Nate Diaz’s Manager Says His Removal From The Rankings Doesn’t Make Any Sense


The return date for notorious UFC lightweight Nate Diaz is still an unknown, and his removal from the promotion’s official rankings probably won’t give his fans much faith. Last see knocking Gray Maynard out in the TUF 18 finals, Diaz has been inactive since, and very vocal about the reasons for that.

Taking every opportunity, Diaz has slated his employers for their poor treatment and payment of fighters. Zuffa LLC is no stranger to this sort of criticism, but there are fighters on both sides of the fence. Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan stopped by to talk with Submission Radio recently, discussing the topic of Diaz being dropped from the rankings:

“I understand the whole point of inactivity, but then there has to be some kind of consistency whether a fighter doesn’t agree to a bout or a fighter is injured, either way they’re inactive. So if you’re going to keep T.J Grant on there for a year and Dominick Cruz on there for two years and even Gray Maynard whom Nate beat at the same time as they fought each other, then why do you take this guy down? You  know what I mean? It just doesn’t make any sense. It makes sense to take off the inactive fighters to give way for the active fighters, but then there has to be some kind of a rule that’s been established and agreed upon and what have you by everybody.”

There is little doubt that Diaz’s attitude has contributed to his removal from the rankings, as Dana White recently said that part of the reason was a lack of correspondence. The problem that the promotion is faced with is that Diaz is a big draw, people like to watch him fight and talk trash. That being said, he clearly feels undervalued. Kogan continued:

“We asked to sit down and have a conversation about our contract and they said no. So we said ok, then we’ll sit out and wait until you know, something changes. We’re just kinda all in limbo. Hopefully we’ll sit down and have a productive conversation. So far, all of our interaction has been through media, you know we say something and then they say something and we say something. We’re yet to actually have a conversation.”

“I had a brief conversation with Joe Silva and he said ‘well that’s not going to happen’ so I said ‘ok sounds good’ so we’ll just wait. Wait and see, but we don’t have a specific goal, we just want to be able to have a conversation and see what happens. Nate will be open to fighting anywhere where he’s paid the most and where his stock has the most value, but we are under contract with the UFC so it doesn’t really matter.”

Nate joins older brother Nick on the inactivity list, and both seem to have the same agenda in mind; get paid more or do no work. Whether this is a prudent tactic is yet to be seen, but you’d have to imagine that they may waste their prime. I can’t say that I disagree with the stance that Nate has taken, but he may find himself in limbo until retirement at this rate.

Should the Diaz bros suck it up and win some more fights, or are they deserving of a Gilbert Melendez type of deal?

  • Somehow the rankings which Dana has "nothing" to do with keeps dropping guys down and removing people Dana could care less about and keeps others he likes and make him money in the ranks, if not keeping them far higher than they should be. He may not be the last word on the UFC's rankings but I bet he has a decent hand in it.

    • I don't think so, I'm sure he's making the call about dropping guys but he says when he disagrees with the rankings all the time (granted that's often to promote a fight). What evidence is their that they're pretending it's from the journalists or manipulating the vote, that sounds a little far fetched/conspiratorial. I'm sure he dropped Diaz to send a message to him but I couldnt see them manipulating the rankings as a whole.

      • Even you said you think he has some pull. People act like the word conspiracy is the same as delusional. The evidence is the connection between fighters Dana sees less appealing or is having problems with and their status within the UFC or lack thereof. If the public was in control completely then we would likely still have Fedor ranked but we know how much baldy likes that dude. I am certain he is responsible for the ranking on the p4p status having Ronda on it at all.

  • I don't see how Nate can come out of this a winner. Obviously the UFC handed him a raw contract which he was clueless enough to sign, but at this point he needs to fight it out, earn some bonuses, then move on to a different promotion if he really wants to get back at the UFC. His current situation is a lose-lose-lose for the UFC, Nate, and the fans. I hope his tactic pays off but I doubt it.

  • If you go on the UFC website there is a section that I've seen where if you provide your media outlet credentials you can begin to vote on the rankings. Perhaps LowKick has or can get such media credentials and provide some insight. I don't think it is Dana pulling those strings.

    Nick and Nate's argument is not without some merit however, this is the contract that they signed on to. If you sign a 5 fight deal and you do five fights in 2 years inflation doesn't invalidate your pay rate but if you take 5 years to do your 5 fights your pay drops relative to inflation and other busier fighter's contracts.

    Nate and Nick would have a WAY better chance renegotiating if they had a recent devastating finish on their record. Without that they sound like bratty kids sitting on the kitchen floor screaming for another cookie.

    • I understand your logic and if the system was incorruptable it would be sound. I however believe that their is editing that takes place hence Ronda Rousey in the p4p rankings. I don't believe people put her there above guys like Faber and Cruz. I agree about their pay on your points and they should have fought more to sign their next deal sooner.

  • I don't agree with his removal from the rankings but I also don't agree with the Diaz bros strategy of just trying to wait it out in hopes of the UFC giving in to their asking price, it just isn't gonna happen. I hope they don't end up wasting possibly the best years of their fighting careers sitting on the sidelines being stubborn idiots, would be a damn shame.

  • Jon jones probably didn't make any serious money until he fought shogun….Unless you are in a title fight or become a champion there isn't a lot of money being offered other than a decent yearly salary if you fight a few times a year. A guy like Matt brown is probably receiving around 250k total for fighting three times a year. Take tax and trainer manager fees out and most these guys aren't rich. fighter pay is too top heavy in my opinion and a minimum purse probably needs to be set around 30k for a UFC stage. 10-12k doesn't cut it.
    I understand diaz is angry but he signed the contract his manager put in front of him.