Nate Diaz Says Conor McGregor’s Boxing Is Embarrassing


Nate Diaz responds to Conor McGregor’s boxing video in the most Nate Diaz way possible…

Earlier this week Conor McGregor released a video of his boxing sparring at SBG Ireland. Given his profession, this isn’t exactly out of the norm, but in this instance it caused quite a media frenzy. Since defeating Eddie Alvarez by stunning TKO at UFC 205, McGregor has entered a cold war, of sorts, with his employers. Claiming he’d only return to box Floyd Mayweather next, ‘The Notorious’ again irks UFC president Dana White. Although he is by far their biggest asset, the UFC has a bit of a situation developing with McGregor.

Returning to the subject of today’s article, why all the fuss? During the 15 seconds of footage McGregor released, he appears to eat a couple of clean strikes. Obviously this is nothing out-of-place, but given his ambition to fight Mayweather, the video has been heavily scrutinised. In just a matter of days, the clip has been viewed nearly two million times.

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Criticism of McGregor’s Boxing

Responding to the now-infamous clip, followers on Instagram have been criticising the Irishman’s boxing skills. Of course his achievements in the octagon speak for themselves, his striking more than any other, but a boxing match with Mayweather? Many fans clearly believe this to be an ill-fated aspiration.

Among those who think McGregor’s boxing could use some work is none other than Nate Diaz. Having fought ‘The Notorious’ twice in 2016, going 1-1, the younger Diaz brother is still firing shots regularly. Check out his comment on a shared version of the McGregor boxing clip:

Nate’s Not The Only One

After seeing the clip, FOX Sport’s Jay & Dan created a parody advert featuring McGregor’s boxing. Eerily reminiscent of when everyone bashed Rousey’s boxing, the clip FOX created is somewhat strange to see from a reputable media body.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty amusing:


    Hahaha still butthurt over losing…if his boxing is embarrassing what does that make Nates??? Conor boxed him up and knocked him down 3 times…no one has dropped Nate 3 times. Yeah he “went down on purpose” lol sure he did….same as he was injured before every loss magically. Nate simply trying to stoke the fires for a 3rd fight…you’ll get it in time…does your whole career revolve around what Conor McGregor does now? Nates confused training with Andre Ward with being Andre Ward lol.

    • Bernie Asis

      yeah, then he got boston slapped and tapped like a bitch right?

      • Juan Diablo

        Boston slapped…?

      • doublehalf21


    • leonaidis

      That’s just your opinion because you have fallen for Conor, if you look at the statistics from both fights, Conor got out struck. Sure he knocked Nate on his ass, but he did not box Nate up!! I don’t know were you get that? Did you watch the fights? Do you know anything about fighting? Have you seen the stats on fight-metric? The fact is that Nate landed more in both fights. Your entitled to your opinion, but please check out facts before you state your opinion.

      And Nate is barely a mediocre 155 pounder, so those fights says a lot about Conors skills. Sure he has got some, the Alvarez fight was beautiful, but the second Diaz fight was horrible, from both fighters. The Mendez fight was full of misstakes, Holloway fight looked like two amateurs in the octagon. The only fights Conor has looked as good as he is hyped out to be is Alvarez and Aldo, and Aldo might just have been luck.

      And why would Nate be butthurt over loosing, he didn’t tap, he lost to the judges, not to Conor. It’s Nate 1 Conor 0,5.

      • doublehalf21

        ???????? well said

      • Mike

        Conor did not get outstruck. That is absolute nonsense. Diaz hit Conor with pitter pater shots rapid fire and most bounced off shoulders and they counted because that is considered connection.

        You are an idiot. DO YOU know anything about fighting? NO!

        Fight Metric stats mean nothing.

        It is so pathetic that so many people tell someone else they are entitled to their opinion and then give an opinion trying to call it facts.

        Nate is not a mediocre 155 pounder. being 5 is not mediocre.

        Nate did not lose to the judges. Nate lost a Majority decision that he rightly should have lost unanimously.

        NO one can say Conor lost rd 1 2 or 4. And if you try to you are silly. Also, Conor won rd 5 too if you count his take down or eliminate Nates.

        That is either 3 to 2 or 4 to 1.

        When you lose to decision YOU LOST. This 0.5 nonsense is just YOUR OPINION.

        Not a single judge out of three scored that fight for Diaz. NOT ONE.

        And stop accusing people of falling for Conor because their opinion does not match the opinion of someone who don’t like Conor.
        Conor beat the stuffing out of Nate for 4 rounds of the 7

        • Jesus

          “Take away his takedown and Nate loses the 5th”
          Ok yeah sure take away the fact Conor drops him in the second and Nate wins the 2nd.
          Nice logic

        • leonaidis

          This is still just like your opinion man, at least I have the statistical numbers to back my opinion. You have just a very deep passion for Conor, but that doesn’t change the facts.

          One fact that no one can deny is that Nate finished Conor quite easily in the first fight, Conor won the second, but it wasn’t nearly as easily as Nate won the first.

          Nate was ranked #8 in the 155 division, and not ranked at all at 170 when they had their first fight. Then the funny thing happened, to keep the hype going the ufc bumped Nate from #8 to #5 after choking Conor out. Conor who had never fought at 155 in the ufc, and the fight was at 170. So tell me why Nate got bumped from #8 to #5 without even fighting in the 155 division, nor fighting any one from the 155 division. It’s all just hype, and you are buying in to it.

