Nate Diaz Posts Must-See Reaction To McGregor vs. Mayweather


The MMA world is still buzzing over the news that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are going to throw down, and Nate Diaz wasted little time posting a must see reaction.

If you somehow missed it, it’s been officially announced that McGregor and Mayweather are going to box August 26th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The bout is going to be contested at 154 pounds, and it will be a 12 round contest.

Well,  since news of the superstar fight broke, Diaz posted the comment and picture below on Instagram:

natediaz209 It’s gonna be a good fight for that #2 spot.


If you’re surprised by Diaz’s take on the news, you shouldn’t be. Although officially, Diaz is 1-1 in bouts with McGregor, the Stockton fighter has repeatedly argued he actually won their rematch last August. McGregor was awarded the decision win in that bout, which took place after Diaz submitted the Irish star in their first encounter, last March.

Immediately after his rematch with McGregor, Diaz campaigned for a rubber match with his rival, but more recently he’s moved away from that stance.

One thing’s for certain, not too many people were predicting last August that McGregor would box Floyd Mayweather one year later, while Diaz would remain on the sidelines. As it stands right now, Diaz is not booked for a bout, and there’s been no indication that he’s close to fighting again. Tony Ferguson repeatedly called out Diaz, but the latter has made it clear he’s not on board, despite the fact “El Cucuy” is ranked #2 at 155.

Although, compared to what Diaz likely collected for his scraps with McGregor, a bout with Ferguson probably isn’t too enticing from a financial perspective.

  • Jamie Eyles

    Well Nate, you could have ended this farce like Holm ended the Lousey farce. All you had to do was try to take down McChicken from the start and choked him out again but NO you had to box with him and lose by decision.

    • Samuel Mitchell

      a decision he should have won.

      • Ray Stantz

        No, i like Nate but Conor won the 2nd fight hands down…not even close. He dropped him 3 times, battered his leg, busted up his face.Nate threw some slapping volume to try and steal rounds bcuz Conor got winded again…and all the while Conor was 20+ pds lighter and shorter…In both fights only time Nate had success is when Conors cardio started falling.

    • meatcrusher destroyer

      Ronda still on your mind? Get help yank

    • Ray Stantz

      Not even close to the same thing. lol if you really think Conor MCGregor and Ronda are on the same level you need to seek professional help. Conor has held belts in two different orgs and two diff weight classes, been in the UFC going on 4 yrs lost 1 time and defeated Jose Aldo who hadnt been beaten in a decade…then went on to defeat Eddie for the LW title. There are fighters on the UFC roster who have lost 2-3 fights back to back…guess they are all “farces” lmao…ridiculous.

      • meatcrusher destroyer

        Yes Ray, he really does need professional help…….
        His hatred and jealousy of Conor is pathetic

  • Wabbit

    The distinction of the UFC was how different it was to the corruption and manipulation of professional boxing; that distinction has quickly become blurred, especially under the new management.

  • Samuel Mitchell

    McDoogle is a douche

  • meatcrusher destroyer

    Go smoke some weed nate………..