Is there anything specific you’ve concentrated on?

I’ve worked on strengthening up, as well as my takedown defense and my guard.

What do you think about Todd Duffee as an opponent? Are there any weaknesses in his game that you hope to exploit?
He is someone everybody will always remember for his seven-second knockout in the UFC. As for possible weaknesses, he will likely have ring rust and is also less experienced than I am.

Do you think that defeating a known UFC veteran like Duffee could make a significant statement for you as a fighter?
Every fight is important. Every win makes a statement. He has only had one more fight in the UFC than I have. The only statement I can see being made is that a 41 year-old fighter beat a 26 year-old – so don’t write me off yet!

You have much more experience than Duffee has. Do you think this will play an important factor in the fight?
Yes, of course.

And at 41 years-old, with 17 professional MMA fights on your resume, what are your current goals as a fighter?

To win this fight and each of my fights after that. I want to end my career on a high-note. Keep fighting on big shows and retire when I’m ready.

You’re also a Bellator fighter. Are you planning to compete in another tournament in hopes of proving your one of the promotion’s top Heavyweights?
That’s up to Bjorn Rebney. I don’t have to prove myself as a top Bellator fighter. I will prove myself as a top Heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter.

Did you ever envision yourself fighting in India? What are your expectations from the crowd?
Never. But, I’m very excited and honored to fight for SFL. I have always wondered how different my life would’ve been if I had fought for PRIDE. I hope SFL grows into one of the best MMA shows in the East and I make it onto a few highlight reels!

What is your prediction for April 7th – Submission /TKO/Decision?
Any one of those will do!

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  • Neil Grove is an ok HW but i wouldn’t say he was a ‘top’ HW, his best days were in Cage Rage but he has never been considered an ‘elite’ HW, largely because, even though he hits hard, his striking leaves a lot to be desired, also, when he gets put on his back, which does happen occasionally, he’s like a fish out of water. It’s also too late in his career to change his game up much now so i’d say he’s pretty much got as highly ranked as he’s going to get. This fight with Duffee will be interesting though but i think Duffee may just bring him back down to earth…….

  • Not seen this guy fight before but if he hopes to prove himself a top level fighter then fighting Duffee is a step in the right direction.

    If he gets past Duffee I’m not sure where he could go next for but either way he is still a long shot off being a top HW – he only has 1 and 3 in his last 4 fights and is currently on a 2 fight losing streak to unranked fighters.

  • I have only seen him in his Bellator fights and I think hes awesome, he is one big man, Im cheerin for him, isnt he British or something? Lets go Neil!