          Remember this is not my opinion, these are facts, you can’t argue about facts.

          • Bret

            I am staring at the fight metrics per round and you are 100% wrong. Idk where you are getting your “facts” but why don’t you look up the fight metrics, per round, and it easily shows that conor was leading in 1 ,2 , and 4. Game over. And look at nates face vs conors face after the fight. Nice try though?

          • leonaidis

            I’ve never said that Conor didn’t win the second fight, he did, but not as clearly as Nate won the first. But he did not “box up” Nate like you are saying. If he did, the numbers would look very different. Nothing about those numbers says that Conor “boxed up” or dominated in any way.

            The second fight was a horrible showing of top level MMA, both guys gassed, both guys were sloppy and had horrible defense. If that fight had been between two ufc new comers, with no hype, it would’ve gotten booed. Terrible showing from both Nate and Conor, I couldn’t believe what a different Conor showed up for the Alvarez fight. In that fight he was great, but that is the only great showing he’s ever put on in the ufc. The Holloway fight was like a amateur fight. Old man Siver wasn’t much of a fighter and Conor couldn’t avoid getting hit by him, lucky Conor that Siver doesn’t have the power any more. The Mendez fight, Conor looked like a fish out of water on the ground, not something you’d expect at ufc level. Conor got lucky again that Mendez gassed and didn’t have a full camp.

      • RAULxPUDD

        “why would Nate be butthurt over loosing” You mean ( losing ) ?

        Ummm maybe because he lost and got dropped 3 times and looked down right silly at times…mocking and then getting clipped lol. Nates a great fighter but he is a gatekeeper. Conor defended all but 1 takedown attempt…= points for Conor, Conor dictated the pace=pts for Conor, Conor dropped him 3 times….no pts but it deff doesnt look like you are winning when you get punched and go down..= Momentum for Conor. Conor kicked the shit out of Nates lead leg= pts for Conor.. Conor won rds 1-2-4..Nate 3-5= Conor wins. Pure volume of strikes doesnt win fights…Nate and Nick throw tons of pitter patter parrying strikes and slaps…the metrics count those as well…so all diaz bros fights have bloated strike #’s.

        Conor beat an up and coming tough Max with a torn ACL, he won every round. It is no mistake Max is fighting for the belt now….Conor made him look like an amateur and he is a very good fighter. I think Conor underestimated Mendes…Chads got great wrestling…not many better in MMA than him…Conor didnt look great in that fight..thast happens to every fighter.

        Anderson Silva was just talking about Conor and his striking he even said-

        “Conor in my opinion has the best stand-up technique in the UFC.”

        When the possible GOAT says that it holds more weight than keyboard warriors opinions sorry. Im not a Conor fanboy…i like both Diaz bros..i like Aldo and Max Holloway…in fact i like like 90% of the fighters i who wins doesnt really mean much to me. I watched the Diaz bros make excuses for their losses for years…they’ve never lost a decision if you ask them…because they think just throwing more volume = WiN. No that isnt how it works.

        • leonaidis

          No use going over this with you Conor fanboys, even if Dana White would step in the octagon and slapp Conors little ass you’d have some excuse. That man can simply do no wrong in your eyes. It’s not even his fault that he can’t seem to be able to get his cardio up. And nothing wrong with running away in a fight as long as it’s Conor doing it. What is it with Conor and the hard ons that you are rocking for him? He’s a decent fighter and a asshole person, but to you he is like a God.

          I don’t get that?? I see nothing special in that man, he ain’t near the same level as Mighty Mouse, GSP, Jones or Silva. But then again them guys are fighters, Conor is an entertainer.

          • RAULxPUDD


            Nope just think he is a good fighter…not a god.

            You dont agree…that is fine..i dont care.

      • RapIs Ruined

        Nates punches did 0 damage look at the postfight was Conor even in a fight? Nate looks like he survived atomic bomb.. Nate also shot for like 8 takedowns conor shot for 1 takedown.. Nate was trying to wrestle because his legs were fucked and his face was gushing like a faucet

    • drew

      Well Nate was supposedly recovering from an injury leading up to their 2nd fight that prevented him from sparring.

      • Mike

        BULL SHIT

        • Jesus

          You don’t know if he was or wasn’t.

    • Jesus

      Y’all act as if Conors leg kicks had nothing to do with the 2nd fight. HELLO!! That was the linchpin in his gameplan! Had he tried to simply box with Nate he would have been KO’d like he almost did in the first fight.
      Nate is the better boxer PERIOD!

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Yawn at the whole conny/mayweather thing

    Are they gonna wait until mayweather is 65 years old?

    Its gets kind of annoying to hear someone keep talking about something after awhile unless they’re gonna do it

    I was never into celebrities or attention whores

  • blindanddumb

    cant blame him for trying to get paid but he wont touch mayweather.
    and floyd should fight some one who would cement his legacy, golovkin for instance

    • Robert Bonner

      GGG is not needed to “cement” his legacy. That’s just another ploy thrown at him to say “WE bet you can’t beat him” this fight, if it happens, is all about the for both of them…