Nate Diaz suspended for gay slur about Bryan Caraway’s bonus


When news broke yesterday that UFC Bantamweight Bryan Caraway would be awarded with the UFC 159 SOTN bonus after Pat Healy’s suspension for marijuana use, the debate over THC continued on. Did Healy truly deserve to lose the $130,000 in bonuses just for socially using marijuana? Many seemed to think not, but Healy himself acknowledged that he knew the rules that were set forth. He admitted his mistake in an official statement, and will accept his punishment. 

Today, however, a certain outspoken fighter has taken offense to the strange saga. Nate Diaz took to Twitter to express his feelings about Caraway’s bonus in quite the offensive way: 

Quite the polarizing comments that are sure to draw the ire of many, something the harshly criticized Diaz may not have needed. Initially, Dana White had the following to say on the subject:

“We are going to fine, suspend or cut him. One or two of those three will happen.” -via MMA Fighting  

The UFC has suspended Diaz for violating their now well-known code of conduct, and officially clarified their action with a statement:

“We are very disappointed by Nate Diaz’s comments, which are in no way reflective of our organization. Nate is currently suspended pending internal investigation and we will provide further comment once the matter has been decided.”

What do you make of Diaz’s harsh comments? Will this spell the end of his tenure with the UFC?

  • Why did he have to use a capital F, lower case I think he gets away with a stern talking to, capital he's suspended for sure!

    • I think the UFC should make Nate Diaz march in the next GAY Mardi-gra waving the UFC flag in support of the Lesbian and gay community wearing a pair of Dennis Hallman undies.

    • What a gay suspension…

  • 209 Classic

    • Damn – imagine how much weed you could buy with that…

  • Gays dont own Fag…The word Fag is perfectly explained on South Park Episode 193.

  • Maybe Diaz will be fined $130,000 for having no self control on twitter….

    • he doesnt need any. We love to play Nanny.

    • Maybe he'll be awarded 130K for exercising his First Amendment Rights, on Twitter.

    • @ Enjoy

      Why are people not suspended for the use of the word "*****"? Is it not a derogatory slur towards (all) women? Have we not heard Dana White himself use this slur?

      This is a load of horse ****, from the penalty to the suspension. Utter horse ****.

      • Freaking filters….the word I was referring to was…B…I…T…C…H…

        • @truth…This is the pot calling the kettle black for sure…but can you imagine if the UFC gave the diaz brothers free air time for all their comments…It would be pretty entertaining.
          But try and find me one person who is truly offended or shocked by diaz's comments. This is a media storm over nothing.

  • Nate is right. The punishment doesn't fit the crime. He smoked weed, which doesn't even affect his fighting. Weed is more common with a prescription in the US then TRT is. But TRT is fine but Weed gets 80% of the guys purse taken away? For those who don't know, his last fight he got paid $15,000 base. Imagine how much this must've hurt.

    Im interested in who gets the money? If you follow the money, you always find the cause. If it's a fine and the athletic commissions get the money. I expect more of these and more frequent testing as this has become a easy way to ****** 6 figures for that athletic commission. Because it makes no sense to have that much taken away from him.

    • If it affects his fighting or not is not the point… IT IS NOT ALLOWED… he was very well aware that it was against the rules and decided to not give a f*ck. So now the UFC gives less of a f*ck and gives his bonus money to Caraway… it's no rocket science, it's common sense. He knew what he signed up for, if it's too much of an issue for him to be a professional and stick to the rules, he should find another profession.

      • Ok, since we're nailing them for everything they do illegal now?

        Hey, how bout catching them Jay walk? lets fine them for that! Thats illegal. I mean we're fining them for things that have nothing to do with their jobs. That's the point.

        That's like a lawyer who smoked weed and his boss comes and takes 80% of his salary. What does his weed smoking have to do with his job? It's against the rules. But what does it have to do with his job? Is he a trucker and needs to prove he stays sober?

        They get paid for 15 min of fighting, but they are under watch 24/7, year round for everything they do even on their personal time. Even if it has nothing to do with their jobs. YOU might think that's fair. But fighters are people, I couldnt imagine anybody else being cool with that.

        • The point you raise is a good one, regarding amount of time fighting vs. corporate control of the rest of their lives.

          It's also an argument which has become progressively more and more, part of the overall experience for run-of-the-mill people, regarding their own employment, people with incidental jobs, being required to pass ridiculous drug tests for pot, as well as everything else.

          This is nothing more than back-dooring federal policies on drugs. That is all that it is.

          Again, the last three presidents have all smoked pot and used cocaine. Oba-Munist is even said to have smoked crack and I believe he probably did.

          I wonder if we drug tested political leaders at the federal and state levels, along with the judges, DAs', cops etc….I wonder how many of them would fail the tests. I wonder how many of them go to work every day on the Dr. prescribed mood and mind altering drugs.

          Hypocrisy is best manifested when it's hidden from sight.

  • Right mindset (although I have nothing against Caraway). Wrong choice of words.

  • They gave it to Justin Bieber?

