Nate Diaz Reveals UFC Offered Him Title Shot In Any Weight Division


Updates on the career of Nate Diaz from himself usually doesn’t come very often. However, his latest message to his fans has raised more questions rather than answers.

On late Friday night, Diaz took to his official Twitter account and claimed that the promotion offered him a title shot in “any weight class.” However, instead of accepting that proposal, he decided to move on “to the next sport for now.”

He then added a pair of boxing glove emojis, which has sparked speculation that he’s headed to boxing. He wrote the following:

“Ufc offered me title fight in any weight class Im kool though I’ll givem a shot when they do something good. On to the next sport for now.”

Diaz has not been seen in the Octagon since his rematch with current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor back at UFC 202 last August when he suffered a majority decision loss which came five months after Diaz submitted McGregor in their first bout at UFC 196.

Diaz’s camp continues to say that he will only fight again for an eight-figure payday.

Diaz has been biding his time since a third bout has been off the table with McGregor.

It should be noted that he has teased interest in boxing as he acquired a license to box in the state of California and was also recently rumored to be in consideration for a fight with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley for Dec. 30 at UFC 219.

  • OneFootFriendly

    If Nate really wanted to capitalize right now,
    he could probably parlay the fact that he’s the only guy other then Holloway to take conny to a decision, and one of two guys to beat him, to propel his own stardom into a position to make demands. But it kind of looks like more then building on that he wants the biggest payday just for that by itself.

    Which might be smart in a way,
    maybe theres something he knows that we dont,
    but time has a way of passing and moving on.
    Opportunities dont just hang around forever.

    • OneFootFriendly

      “Basically, he’s financially secure enough that he’s only going to take
      fights that are massively favourable to him in terms of money and
      match-up. No such fights exist, so….”

      Nailed it.

      He’s probably not beating Holloway or tyrone.
      He COULD beat either of those guys, but Nate is an attrition fighter,
      and those guys are both capable of maintaining a pace for full rounds.
      He would probably lose a decision.

      So unless its a fight he knows he can win,
      or they pay him a buttload of money to probably lose a dec,
      he’ll hold out for a third conny fight.

      Which would remain a mildly absurd to a fan but viable to hollywood option,
      as long as Nate doesn’t lose a fight and lower his value first.

  • Draven

    He was a fool to not accept that opportunity!