MMA Tweetathon: Diaz Trashes Anthony Pettis, Liddell Kicking And Patriotism


It’s time to check out my favorite MMA Tweets in recent weeks, this week the featuring tweeters are Nate Diaz, Amir Sadollah and Chuck Liddell. The added bonus this time around is if you disagree with my selection, leave a link to your favorite MMA related tweet, with a few comments of your own, and by the magic of my keyboard it will make it’s way in to this very article. As long as it is funny/cool enough.

Former light-Heavyweight kingpin Chuck Liddell, and his contribution to the recent Fight For The Troops card: you really need to. Only ‘The Iceman’ could turn up at a US Army base and start kicking armoured soldiers around like rag dolls. Unless of course he brought Chuck Norris along.

Nate Diaz there, never short of a few words that make Confucius look like the town drunk. One question that is raised by Diaz’s conduct is how close is he to breaking the UFC’s hardline approach to having a clean cut image? His latest tirade is directed at UFC 155lb. boss Anthony Pettis              

amirMMA You guys don’t know how much we appreciated meeting and learning from you. Thank you so much for everything.

— Josh VanBlaircom (@CplDotCom) October 16, 2013

Appealing to the more patriotic side of me, Amir Sadollah is pictured here with a member of the U.S Army after visiting troops in Afghanistan and training with them. I hope everyone else had as good a remembrance day as I did, never forget the fallen, happy Tweeting!

  • The Chuck vid was funny. By the way, who the h3ll was Nate jumping on? I clicked the user he responded too, but it appears to be a Japanese guy or something. Maybe just another internet troll or something and might have deserved it. I seldom see Nate attack unless provoked to some extent. as they say "You cant out crazy a Diaz"

    • I think the questions were to Pettis and I think the hashtag was to Dana.

  • Nate should take another hit and stop being such a hater..