Nate Diaz Details Phone Call With Floyd Mayweather While High


Nate Diaz set the MMA world ablaze (pun intended) during a slow week for the sport during a special episode of “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani earlier today, and no topic was safe.

He laid out his plans to take the rest of 2017 off without a proper offer from his bosses, but Diaz didn’t stop there. Far from it, actually. With his sights set on Conor McGregor and even his potential boxing opponent Floyd Mayweather, the polarizing fan favorite detailed a phone conversation he had with “Money” right after he just got done enjoying some of his favorite herbs, a conversation McGregor later used to call Diaz a “bitch.”

However, Nate set the record straight to Helwani:

“So Floyd Mayweather randomly calls me, I just smoked a joint. I’m like, ‘What the fuck? This is fuckin’…odd.’ You know, I’m like, ‘What up?’ And I even thought to myself, ‘He thinks he’s a fuckin’ genius. I look, and I’m talking to Mayweather, and I never talked to Mayweather before, I’m like, ‘What up?’ And I was thinking like, ‘You know what? Fuck this dude, he’s gonna fight with McGregor and make all this money?’ Fuck that, I don’t mean to be a hater, but fuck that. I wanted to fight these motherfuckers. I was thinking about being like, ‘Fuck you, motherfucker, what the fuck you calling me for?’ and I was thinking about hangin’ up quick. But then when I was talking to him, I was like, ‘That’s Floyd Mayweather, I have respect for the man, you know what I’m sayin’? I fuckin’ am a martial artist; that’s guy’s the best at what he does and has been doin’ it for years.”

Diaz then said he would beat McGregor in a boxing match, and that “The Notorious” calling out a smaller fighter in Mayweather wasn’t even a legit challenge:

“Either way, I woulda whipped your ass in a boxing match, McGregor, but Mayweather’s gonna fight you. Whatever, I got winner in a boxing match or a fight. And you’re not even being that challenging. Fight a heavyweight fool, five-five, a boxer, heavyweight division, I’ll whoop his ass in mixed martial arts, how about that? That’s a challenge, that’s something people should want to see. What you wanna see, I’m not gonna talk shit to no little-ass 147-pound Mayweather; I don’t even fight at that weight.”

Diaz was then asked if he had any resentment to the fact that the UFC was trying to make that fight happen, as he had long been the face of boxing in MMA. Diaz revealed that boxing promotions had tried to buy out his contract from the UFC in years past, but they never let anything happen:

“Years ago, boxing promotions were trying to buy my contract out from the UFC. And UFC wouldn’t let me out, and they always came in under the radar.”

But even if Diaz sounds bitter about the whole thing, he believes it will all work out in his favor. He’s sick of all the hype about McGregor vs. Mayweather, and wants to see the UFC actually make the fight happen with it being the only major attraction in a barren year for the UFC.

No matter who wins, he says, things will look good for a huge potential fight with him in the future:

“I already said it, I’m calling their bluff. Can we pick up the place please? I thought it was going to, but now everybody’s died down and shut up. Every week they were talking shit back and forth. It’s all a fuckin’ hype game, they’re building each other up and UFC’s in on it too. Bring boxing back alive, bring MMA alive; it’s the only thing going on. It’s only cause it’s the only thing going on and they’re selling it as that.

“Mayweather’s coming back relevant, McGregor’s staying relevant, and the boxers are all known and the UFC sees that, and now everybody’s like, “Oh, this is the biggest thing.” So it was good for everybody to happen, but now that it’s time to happen, where’s it at? I call they bluff, make the fight happen. Let’s see it the fuck happen, because in the end, I’m the winner in the whole thing anyway.

“If McGregor fuckin’ wins, then Mayweather just got beat – the best boxer right now – just got beat by the guy I beat the fuck out of. That’s good for me. And if Mayweather knocks his ass out, it’s like, who gives a fuck? I already whipped his ass anyway; now fight a real G? You know what I’m saying? Fight the real shit like I said. And if you come back to MMA, fight Ferguson; then you can get a shot at the golden ticket. You’re the bitch. That’s why I’m saying he’s the bitch.”

  • Shock Wave

    Yup, slow news week ????

  • Juan Diablo

    Nate still refusing to give credit to Mac for making him rich- acting like he’s the one who grants red panty nights ????

    • leonaidis

      It was the ufc that made Mac, and Diaz is saying that if they wanted a loudmouth fool as the number 1 fighter, they should’ve hyped him.

      Diaz is bitter because he and his brother have always been the loudmouths and the bad boys in UFC, but the ufc always punished them for it and tried to tone it down. Conor on the other hand they pushed to act like a fool and rewarded him for acting like a schmuck by giving him title fights.

      You can see why Nate is bitter, they had a genuine bad boy, loudmouth with legit street cred, but went for the watered down version, McG. What Diaz doesn’t understand is that McG is the “made for TV badass” and that goes over with the large public much better than a real street thug.

      Diaz is just pissed because the fake is selling better and making more money than the real deal.

      What this has to do with fighting is beyond me. But the new ignorant fans don’t understand fighting without feelings and “characters” in it. They don’t get the fighting aspect, so they need the emotional aspect to be able to relate. And it’s much easier for most to relate to someone acting like a bad boy like Conor, than to a real of the streets bad boy like Nate and Nick.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Does he do things not high?