Nate Diaz and Cesar Gracie part ways, Mike Kogan to takeover management


You read that correctly, Cesar Gracie has said in the past that it was becoming an increasingly difficult task to run his own academy while also managing the careers of both fighters who have been like sons to Gracie since they walked into his academy in their teens.

According to a report by Ariel Helwani made on Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight” the younger Diaz of the two brothers has decided to employ Mike Kogan to take over managerial duties.

Kogan is the head of Real Talk Entertainment and represents UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson, former Strikeforce Light-heavyweight champion Muhammad Lawal and many others.

Neither Diaz nor Gracie or even Kogan would comment on the matter, but close sources claim the news to be accurate.

Apparently Diaz will continue to fight and train under Cesar Gracie as well as the rest of the roster of Gracie academy fighters and friends, regardless of the management change.

Diaz will face former Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California at the next UFC on Fox 7: “Henderson vs. Melendez” on April 20, 2013.

  • Nate really needs to work TDD, Bendo handled him

    • mannnn Nate has great skills and if he didn't break away would of been ashamed
      the kid is where his brother was 6 yrs ago distractions and being that close to
      your own is hard…. he is Ward in the movie ""Fighter"" he doesn't want to be a douche to another fighter cause they are in the same class you don't have to be pissed or hate the other guy the attitude im sorry its my job and have to kick your *** …..makes him even more dangerous when he is pissed or has an issue……. Damn I hope the old Daiz comes out,… and has the true Nate with it
      cause he has awesome skills if directed right someone spends the time,… Ceasar would try and figure out where the money was then act accordingly,…
      if he would of acted like a big brother and put Nick in his place once a blue moon,. just been honest with him,…. not if we do this and miss that …..say FU to
      them…..we can get paid ALLLL THISSS ….that plan screwed them plus so far besides Gilbert made them look so bad and soooooooo many excuses that never came back to him he prayed on the street rules and knew the fighters would never blame him (ceasar) I hope Nate becomes the Man and great fighter he can be,… and explores more and more trainers and other fighters to make him that guy……….. GOOD LUCK Nate

  • Thank god I have witnessed nothing but bad decisions and advice from Cesar

  • "Kogan is the head of Real Talk Entertainment"

    Yep, sounds like a real departure from guys the Diaz bros would deal with traditionally.

    • I thought R Kelly was in charge of all the "Real Talk"

  • Hopefully Nick will join him and get better direction for his media obligations

  • Nate will still train under Cesar Gracie with his team,he just got new managment its not really that suprising and hes not going anywhere.Cesar wanted this as bad as Nate