  • They took sooo much money from him. Is not like he is a millionaire!..That's thievery..You have to play a sophistic bullshit game to get the drug legalized. Sick ****. I would love to know where the Money went! I hope to cancer patients or to feed some kids…Shenanigans!!!!!!

  • The last three presidents have been dope smokers. O-blah-blah-ma sat on Jimmy Fallon shooting his mouth off about how much dope he had smoked in his life and that he'd even done a "little" blow. For the record, if you haven't seen Penn Jillette's rant on the subject it's worth the view.

    Again, on this point I fail to see how elected employees up-to-and-including presidents, senators, judges, cops etc can have smoked dope, broken the same laws and even brag about it on national TV, all while ordinary citizens are harassed and imprisoned for the same acts and "offenses". It's Alice in Wonderland, logic.

    Arcane rules and hypocrisy aside, penalizing a fighter 130K for having THC in his system, is akin to going after a fly with a howitzer. The punishment outstrips the "crime".

    I agree with Nate 100% and I don't feel his remarks slurred any group or individual. I've heard that word and worst, used in movies, books, magazines, TV shows and by comics, both gay and straight, all of my life. To say that word, as used in that tweet, would be a slur is simply stupid. It's looking to make a big deal out of nothing.

    If it is a slur, then making cracks about fat people should also be considered a slur along with a laundry list of other things, which should be considered as slurs.

    Nick using the word fag was a crack and nothing more and nothing should be made of it. I doubt very seriously that Nick or his brother are homophobic or have anything against homosexuals. I've certainly never seen any evidence of it and this tweet, doesn't constitute evidence as far as I am concerned.

    And for all we know, Nick was using it as an acronym..
    F.A.G. …Fighters Appreciate Ganja.

  • The guy earned the freakin bonus. Come onnn.. Leave him with SOMETHING.

  • I use the word all the time, it's a fun word to use… but then again I'm not a famous athlete who said it to 175k followers when I'm representing a organisation which already gets a lot of flak…. especially when I'm someone who is basically the company's go-to-guy for the mainstream fights on FOX.

    Dana said they are still deciding on the outcome for Nate, which is one of two things – fine and suspension or cut him.

    Say what you want but they HAVE to do something, they can't just let it slide. Kobe Bryant got caught saying the same word a couple of years ago and got a $100000 fine… I wonder if Nate would prefer if the UFC just came out and did that.

    • He'll get what Meathead got. They might as well be consistent.

  • I don't understand why fighters or ANY profesional athelete gets fined for simply speaking their mind, be it offensive or not. I know they aren't spokesmen for the UFC and would never think they represent the companies thoughts/views. I would like to believe most people know this…..

  • And he just got suspended… pending an investigation in to the matter.

    Some of these guys just don't learn from others mistakes…. right or wrong… he represents the UFC and they have the right to can you or suspend you based on the fighters actions. Just dumb to put your job in jeopardy… stupid statements, weed, trt…. all the sacrifices these guys put in to the sport … just dumb! Play the game.. make some $$$ and when you retire… talk all the **** you want about your former employer.

    • one of the very few comments that makes any sense……..

  • was "SORRY A*SS LITTLE BI*TCH his apology ?

  • everybody is Not gonna lick your a** Dana!!!
    UFC is a DiCKtatorship organisation.
    sad to see how the fighters in the UFC have to lick a** to keep their jobs…
    would be nice if Pride could re-emerge.. 🙂 🙂

  • Dana drops so many f-bombs, it makes nuns blush. TRT and steroids are so common, it is ridiculous, but wait, that is not the problem. we gotta take 80% of someones purse away and give it to a giant douche, who has a duck faced skank as a girl friend. oh, and most of importance: someone said "fag" in a non-homo way, so let's fire him.

    go f*** yourself UFC.

  • This is getting out of hand. Suspended for that? Give me a break.

  • Nate is right.
    Punishing people because they have the correct attitude seriously stinks.

  • Although I reserve the right to find the use of B.I.T.C.H and fag offensive this suspension has nothing to do with the possible homophobia of a Diaz, This is about daddy Dana saying to all fighters "if you go on twitter and criticize my decisions publicly I will crucify you and find a way to justify it" the rest is a smokescreen.

  • I agree with the basic sentiment in the first half of Nate's statement, then he had a Diaz moment and messed it up.

    He could have replaced "Fag" with "Idiot", then it's just trash talk instead of hate speech. Twitter is considered publishing, just like putting it in a magazine or newspaper, so the rules about what you can say are even more strict.

    The UFC has to punish anyone who crosses the line, which Diaz clearly did. If they didn't, the anti-MMA crowd would have a field day.

    • But Crane, if he could have replaced "Fag" with "Idiot", then does that not mean that his use of the word Fag, actually meant idiot?

      And this is really the point. He was not using the word as a homophobic slur, but rather as a means of calling him an idiot and anyone who is aware of who Nate is should know that, those that don't know who he is, I don't see why they'd care about his remarks or how they'd even have heard about them.

      This is far too politically correct to be taken seriously.

    • Exactly Crane. Perfect breakdown.