More fights added to UFC 161, 162 and Fox 7


There’s been enough fight announcements to make your head spin in the past 48 hours our so. But as a fan I’ll admit I’m not complaining, if you love the fight game then this is what you’ve been waiting for, the point when all the recent victories and losses turn into interesting matchups.

With that said I’m gonna keep things simple for you with a list of each event and all of the bouts recently confirmed thus far:

UFC 161

Renan Barao vs Eddie Wineland *Interim title*

Pat Barry vs Shawn Jordan

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Shields

UFC 162

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman *Middleweight title*

Thiago Silva vs Rafael Cavalcante

Mark Munoz vs Tim Boetsch

UFC on FOX 7

Joseph Benavidez vs Darren Uyenoyama

Francisco Rivera vs Hugo Viana

That’s all folks! Let us know what you think of the matchups in the comments below and stay tuned for more announcements as I’m sure there will be more.

  • @Bryan…(nothing against Boestch) but would have loved to have seen the filipino wrecking machine against Hector Lombard….! I think this fight would be of more interest to the fans considering the ongoing feud.

    The Pat Barry fight against Shawn Jordan should be a great stand up….Have to give the edge to Barry with his chopping leg kicks and K1 resume. Someone is getting knocked out I imagine.

    Shields hasn't had alot of success recently so its hard to predict what fighter will turn up. I would have to give woodley the edge.

    • He won his last fight before testing positive for weed. Jake has had a bad run lately but he is still on my list of fighters I won't pick against unless he is fighting a better fighter that I won't pick against like Anderson or GSP.

      • Unfortunatel Jake is even more boring than Fitch. That guy puts me to sleep man. He literally takes people down and does NOTHING.

        At least Fitch throws some strikes once and a while.

        • Lombard was Judo olympian.

    • I agree with you Munoz/Lombard would have been more exciting from a hype standpoint.

      However Munoz probably wouldn't stand with him, which means it would be a wrestling match that Lombard would more than likely lose.

      What I don't get is why Lombard isn't using his crazy high level Judo on people like Rousey is. I know he's not an olympian but come on! You've got more than just fists. Throw someone on their head and pount them out or submit them!

      • Great wrestling beats great judo. ROnda just hasn't faced anyone like that yet.

        Her ultimate test will be McMann if the fight ever happens.

  • MMA gods are very generous in these years.

  • pat barry fighting todd duffee next made so much sense to me.

    • Pat Barry against anyone( who is not a wrestler) i dont care who he fights as long as he fights! Pat Barry puts a show every single time!
      those are the kind of fighters that make the PPV worth paying